Title: #1 Fan
Summary: Both new in town, both searching for something.
Word Count: 348
Any disclaimer you wish to include: I haven't slept in a few days. Thats the only explaination I got for this. SM would be ashamed to own, but she does.

Emmett drew in a deep breath, reveling in the sights and smells that surrounded him. He hated moving; leaving all of his favorite haunts behind. Luckily, he'd quickly found this place in his perusal of this new town, and judging by the smile forming on his lips, this place definitely had promise. Finding a seat, he got comfortable, pulling out his huge #1 Fan foam finger. He was ready for some action.

Bella was nervous. It was her first night on the job, and she was having her doubts. Why would someone so shy and klutzy apply here? Because you need the money, she reminded herself. James had left her stranded in a new town. His promises of them moving in together and getting married had vanished in the breeze that ruffled his hair as he moved over the moaning redhead in their small backyard. She needed cash so she could find a place to stay until she figured out what to do next. Taking one last deep breath she made her way on stage.

Doing her best to keep her balance, Bella strutted her way down the catwalk to the pole. She noticed a man sitting right at the end of the stage. He was huge, muscular, gorgeous and what the fuck is that on his hand? Suddenly the sexy beast jumped to his feet, waving the now identifiable foam finger that read "#1 Pussy Fan" with an illustration of a cunt below it. His voice rang out above the throbbing music as he cheered,

"Oh baby!

Shake that sexy tushy!

Bend on over and show me

I don't care if its bushy,

Just show me that lovely pussy!"

What was she to do? The only thing she could do...give the customer what he wanted!

10 years later...

"So Mommy, how'd you meet Daddy?" Bella immediately flushed crimson and started to back out of the room.

"Uh...why don't you ask your father..." Her eyes shooting daggers at Emmett.

"Well son, it all started out with a big foam finger..."