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A/N: This is a crossover between the wonderful book Harry Potter to the wonderful TV show The Adventures of Shirley Holmes. All the characters are grown ups already and will behave as such. I am aware that chronologically in the year of 2002 Shirley and Bo would be 17, while Harry, Hermione and Ron 21, and Ginny 20, but I decided to skip that little detail. Like many others. Also I haven't got a beta reader and I really, really need one. Please be my Beta reader! Oh and Reviews are most welcome.

A woman got into a taxi on Heathrow airport. She wore a long fashionable dark dress, and a coat, her eyes were covered with sunglasses, though the whether outside was far from sunny. She didn't have any luggage, only a small back she carried in her hand and refused, when the driver suggested it, to put it in the trunk.

"Where to?" The driver asked casually.

"London." She said shortly, her accent strange, and confusing. It wasn't American, British, Canadian, or Australian, but it was obvious English was her first language.

They drove silently, neither of them saying a thing, until they finally reached London.

"What street you said you needed?" The driver asked.

"I didn't say." The woman smiled. "Baker street 221b."

The driver smirked. "The house of the famous Sherlok Holmes, want to see the museum, ha?"

The woman just kept smiling.

The taxi arrived to the address above and the woman stepped out of it, paying to the driver. She stood on the sidewalk silently for a moment, holding tightly her bag and looking around her. Her gaze finally stopped on a man who was walking back and fourth near the entrance to Baker Street no. 221b.

The man kept glancing to either side of the street. The woman smiled knowingly and sighed. The moment she did the man stopped walking and turned to her direction. With her free hand the woman lifted the sunglasses from her eyes and for a long moment their eyes locked. For those few seconds they both were fourteen again.

The man spoke first, half in disbelief, half in shock. "Shirley?"

Her smile widened. "Nice to see you again, Bo."

He took a few quick steps and she was caught in his embrace. She put one hand around him as well. They both smiled.

He finally drew back. "Wow, Shirley… I…" He sighed contently. "It's so…Surprising to see you again… You look great."

She smiled. "Thanks, but you were the one who asked me to come."

He nodded. "Yes, but still, twelve years are a long time…" He took her bag from her. "Here let me take this for you."

She gave him her bag freely and shook her head, still smiling. "Too long."

He nodded as well. "I know. I should've called, or written, or done something… Come on, my car is just down the street."

They got into Bo's car. Shirley sitting next to Bo and the bag lying behind, in the back seats.

"So, what was so important that you called for me so urgently?" She asked as they sat.

He sighed deeply. "It's a long story, Shirley, and it isn't mine, so wait until we get to my flat and everything will become clear, I promise."

Shirley shifted curiously in her seat. "How's your business?"

He sighed. "Fine, fine. How's your?" He laughed. "Never mind, I know how it is… You're a world class detective now, Shirley." He smiled tenderly. "It's good to know you haven't forgot the little people."

"Bo." She smiled as well, putting her sunglasses back. "I would never forget you."

He nodded. "How's Matt?" He asked suddenly.

Shirley sighed. "There's no Matt, we broke."

"I'm sorry to hear."

"We were just too much alike. We couldn't think properly when we were together and neither of us is nothing without our brains." She leaned back. "No matter how much we loved each other we couldn't let our intelligence waste because of it."

"So it was mutual."

She laughed bitterly. "I guess. I know I loved him, and I know he loved me, I guess it just wasn't strong enough."

Bo smiled. "Don't worry, everything will turn up best, I hope."

"So do I." She said. But still she wondered if she would come rushing to Matt after one phone call like she has for Bo.

"We're here." Bo announced, and stepped out of the car. He opened Shirley's door and let her out as well, taking her bag for her.

They went up the stairs to his apartment. And he opened the door letting her into the leaving room.

The moment they entered it a woman went straight to Bo and hugged him tightly.

"Any news?" He asked, comfortingly stroking her bushy hair.

"No." She said silently, burying her face in his chest further.

"Shh..." He comforted her. And then when she finally came back to her senses, he turned to Shirley. "Hermione, meet Shirley Holmes, detective." He smiled. "Shirley, meet Hermione Granger, my fiancée."

Hermione tried to smile. "Nice to meet you."

Shirley shook her head in response and looked around the room. There was another woman seated on the couch, she too looked like she was going to cry, only she was very freckled and red haired, so she couldn't be a relative of Bo's fiancée. There were also two older men in the room. One had mostly gray hair, though brown strands were visible in it as well, he had gray eyes, and looked controlled. He sat on an armchair. The other one kept facing in the room, he had black and gray hair and his eyes were a burning black.

Bo introduced them on turn. "The other lady is Ginny Weasley, and the gentlemen are Remus Lupin and Sirius Black." He gestured towards Shirley. "This is the known Shirley Holmes."

Shrley walked into the room and sat near Ginny. "I was called here urgently by my childhood friend Bo," She said. "But you probably already know it. I was not yet told why."

Hermione sighed, and holding Bo's hand tightly she spoke. "We called you because we had no idea what to do, we tried every possible way we know, but we couldn't solve this, she put out an old torn bit of parchment and handed it to Shirley. It's the only clue to the whereabouts of a friend of ours, Mr. Harry Potter."