Title Blood and Sex

Summary What happens when your subconscious mind takes you where you least expect it.

Word Count 499

Rating M

Stephanie Meyer owns all things Twilight. My bank account is still as empty as when I started this. I just fuck around with her characters for fun!

Picture prompt #9

I could smell her before I saw her. Vanilla mixed with honey, pulse racing as she runs through my territory. I smell her adrenaline, the mix making my cock harden, immediately sealing her fate. I move in a blur to take what I want. I hit a wall of her scent as I stop on the edge of the trail and I let my instincts take over.

Silently stalking her from the protection of the woods surrounding us, I sense she is picking up on the waves of arousal rolling off of me. Her fear and sadness taking a back seat to my emotions, her breathing turning into pants of lust almost immediately. She whips around, a flurry of pale pink fabric and anger.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" She screams into the nothingness surrounding her. I step out of my shelter of trees and brush, growling out "Only you darlin'." as I inhale deeply.

She gasps as I appear suddenly before her, grabbing her by the nape of her neck, pulling her head back roughly. Running my nose slowly up the column of her thin neck, her scent causes a snarl to rip from my throat, making her jump. Instead of fearing me her arousal intensifies. Her blood thrumming through her veins faster still. Blood and sex go hand in hand, and I intend to have both.

I have her pinned to the ground within seconds, grinding my ever hardening length into the juncture between her thighs. I feel no trace of fear in her emotions, only acceptance of her fate and the lust we are feeding each other. A feral growl rips through my chest. Ripping open her dress, I expose her naked body. She is squirming and moaning below me like a wonton harlot.

"Please!" She screams, head thrown back. My cock is throbbing painfully at the sight of her. I release my rock hard length from it's tight confines and am buried in her scorching pussy before she can take her next breath.

She's screaming her pleasure incoherently while I pound into her drenched heat mercilessly. I want to savor this offering but the call of her blood is too strong. Feeling my release closing in I tangle my hand in her hair, angling her throat towards my waiting mouth. I sink my teeth in her warm flesh, drinking her in. Relishing in the fire that her body ignites in me, while quenching a thirst ignored for too long.

Her last words before death consumes her are little more than a whispered 'Thank you'.

Waking with a start, I turn over to bury my nose in Bella's sweet smelling hair while stroking my hand from her breast to her thigh. She wakes and turns to me "Have a bad dream baby?"

Pushing my morning wood into her stomach I ask "Does this feel like a bad dream to you?" Grabbing her hair I kiss her hard, intending on reenacting at least part of my dream.