Title: Playing Pac-Man
Summary: They went to the movies. Edward played Pac-Man, Bella just had to think.
Word Count: 406
Rating: K+
Any disclaimer you wish to include: My first dabble into a cliché poem,

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I don't own Twilight,

And neither do you.

Picture (if you used a picture prompt): The Pac-Man costume picture, interpreted entirely different

A/n: AH, all you need to know.

Bella PoV

Alice dressed me up, so naturally I felt awkward. I have no idea why she dressed me up – but I was out of my comfort zone, instead of my usual sweatpants, tee-shirt, and two sizes too big hoodie, she dressed me up in skinny jeans and a camisole with lace detail and a form-fitting hoodie. Put on some eyeliner and gave me tube of lip-gloss, saying, "It's yours now. Please use it with caution." She knew I was going to the movies with Edward, but that couldn't have been the reason for my outfit – could it? – she knew I liked him, but I didn't know what the big deal was. I went to the movies with Edward all the time.

I had a feeling Alice knew something was going to happen. Alice left shortly after she dressed me up like Hollister-wannabe – without the Hollister, thank God. I picked up whatever book I left on the kitchen table and started flipping through it, looking for my favorite part. I got bored with my book, so I slammed it on the table and started drumming my finger tips on the table. The doorbell rang; I slipped on my Chucks, and answered it. Edward was here. We said "hi" to each other. Edward opened the door for me – he never did that before.

We watched a clichéd Happy Ever After movie. We didn't kiss at the end of the movie, we didn't play footsie during it; we just laughed. It was the worst movie I'd ever seen.

Edward wanted to play Pac-Man, I didn't mind – it happened every time we went to the movies. He put a few quarters in and started playing. I started musing – to myself mostly – about what a great couple Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man make. Edward said, very quietly, "We would too." I almost didn't hear him.

"You're right Eddie. So how 'bout a little kiss for me?" He pushed his glasses up his nose and leaned in. It was my first kiss and I was almost sure it was his too, we weren't the best kissers, but we weren't washing machines either. Thank God we were in the movie theater arcade; nobody usually was in here and today was no exception.

My hands knotted in his hair and his chest was pressed to mine. We eventually took our hands off each other. Edward looked embarrassed and I was blushing up a storm.

A\n: So… how was it?