A/N: Disclaimer: I would have only wanted to own series 1-4 :o

It's been a while since my last... so I'm going to do two at the same time because I'm hardcore.

Canon is Doctor Who: A/U pre-Planet Of The Dead, Torchwood: pre-Children of Earth, Sarah Jane Adventures pre-Series 4.

As ever, except copious amounts of Doctor whump - and I must warn you of character!death.


"Named the shining world of the seven systems, within the constellation of Kasterborous there sat a planet named Gallifrey. Home to the most powerful race of the known Universe, the Gallifreyans had triumphed time and time again over the worst fiends imaginable; Great Vampires, even the Pythia herself. Proud and strong the Gallifreyans assumed status over the Universe, looking down on the Universe as lesser species that could be controlled and ordered. But this was about to change.

"Thrown into this servitude existence a new child was born, dragged kicking and screaming from the loom into the house of Lungbarrow. The child grew into a young man, curious, intelligent and independent, yet kind and loyal to his closest friends. As he grew more and more he began to resent the ways of the Time Lords, and abandoned his duties to seek a more satisfying life beyond the confines of the citadel.

"He travelled the Universe, using his wits and intelligence to strike down those who were hurting others, asking absolutely nothing in return. He grew and grew, not only in body, but in mind. He had truly become the Universe's protector, living life in the most pleasurable ways, yet also facing the relentless horror of death and destruction on a daily basis.

"When Gallifrey was plunged into great peril, he acted to stand by his homeland he had once resented so much, only to become the last of his kind in the greatest war the Universe had ever known. The fire in him flickered and died. It wasn't until he retreated to an unknown planet in an insignificant star system did he meet a young human woman, who impossibly managed to relight the fire that had once died. Once again he was the Universe's protector, fighting for the downtrodden.

"But then came the greatest battle he'd ever fought, a creature so ancient and impossible he truly wondered if he could defeat it like he had so many others. His friends stood by his side; becoming his courage and strength, but this was a battle he already knew the end to..."