Title: Wasted Chance

Summary: A single moment, one person, one touch - it can all change your life.

Word Count - 500

Rating - T

Any disclaimer you wish to include: The Twilight characters are not mine, I just like to borrow them occasionally. This is a slash fic.


There are times in our lives when we get a second chance and times we don't. Looking back, things could always have been done differently, better. But we make choices, are faced with paths that must be chosen when at a crossroads.

If I could change anything, I wouldn't have smirked and walked away the day I met Edward. When he came to our high school in a tiny town in Texas, there was no room for boys who were different. There was no denying that Edward was.

Instead of Wranglers and boots, he wore jeans that sat low on his waist, Vans on his feet and a thick, leather studded belt around his slim hips. His abnormally colored auburn hair was spiked and the tips were black. He had a thin line of black liner under his eyes.

Edward Cullen was the most beautiful person I had ever seen and like the other boys, I shunned him and mocked him. My heart twists with grief and skips a beat as the physical pain assaults my senses. Sitting down on the grass, I remember the first accidental brush of his fingers against mine. It was in the cafe where I worked, saving money to leave this town so many never ventured from.

That touch was the most pivotal moment in my life. After a year and a half of taunting Edward, all the many insults he ignored from others and the look of pain in his haunted green eyes when he gazed at me had led us to that point.

When his fingers slid against mine as I handed him the coffee cup, I knew I couldn't hurt Edward anymore. Feelings that laid dormant inside me came to the surface in full force. Touches turned to shy glances and rapidly beating hearts whenever we were near one another.

Our first kiss, was awkward, brief, the most perfect kiss of my life. We parted with a hug and a promise that day. I never broke it, I loved him always.

Edward was the love of my life, he taught me to open my eyes to the world around me and accept the trials and tribulations of life with my head held high. We had twelve idyllic, secret months of innocent touches and desperate kisses and I knew when we left it would be together and we wouldn't look back.

Trailing my fingers over the cold marble in front of me in a sleepy town in Washingon, I thank God for letting me borrow that magnificent angel for but a brief moment in my life. On the one year anniversary of our first kiss he left me, but I know he's still watching me. I can feel him and I remember the promise I made to him the night before cancer stole him from me.

I'll never forget, I'll never give up, I'll live for us.

I kiss his grave once, wipe my eyes and walk away, living my life for Edward.