The Fellowship of the Sun took things too far and the vampires had enough. When the whole race retaliated, many innocents were caught in the crossfire. Now the United States belongs to the vampires and supernatural creatures that the Fellowship targeted.

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The woman in my arms was dying. I could hear her heart skipping beats, or else hesitating, so I ran faster. The cover of trees was all I needed. I was nothing but a ghost, a ghost on a mission. It sounded trite, but it was the truth. I had not survived a thousand years by torturing and killing my food source.

At that moment my food source was dying. "Stay with me, please. Stay with me," I said under my breath. Her heart stopped for five whole seconds before it picked up again. I had to stop and now was the time. She would not last any longer. I took cover inside a hedge under the darkness of the forest, and listened to the night while I ministered to the small woman.

With the blade I always carried I slashed my neck and guided her lips to the wound. It was the only way to make her drink: a maker exchange. I could only hope that she would remain human, but she had lost too much blood. Her turning was a possibility that I did not take lightly. I was willing to be her maker, but would she be willing to be my child? I could not know.

She drank. The magic had worked and she took her fill. I licked the wounds on her body, the ones I could reach. Her blood was the sweetest human blood I'd ever tasted. It reminded me of fairy blood, without sending me into a frenzy of lust. When my wounds closed she became limp, but her heart was beating steadily, if slowly. It would have to do.

Her eyes opened and I could feel her fear. My blood in her veins was my link. "I won't harm you. I just saved your life," I said, willing her to believe me, to trust me. She would have to remain by my side from now on and I did not want her to be scared.

"I know you," she whispered, her blue eyes widening in recognition. Yes, she knew me. She must have thought I had been there to purchase her.

"What is your name?" I asked, tucking her hair behind her ears. She was beautiful and mine to protect from that moment on.

"Sookie Stackhouse," she swallowed.

"I am Eric the North Man. We have to move. Are you ready?" Sookie nodded and closed her eyes in pain as I picked her up. "Keep your eyes closed, Sookie. It will soon be over."

I kept running through the night, as fast as my strength could carry me. The weight of the woman did not slow me down, but her pain concerned me. I would not let her suffer anymore. That was my only comfort.


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