Title: Sunday Afternoon
Summary: A perfect moment in time caught on film
Word Count: 258

The photo had not been staged or coerced. Esme had simply been walking up from her garden and stumbled upon the couple sleeping peacefully in the hammock. She conveniently had her camera and snapped a perfect representation of wonderful Sunday afternoons.

Edward and Bella fell asleep on the hammock in the gazebo after lunch. Bella, tucked into Edward's side, she had her ear resting on his chest listening to the calm beat of his heart, she loved to fall asleep this way. With one arm draped across his waist and stomach, Bella held him close while somehow managing holding onto the worn handmade quilt that kept off the chill. Edward's hand rested gently over Bella's. His other arm cradled Bella's body gently even in his slumber. His free hand kept the blanket from falling off her hips while weaving the ends of her wavy locks between his fingers.

The best part of the image was not what you could see but what you could feel from the subjects. Esme had somehow captured the sweetness and innocence that was the essence of their relationship. Sunlight dappled gently giving them a ethereal glow. Anyone who had even seen the prized picture always observed the peacefulness of the moment. Everyone who knew them personally remarked that there was something more than the obvious trust and love they felt for each other. It was almost as if a very personal moment had been rudely intruded upon.

Carlisle sighed as he placed the frame back underneath the false bottom of his desk drawer.