Family Revealed

Kyoya paid for Haruhi's education. Haruhi became a fine lawyer. Winning most of her cases for the prosecution. After eight years of marriage. Kyoya moved Haruhi and their five kids in the Ootori estate. Their was no more room in their old middle-class home. Ranka had died a year ago. There was no reason to stay. They all came to the front door to the estate. They all walked to Yoshio's office.

Yoshio: Kyoya what are a these children doing in my office?

Kyoya: These children you see here are your grandchildren.

Yoshio: These kid are yours and out off wedlock.

Kyoya: Yes these kids are mine and Haruhi's.

Yoshio: I know you. Your the one that told be off for bashing Kyoya. (Haruhi Nods) Why you have kids out of wedlock.

Kyoya: Me and Haruhi have been married for many years. We eloped years ago.

Yoshio: How were you able to have a married life. You lived here with me, in this estate for years.

Kyoya: Yes father is did live in this estate you, but I also lived with my wife too. I will never tell you my secret. But I will tell you, I slept with my wife every night we were married. And we conceived six children together.

Yoshio: I only see five. Where is the other one.

Kyoya: It's dead. Didn't make it.

Yoshio: I have to admit. I didn't think I would have grand kids. (Haruhi places their five week old son. In Yoshio's arms. Kid ages from 5-weeks to 5 years. 3 Boys and 2 Girls.)

Kyoya: I wish you would warm up to Fuyume, Akito and Sato kids. And forgive them. Your missing out father.

Yoshio: You seen them.

Kyoya: I have pictures of all of them in my phone. Have a look father. I'm throwing a big party for just family. You can attend or not attend.

Kyoya eventually convinced his father to forgive his brothers and sister. And accept their kids and mates. Kyoya all invited his family and all of the host club members and their families. Since they were his biggest family support during his lonely years. Kyoya wanted Haruhi to start having his children after the loss of their first child by miscarriage. When Haruhi started having kids, many of the host club member put two and two together and figured out Kyoya and Haruhi is a couple. Their children has a mixture of both of their looks. They found out around the end of the first year of college for Haruhi.