45 Ways to Make a Werewolf Fall for You

A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

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45-Knowing that you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think

They'd met, thanks mostly to chance. If it hadn't been for Remus needing to find a seat on the Hogwarts Express… If Sirius hadn't had room in his compartment with James… If James hadn't met Sirius on the train… If Remus hadn't insisted on Peter joining their little group of friends…

But…ah, well. C'est la vie, Remus was sure. What would life be like if they hadn't met? What if he hadn't been scratched by Greyback—would he not have been as interesting to Sirius and James? What if Sirius hadn't teased Peter so ruthlessly—would Peter have been more loyal? What if Remus had insisted Peter hang out with them more during the war and between Order meetings? What if James hadn't tried so hard to get Lily—would there have ever been a Harry for the Dark Lord to come after?

But yeah. C'est la vie, and thank Merlin for that.

Remus shook his head as he unbuttoned yet another button on his shaggy sweater. Why was he wearing this thing in the summer anyway? It was hot, humid, and downright uncomfortable. But Remus left it on anyway; part of him thought it was out of habit, while another part of him thought it was because he felt his shabby sweaters sort of…defined him.

Haha, yeah, right. Remus John Lupin needing a definition! Oh, Sirius would laugh if he heard that one…he would laugh for sure…

The werewolf continued on his walk down the old road and into the familiar neighborhood. Huh. It was nicer than he remembered. Of course, quite a bit of time had passed since he'd last set foot in here…but still, Godric's Hollow was as lovely a place as ever. Even if the graveyard was a little close to James and Lily's abandoned home. Remus paused there on his way to the graveyard and glanced at the house; it gave him chills to think what had happened there. He didn't think of it for a moment longer and entered the graveyard.

There was a large…something before James and Lily's markers. Remus stopped on the edge of the graveyard and sighed before calling out. "Your letters got a lot shorter, you know."

The form—a disheveled-looking man—turned his head, his gray eyes wet. He coughed and sniffed. "Yeah, well, when you're a wanted man, you can't write textbooks. The few times I did use an owl, I thought I'd be caught!"

Remus half smiled and stuck his hands in his pockets. "Still, Sirius… When I finally see you, we hug, say hi, confirm that the other had been trustworthy all along, and then that's it?" He paused. "No time to kiss and make up?"

A smile finally appeared on Sirius Black's face. "I couldn't, not with Snivellus the way he is…"

"And my getting sacked as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor," Remus added with a sigh.

"I still find you teaching highly amusing."

"What, you didn't think me capable?"

"No, no, on the contrary, Moony."

Remus sighed again. "I do miss that job. I was even getting through to Neville…"

"Neville Longbottom? That's right—he's in Harry's year, isn't he?"

The brunette nodded. "He…doesn't have a lot of talent, but he has a lot of heart. Alice and Frank would be proud."

Sirius didn't reply right away. "But they're…"

"Yes. Some Death Eaters tortured them into insanity. Alice and Frank are alive, but they're not all there."

Sirius nodded. He knew some of what had become of the Order thanks to Harry telling him about his teachers and friends. "Molly and Arthur didn't name their kid 'Remus,' but his name does begin with an R," the Animagus pointed out.

"Ah, yes, Ron… Molly and Arthur did finally get their wish after Ron, though; the youngest Weasley is one Ginevra."

"No kidding." Sirius' smile lessened. "Pettigrew…I wish we had killed him over a year ago. Now…now he's back." His eyes darkened as he stood before his friends' graves and faced Remus. "He almost got Harry this time!"

Remus watched him, his eyes never leaving Sirius'. "I know. But he didn't. And Dumbledore—"

"He's reconstituting the Order of the Phoenix," Sirius confirmed quietly. "Any of the old crowd plus new bodies—he wants them all. We'll…we'll do things right this time."

"We will," the werewolf assured his friend. "I've been working with some contacts in the Auror Office, so rest assured that we have some of the best backing us, Padfoot."

Several quiet beats passed between them, and the silence was saved by the hazy summer breeze that rolled through. Despite the heat, Remus still wore his sweater, and Sirius still wore that heavy traveling cloak.

"Are you…," Sirius rasped, "…still backing…me?"

"Of course." Remus didn't need any time to think it over.

Sirius chewed on the thought for a little while. With all he'd seen and experienced—he needed to know that all was right between them. "We'll protect Harry this time."

Remus nodded. Then, after a thought, said, "You know…I wish that things had been different that night, more than ten years ago. I—I thought about that time we'd joked about stealing Harry from James and Lily."

Sirius chuckled. "I remember that."

"We would've been good parents to him."

Sirius certainly caught the sadness that tinged Remus' voice. "…I…know, Moony. A lot better than the Dursleys… I thought the same thing. But Hagrid said Dumbledore had ordered him to take Harry and…"

"I know, I know! It was always Dumbledore's orders…" Remus frowned, uncharacteristically upset at the mention of the headmaster. "But I get the feeling that if we had done a bit more thinking on our own, then maybe—"

"Maybe that, too, would've changed some outcomes?"


They stared at one another for a slightly longer while, and Sirius ended up putting his hands in his own pockets. "So…"


Sirius cleared his throat. "What, uh, ever happened to your ring?"

"It's lost somewhere in my stuff. Between moves and jobs and such…"

"Oh." Sirius dropped his eyes to his feet.

Remus bit his lip. "That's…a lie." Sirius lifted his head again as Remus lifted a chain from beneath his shirt from which dangled the signet ring. "I could never lose this, Sirius. Never."

"Then why—"

"Because!" Remus closed his eyes. "For the longest time, I was told that you'd done it. And even though I still couldn't reason how, I believed it. And even though I believed it, I still couldn't tell myself that—that—" He cleared his throat. "I couldn't lie to myself and say I had never loved you, Pads."

Sirius frowned. "You know…Harry talks to me as though I have an obsession, sometimes, with their deaths and with Wormtail…" He took several steps towards Remus. "But, Moony, the very thought of you helped to keep me from breaking down."

"You always had a silver tongue, Sirius."

"I might've been able to fib my way out of certain things, but you're only half right, Remus. The thought of what we had was one of the few things that kept me human. Trust me, I was very close to remaining in my dog form."

"Well…" Remus breathed in and out as Sirius drew impossibly closer to him. "Maybe what we had—maybe it was too good to last."

Sirius snorted. "Then we start anew." Judging by the look on Remus' face, such an idea had never occurred to him. Sirius thought it was sweet that even after all these years, Remus could still occasionally have a one-track mind.

"Wait, you mean—"

"I mean," Sirius interrupted as he slipped Remus' hands out of his pockets and behind his back so that they held one another by the waist, "that I am done making mistakes. I was probably sanest when I asked you to marry me, you know."

Remus laughed and leaned his head on Sirius' chest. He was so painfully aware of the familiar feel of Sirius' hands clasped at the small of his back, of the way Sirius' breathing evened until it was in sync with his, of the scent that was all Sirius beneath the slight odor of a life lived in the moment, of the feel of the right person's arms around him.

Sirius didn't egg Remus on for any response. He was too painfully aware of the familiar feel of Remus' form growing delicate in his arms once more, of the weight of Remus' head on his chest—over his heart—as they stood linked together, of the way his own breath slowed until it matched the tempo of Remus', of the feel of the right person molded against him.

"Hey, Sirius?"


"Despite all that's happened…"

"Yeah. There's little that I'd change, too, Remus." Sirius felt that, despite all the bumps in the road, he'd still done the right thing. He knew he was innocent of the crime the rest of the Wizarding world accused him of, but the only opinions that mattered were Remus' and Harry's. And when it came down to it, Sirius loved his godson but he had a history with his former lover.

But Remus knew Sirius was innocent, too, and he was probably not considering himself as Sirius' former lover at all. Remus was in love with Sirius just as Sirius was in love with Remus—just as they would always be.

Sirius let Remus link their arms and tug him along as they silently bid farewell to their friends and exited the cemetery. "By the way, Remus…"


"With this whole 'reconstituting the Order' thing, I need a place to stay…I mean, it turns out that I was left Twelve Grimmauld Place and I was thinking about offering it to Dumbly for headquarters, but it'll get lonely…"

Remus laughed and shook his head. "Merlin, do you move fast, Padfoot!"

Sirius silenced him with a strong, passionate snog. He trapped Remus in his arms and didn't even let the wolf break for a breath until he, too, needed one. "Maybe I do, Moony, but we're not kids anymore. We've weathered too much turmoil for ten wizards' lifetimes. And I'd like to start a new life with you."

Remus nodded in agreement, his mind thinking that this second war could not possibly drag on as long as the last one—the same pondering wandering around in Sirius' head. And if this war didn't last as long, then maybe Remus and Sirius would finally have all the time in the world.

And then Sirius could see if there were indeed only forty-five ways in which he could get Remus to fall for him.

(But why bother, when all Sirius had to do was say, "I love you"?)

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