Spaqua Status: Everyone Can See It But Them.


Night time stake-outs had to be the most boring thing that Aqualad ever had the misfortune of doing.

Three hours…for three hours he'd been crouched on top of a rooftop peeking through a pair of binoculars into a dark apartment window with the slim hope of getting a lead on the new crime lord in town. It was about as much fun as watching grass grow and made him feel like some sort of Peeping Tom.

Lowering the binoculars from his face he rubbed at his eyes and sighed for what had to be the hundredth time in the past ten minutes.

"Try not to get too excited over there," quipped his partner with a drawl that sounded as bored as he felt.

He glanced over, and Jinx stared back at him, her pink, cat-like eyes flashing eerily in the moonlight.

Jinx had been brought in for this mission because her "past occupation" gave her a special insight into criminal behavior. And with his team spread so thinly with the increased crime rates as of late (Black Friday sales could get brutal) he was the only one available to join her. This was his first time working with the girl, and he didn't really know what to make of her.

He'd never faced off against her during her days of being a villainess, but everyone he knew who had (with the obvious exception of her loyal boyfriend) still did not trust her fully. In fact, Aqualad guessed that the only reason he was assigned to this mission with her, other than this being his city, was that Robin didn't trust her to do it alone without going rogue again. It seemed that Jinx was very much aware of what the others thought of her, but simply didn't care. She had a rebellious attitude and wasn't about to take anything from anyone. In a way, she reminded Aqualad of Bumblebee.

Other than that, she was a complete mystery to him. She rarely spoke to anyone at team get-togethers, choosing instead to stay on the sidelines and try to out-brood Raven (so far they were 2-3 in Raven's favor), and any time she did, it was some sarcastic, biting remark. Speedy seemed to be quite fond of her, but, well…that was Speedy.

Bringing himself back to the present, the Atlantean offered her a dry chuckle, "I'll try, but I haven't been this worked up since the last time I boiled water."

He was rewarded with an amused snort.

The girl lowered her own set of binoculars and rolled her shoulders back in attempt to work out kinks caused by hours of being stationary, "yeah, stake-outs can be pretty boring, but I'd like to think the information you get makes it worth it."

"If we get any information," Aqualad quipped, earning another amused snort. He didn't know what had prompted this unexpected bit of light conversation, but he was glad for anything that took the edge off of his boredom.

That is until Jinx spoke up again.

"So…when do you plan on asking Speedy out?"

Aqualad dropped his binoculars in surprise, "e-excuse me?"

He looked over to see the girl wearing a Cheshire grin to match her cat-like eyes, "oh come on, I've spent years working for Brother Blood, my gaydar is excellent and I've seen how you look at that idiot."

He paused, "wait…Brother Blood is-"

"As the Fourth of July," finished Jinx flatly, leaning closer in a predatory manner, "now quit changing the subject, how long have you liked Pretty Boy?"

Aqualad shook his head, "look, I really have no idea what you're talking about-"

"Oh please," huffed Jinx, obviously not believing him.

The Atlantean felt irritation creep up his spine. Who did she think she was? He barely knew her yet here she was, probing into his personal life, asking about his feelings towards Speedy, then completely disregarding what he said. The nerve! Now he could see why the archer liked her so much, birds of a feather and all that…

"Obvious denial aside, you two would go good together."

He looked up to see that Jinx had already returned to keeping watch. While her eyes focused on the dark apartment across the street, she continued to speak, "I mean, you two seem to balance each other out pretty well. And you already bitch at each other like an old married couple, so why not take it a step further in that direction? I already know Speedy'd be into it…"

Aqualad froze, "what?"

"Those secret looks you send him at the Titans get-togethers when you think no one's watching? Like he's the only other person in the room?" she questioned hypothetically, "he does that, too."

He had nothing to say to that, he was completely speechless.

Picking up his binoculars off of the ground, he focused, or at least tried to focus, his attention to their mission. The two of them remained quiet for quite some time.

Two hours later, Bumblebee called. The lead turned out to be false. They'd wasted their time for nothing.

"Well that was a waste of fucking time," grumbled Jinx, looking just about ready to blast something to pieces.

Aqualad stayed silent, still lost in his thoughts from earlier. Finally, when the girl had begun to storm off, he spoke up, "I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time."

Jinx paused, looking at him with a questioning expression.

He bit the inside of his cheek, looking off to the side, "I mean, the information you get makes it worth it, right?"

His eyes met hers, trying to communicate with his eyes what he just wasn't quite ready to communicate with words. Being a sharp girl, realization donned in Jinx's eyes quickly and she smirked.

"I guess you're right," she acquiesced with a shrug, looking very proud of herself, before turning and gracefully jumping over to the next rooftop, "I'm rooting for you!" she called over her shoulder as she quickly disappeared into the distance.

The Atlantean smiled, though the pink-haired sorceress couldn't see it, then set off to meet up with his team.

"Wow, an entire night wasted. That sucks balls, man," commented Speedy later over video games.

"Mmm, I wouldn't say that," replied Aqualad as his character knocked Speedy's character into oblivion, "I found it to be quite productive, myself."

But Speedy was too engrossed in his loss to notice the look sent his way.

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