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Summary: Edward and Bella are racing against the clock on a road trip across Europe. They have one week to get back to New York so they can get married…to other people! AH, E/BPOV.

A huge thank you to my beta wmr1601 for fixing my mistakes and "Americanising" (or should that be "Americanizing"?) my words. She gave me the courage to begin writing this when it was just a plot bunny, floating around in my head for months on end. Also, a huge thanks to branchirps for pre-reading and giving me support and encouragement (and hairh00r pics) when needed. I *heart* you both, ladies!


"If you're here for the wedding, you're too late. Everyone left an hour ago."

My heart froze at the man's words and I staggered blindly towards one of the chairs. Sinking into it, I used the big, white, decorative bow wrapped around it to steady myself.


After everything we went through together in Europe, and after listening to the advice given to me earlier that day, I honestly did not expect it to come to this.

Fucking married.


Off the market.


Memories of the past week flitted through my mind as though on repeat. That smile, that laugh, those eyes. Our lips, inches apart, as our gondola glided underneath another bridge. Our heads hovering over yet another map as we argued about the quickest way to get from Venice to Paris. Our shoes scuffing the dirt road as we walked the final miles to Volterra.

Our bodies, moving together in the moonlight, teasing and taunting each other until we reached the highest peaks of pleasure, again and again.

Married. Fuck.

I was too late and I only had myself to blame. I dropped my head into my hands, running my fingers through the strands in the same way my soul mate had not twenty-four hours earlier.

"You alright over there?" the man asked, sounding concerned.

"Fine…I'm fine…" I croaked out, tears pricking the corners of my eyes. I was as far away from 'fine' as it was possible to be.

"Well, I need to finish stacking these chairs now, so…" he trailed off, indicating the chair I was slumped over. I struggled to my feet, looking around at the remains of the wedding. The wedding that I should have stopped.

"Sorry, I'll just… go."

I made my way out of the reception room and into the blinding sunlight. It was the perfect day for a summer wedding. The perfect day for our wedding. I breathed in the scent of the freshly cut grass in Central Park as I wondered what I was supposed to do now. What does one do when they've just lost the love of their life? Get drunk? Order pizza and watch bad 80's movies? Wander the streets while thinking about what a monumental clusterfuck their life has turned out to be and how if they'd just listened to their heart all along they'd never be in this situation in the first place?

Option d, all of the above, sounded good to me. With one last look around at what I hoped, for my love's sake, was a beautiful wedding, I turned east and began the long walk home.


So, there you go…

Chapters will be from both EPOV and BPOV and I will try to update every couple of weeks. I've intentionally left the POV off this preface…I'd love it if you reviewed and told me whether you think it's EPOV or BPOV!

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