Title: Sugar and Spice - Not always Nice
Summary: Nessie finally gets to attend high school! However, when a group of bullies take a shot at her, who will end up having the last laugh?
Word Count: 499
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer, not me - there, I said it.

"Look – its creepy Cullen."

The sneering sarcasm in Sharon's voice sent needles prickling up Nessie's spine. Why Sharon and her gaggle of cohorts had decided to make Nessie's high school life a living hell was a mystery.

Though Nessie continued to walk on the wooded path leading from Hawking High School, she could hear the footfalls closing in behind her. She wasn't sure which side of her was yelling "run" in her brain – the frightened human or the vampire afraid of losing control. Either way, Nessie had a new feeling of empathy for would-be prey.

"Don't run, keep the secret," Nessie mumbled under her breath like a mantra. "Protect the family."

"I'm talking to you, loser!" Sharon's tone changed from mocking to threatening.

Nessie lowered her head and picked up her pace. This was not at all what she thought high school would be like. When she finally reached her full growth maturity, Nessie begged her parents to go to high school. She just wanted to do something that made her feel normal. She just wanted to fit in.

Unfortunately, Nessie's sheltered life meant a lack of experience with peers. She was awkward and out of place among the other students. She stood out like a singer's trilling blood.

And predators like Sharon took no time picking up on her scent.

Feet quickened around her and two of Sharon's lackeys blocked Nessie's path. Nessie turned to face her stalker.

"So," Sharon smirked, "how'd you like that little manip we posted of you on Facebook?"

The girls doubled over, exploding into fits of laughter.

The urge to run was overpowering, but they had surrounded her. Nessie's eyes began a desperate search for someone who might rescue her.

"No one's going to help you, Ren-nezz-may. Freaky little name for a freaky misfit. Why don't you crawl back under the rock you came from?"

"Yeah," Naomi chimed in. "We'll help you." Without warning, Naomi shoved Nessie as another girl tripped her. Nessie fell onto the cinder path, and tears burned behind her eyes.

"You may live in that big house, Cullen, but you're nothing." Sharon's voice gauged at Nessie's unseen wounds.

When Sharon charged at her, something in Nessie snapped and self-preservation took over.

Nessie's hands flew to Sharon's face and the girl's eyes grew as an unfamiliar scene play clearly in her mind: The forest was flying by. Suddenly to the right was a massive russet-color wolf. It bolted ahead, bringing down a large buck. The wolf stood over it, waiting. To Sharon's unbelieving mind, a face became clear in the glossy eye of the wolf - just before ripping into the fleshy neck of the wounded animal.

"You!" Sharon screamed, frantically backing away from Nessie's hands. "Stay away from me!"

The rest of the girls stood stunned, not understanding Sharon had just witnessed one of Nessie's hunts through Nessie's own eyes.

As Sharon took off running, the girls looked wide-eyed at Nessie, who shrugged. "And you call me a freak?"

A/N: Bullying has found a new home - cyberspace (as some authors may know, having found themselves victims of adult 'mean girls'). However, as adults, we can weather it better than our children can. Did you know girls are twice as likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying? Educate yourself and be part of the solution! For more information, go to www(dot)stopcyberbullying(dot)org