Title: Honor Thy… Stomach?

Summary: What does Edward Cullen really love about Bella Swan?

Word Count: 337

Rating: K (I think…)

Disclaimer: Is it mine? No.


When asked what it is he loves about Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen will respond in a variety of ways. Her mind.

Her big brown eyes.

Her scent.

There's one thing, though that he loves more than all the rest, and it's the one thing he refuses to admit to. It's just too strange, even for a vampire.

You see, Bella is beautiful, even to the human males around her. Her features are delicate and her hair is soft and her body is—to word it crassly—fucking hot.

Beautiful, yes, but not perfect.

Bella has slender legs and toned arms and shapely hips and tiny hands. She's gorgeous.

Especially her stomach.

Bella's stomach is almost flat. Almost perfectly smooth and even like the models Edward sees daily, but then-

It's not. Not completely.

He's never told her this, isn't sure if she knows, but Bella's stomach slopes ever so gently outwards. Like a down pillow, fuzzy and warm.

He adores it. He loves the way it's nothing like the boardwalk torsos of Tanya or Kate, so straight and strange and abnormal. He loves the way its heat and its give and its love surround him, every day and every night.

Because there's no bruising hardness and clatter clang of rock on stone and it's soft, so soft, and-

Oh. Oh. Oh.

He loves pressing his face into it, inhaling when he doesn't think she'll notice. There's no ice for his nose to jar against, no stone muscles to ridge uncomfortably onto his face. Only hot, silky, beautiful Bella, her very essence.

Her stomach is everything he loves about her humanity. Trembling, heated, satin-velvet skin that flushes from beautiful pale to dream-smell pink and it's glorious and alive and human and that little pocket of extra, the small layer of fat around her hips, that's all his.

His to adore.

His to worship.

His to keep.

Edward prays that when she becomes a vampire this is one imperfection that will stay.

After all, it's this flaw which makes her perfect.