"You haven't ever been on a roadtrip?" Dean asked his boyfriend in shock.

"Erm . . . no," Castiel replied sheepishly, "I usually just teleport or walk . . . and we're kind of busy with the whole apocalypse thing . . ."

"Who cares about the apocalypse, it doesn't look like there's a hell of a lot we can do about it anyways," Dean responded excitedly. "Tomorrow morning we're taking you on a roadtrip Cas, right Sammy?"

"Whatever, if it makes you two shut up!" Sam said throwing a pillow at the two laying in the other bed. "I'm trying to sleep over here, I still don't see why we couldn't get two rooms!"

"When you're the one paying you can decide," Dean argued.

"Credit card fraud isn't paying Dean," Sam responded sarcastically.

"The credit card's under my fake name so shut the hell up Sammy," Dean said throwing the pillow back.

The room was dead silent for a long time before Sam began snoring loudly.

"Where are we going to go?" Castiel whispered eagerly.

"I don't know, its a roadtrip, we don't have to know. We'll just drive until we have to stop," Dean whispered back putting his arm on Castiel's side.

". . . And you do realize that you don't have to sleep fully clothed right?" Dean commented on Castiel's 'pajamas' (his usual suit, tie, trench coat combo; complete with dress shoes).

"I'm good, besides I don't want Sam seeing me in my boxers in the morning, that would be too embarrasing," Castiel responded a little too loud.

"You two already had sex in front of me tonight, believe me I have seen more than I wanted to see of you," Sam responded annoyedly. "And why are you so embarrassed about your vessel's body?"

Two restless hours later Dean woke up and quietly left the room to go get a bucket of ice.

When he got back he gently nudged Castiel and whispered, "Time to get up."

Castiel instantly sat up.

"What's the ice for?" The angel asked confused.

"This," Dean said before throwing the entire bucket of ice onto the shape in the opposite bed. "Rise and shine Sammy!"

Sam instantly whipped out of bed, "What the hell was that for?"

"Its roadtrip time," Dean said with a smile, instantly recieving one back from Castiel. All he recieved back from Sam was various swears.

After he finally calmed down Sam asked, "Can I at least shower first?"

"Nope, you can go to the washroom and put clothes on, but you only have 10 minutes before we leave you here," Dean responded.

For the first time since he had been woken up Sam noticed his brother's state of dress.

"You went to go get ice in your boxers?" He yelled confused.

"Well yeah, its not like there's going to be anybody wandering around at 5 in the morning," Dean responded.

"It's five!" Sam said angrily, "Can't we leave later?"

"Nope, but you sir are running out of time before we leave," Dean said pointing to his watch.

Sam entered the washroom and closed the door.

A few seconds later Castiel began to giggle like a little girl.

"What's so funny?" Dean asked rolling his eyes.

Castiel just continued to giggle.

Dean glared at his boyfriend wondering what the cause of his uncontrollable laughter was.

Sam took that exact moment to walk out of the washroom.

"Woah, dude put some pants on!" Sam yelled shielding his eyes and turning back towards to the washroom. "Apparently I did have time for a shower!"

"Really Cas, that's what you use your angel powers for? To make my boxers dissapear?" Dean questioned embarrasedly after finally realizing what Castiel had done.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Castiel said smirking.

Dean looked down to see that he was suddenly fully clothed.

"That's not funny Cas, Sam's my brother," Dean said glaring.

Cas said nothing, just simply got up from his bed and slowly walked over to Dean and kissed him passionately, just as Sam tried exiting the bathroom again.

"Seriously?" Sam asked, "For once can I enter the room and not want to puke my guts out?"

"Your just jealous Sammy," Dean said putting his arm around Cas's back.

"He's what?" Castiel asked seriously.

"Never mind, I forgot you don't get sarcasm," Dean replied awkwardly as he walked out of the hotel room.

"Wait Dean, what's sarcasm?" Castiel yelled after him before running after him, followed by Sam.

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