Title: Jasper & Edward

Summary: Jasper and Edward have dated for three years, two days ago they moved in together…. Warning there is a Lemon in this chapter.

Pairing: Jasper/Edward

Word Count: 458

Rating: M (For the Lemon)

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own twilight.


Two days, that's how long we've lived together and here I was being dragged to Save Mart to get groceries.

There are not many things in life that I hate, but grocery shopping is one of them, and Edward was insistent that either I go with him or we go on with no food in the house.

So I went with my lover, though I may have slightly dragged my feet and complained.

Grocery shopping with Edward wasn't so bad, and within an hour we are home. I watched Edward with lust filled eyes as he put the food away. Me? I wasn't much help as I just took a seat on a barstool and opened a bag of chips, Doritos - the cool ranch kind.

Edward grins seductively at me as he searches through the bags, intent on getting everything that needs to go into the fridge. By this time I am hard and hot as I watch my lover. When he grabs the milk and cheese out of a bag I wait for him to turn his back before I get up.

I move quickly as I pull his body towards mine, turning him to face me as I do so.

I hardly notice as a bag falls to the ground. Why would I care about that when Edward's perfect lips meet mine and his hard cock is touching my side?

Slowly I allow myself to be pushed down onto the kitchen floor, not once breaking our kiss, my hand going straight to his hair, holding him to me. It isn't until I attempt to lay flat that I notice something is underneath me.

I remove one of my hands from his silk like hair to grab the object.

I stare at it a moment before speaking.

"What is this?" I say as I hold it up, away from me. Edward sits up to see what I am talking about.

"That is a lemon." A smirk appears on his face as I sigh.

"I know that, I want to know why we have it." Edward was now laughing and shaking his head.

"I don't know. Oh look that's not even our bag." He says as he pulls out another item from the bag that lay on the floor. "Some woman out there is missing her lemon and Midol."

This time I join in with his laughter as I toss the lemon to the side.

Stupid Lemon, I can't help but think as I pull Edward in for another kiss. We stay like that for a few more minutes before I suggest we take this to our room.

Edward quickly complies as he picks me up, kissing me all the while carrying me to our room.