Ootori Yoshio was the successor to his father's business. His marriage was arranged. Just like many rich families in Japan. On rare occasions, the couples would grow to love their marriage mate. Yoshio was forced to marry just to obtain the family business. Yoshio married a woman named Musuki Olivia. Olivia's mother named her after her American best friend and classmate. Olivia's parents are wealthy from their Japanese restaurant chains in America. Olivia's parents are good friend with Yoshio's parents. The parents made mutual marriage agreement that was made between Yoshio and Olivia went they were still young. Yoshio wanted to be the successor to his fathers business empire more than anything. He was the oldest of one sister and two brothers. He is in line to be successor. There was one condition though. He would have to marry Olivia as soon as turned 18 years old. Yoshio was only two years older than Olivia. He didn't care about love. All he cared about was business and inheriting his families business empire. He married Olivia. Olivia was a beautiful woman with black long hair, gray eyes, glasses and a body like a run-way model. They didn't know each other very well and they were not in love. She was trained as a little girl to cater to her husband-to-be. When she married Yoshio, she took good care of him. Even though they had maids, butlers, chefs, chauffeurs and (later on) nannies for the babies, she would make sure the chef would cook his favorite foods, she would give him full body massages, and tend to any sexual needs he had. He would treat her like a slave. He would barely talk to her. Everything was business with him. Yoshio was a mastermind in the business world. His family has a known history in the medical/business. Yoshio added law and enforcement in the Ootori empire. So the only time he spent with Olivia is when she catered to him and for sex. They had four children; Sato, Akito, Fuyume, and Kyoya. Olivia spent 15 years in a loveless marriage to Yoshio. Divorce was not an option for her. She couldn't run away. If she try to run away, she would be caught and beaten by Yoshio. There were surveillance everywhere. Her every move was watched. Anything she try to do Yoshio knew about it. He never tried to love her. The Ootori kids were 13, 11, 8 and 5 years old when their mother hung herself in a dark closet with a belt. Before she committed suicide, she told each and every one of her kids, that if they chose to get married, to always marry for love. She drill into her children's heads to always treat your spouse with kindness. Yoshio soon realized how much he missed her. But it was too late to tell her. It was to late to show her. Years passed when Sato was about to graduate from medical school. Yoshio wanted to make him successor to the family empire. Yoshio had pick a potiential bride for him. His business partner's daughter. Sato was already dating a fellow pre-med student and he was falling in love with her. Yoshio told Sato that he is in line to be the successor to the family empire. All he would have to do is marry his business associate's daughter. (Sato remembered what his mother told him when she was living. If he wanted happiness, he should marry for love.) Sato was on his way to becoming a successful physician. He really didn't need the added responsibility of running a family business. He didn't want his dad to pick his wife for him. He declined his father offer. Yoshio kick him out of the mansion. Which was fine with Sato. Sato has his own successful investments. Two years later, Akito got his doctor degree in medicine. Yoshio made the same offer to Akito as he did Sato two years ago. Akito would have to marry his business partner's daughter to obtain the business. Akito didn't really want the responsibility of run a big business empire. He loved being a doctor. He also, remembered what his mother told him before she died. He wanted happiness. Although he had no love interest, he didn't want his father to manipulate his life. He declined his father offer. Yoshio kick him out of the mansion. Akito had no financial worries. Fuyume chose to attend college at Harvard (USA). Went she heard what happen to Sato and Akito, she decides to find love in America and get married in the U.S. Then come back to Japan with her new husband. She realizes after marrying for love, she can never go back to the Ootori mansion to live, which is fine. She worries about her brother though. Kyoya has a talent for business management like his father. He really wants the family business, he wants his father approval and most of all he wants happiness. It's his goal to have it all.