There will be blood, yours

Summary: Wolves should never interfere with a vampire and his mate.

Word Count: 500 words

Pairing: Edward/Jasper

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Don't own twilight.

Eyes watched through the trees, a witness to make sure things ended the way they should. Jacob waited to make sure Sam's order was carried out. This diabolical relationship must end. Jacob thought, 'We cannot have another leech hanging about.'

At this, Edward turned in the direction of Jacob's thoughts, his expression murderous. The blond boy at his feet was shaking and sobbing, distressed that his vampire boyfriend was leaving him. "Why?" he babbled as tears and snot ran down his face.

Sneering at him, Edward replied, "You know why, Jasper. This whole relationship sickens me, playing with my food, what was I thinking?"

Sniffling, Jasper begged, "Please turn me into one of you, then we can be together. I love you," he choked on those words.

"I don't love you. I'm leaving my family to get away from you," Edward spat and turned towards the trees, leaving a broken Jasper sobbing on the forest floor.

Jacob turned back into human form, so he could speak to the vampire. "Go, don't come back for him. If you do, we will do what we promised and kill both you and him," Jacob said, relaying Sam's message.

"You would murder Jasper, a human, just to keep him from becoming a vampire?" Edward asked, already disgusted by the answer he would receive.

"Yes, you're all murderers, we won't let you make one more," Jacob answered.

Edward seethed, "That's the last thing you should be worried about. You've started a war you can't win."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" questioned Jacob. He was following orders and this relationship had to end, it was becoming dangerous.

"You do know that what Jasper and I have is the same sort of bond you would have with an imprint," Edward hissed. No, Jacob didn't know that, he was shocked by it and a tremor of fear went through his body. Understanding finally registered on Jacob's face. "Yes, you've declared war with my entire family by threatening me, my mate and forcing me to leave to protect him. When they find out you would kill him in human form just so he wasn't turned, they will tear you to shreds," Edward's voice shook with the amount of rage he had towards the wolves.

Edward took off to bide his time. The wolves would never survive what was coming.

Jacob, feeling guilty, stopped to make sure Jasper was okay. Hatred flared in Jasper's eyes. "You took him away from me," Jasper accused.

"No, I..."

"Don't lie, Edward loves me and would never have left me here like this," Jasper continued. "I hope you enjoyed your last day, there will be a massacre of wolves soon," Jasper said solemnly.

Jacob started, knowing the massacre was already taking place as he felt disconnected from each wolf, one by one. Jasper smirked knowing he felt it and gave a maniacal laugh, "Your turn now."