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Chapter three: Who said libraries are no fun?

After Hermione left with a sudden pop Bo marched gloomily to the kitchen only to find Shirley sitting on her seat, eating. He leaned on the doorframe, very much like she did only few moments ago. He studied her fondly, she was almost identical to the Shirley he carried in his memory all those years, but there were some small details that made her look different than he imagined she would as a grown woman. Her eyes still seemed to sparkle when she tried to solve some riddle in her head, but it was a different sparkle. In their school days, he remembered her getting intrigued by anything that was out of line, and if everything were as normal as things could be in a snobby private school, she would find a mystery there anyway. Now she seemed to be more bored and much less interested in what she did, he would find an article about her in the paper every now and then, and besides being described as outstandingly intelligent and bright she was also considered one of the biggest mysteries of human kind. He remembered reading, as a small child, that Sherlok Holmes took only the toughest and most bizarre cases of all those he was asked to investigate. And that was what made him happy, he supposed that Shirley did the same thing, but something in her look told him she wasn't pleased with her life. She lived for her investigation, he realized. Everything in her life had to do with the cases she took, if not for them she'd never meet him, never fall in love with Matt, never have her mother back- the list could go on and on. And that seemed to be right for the twelve years old girl he first met, but was it right for a thirty years old woman? But he hadn't got the time to pander on that thought.

"Are you going to watch me for long?" He heard her ask suddenly. "We have a mystery to solve."

He smiled stupidly, and shook his head. "No, I'm done starring." He conjured his best British accent. "Shall we head to the library, Holmes?"


"Wow." Was all Shirley said when the door to the Library opened. She looked around herself in awe, it was amazing; three walls of the room were covered in about fifty shelves and a huge table was placed in the middle of the room. Shirley paced around the table in order to study the room in more detail; it was cozy, warm, and though it was a little dark due to the great amount of dusty books it didn't make you fell claustrophobic.

"Big isn't it?" Bo asked with a smile, a little pleased he could still shock his best friend.

"I'm not amazed at the size of it." Shirley marked sarcastically, "But at the fact you actually have a library in your home, Mr. I-am-so-over-with-books-when-I-get-out-of-school."

Bo blushed slightly. "It's for Hermione actually, I was trying to make her feel comfortable, and it sort of got three times bigger during the time she lives here."

"How long is that?" Shirley asked, walking around the room and examining the books.

"Two years." Bo answered offhandedly. "And I've been seeing her for a year before that, but she told me about magic only when I asked her to move in." He smiled to himself, and Shirley frowned. "Thought I should know she could turn me into a goat any second before I share my bed with her permanently."

Shirley took a book out of the library and sat by the table opening it and starting reading. "Could you give me every book here that contains even the slightest mention of Harry's character and his life."

Bo shook his head and muttered. "You could always ask Hermione, why read?"

"She's not objective." Shirley answered coldly. "She's a suspect just like anyone else. After all, Harry disappear in her house."

"Shirley." Bo sounded outraged. "He's her best friend!" Shirley turned around and gave his a dubious look. Bo growled at her in frustration. "Besides, I was with her all the time, she's got an alibi, leave her in peace- she would never do it."

"You're her fiancéé, you're madly in love with her and will soon marry her. You could be covering up for her." She answered strictly. Bo opened his mouth to protest, but Shirley cut him. "By the way, give me all the books on wizard transformation as well."

Bo cursed, but knowing the argument was over anyway, as Shirley was drawn back into reading, he got up and started taking out the books she asked for.

After two hours there were thirteen books on Shirley's left side and seven on her right. She sighed while closing another book and putting in the pack on her right, but instead of taking silently another book from the first pack, like she did for the last seven times, she simply stared at Bo, who sat across from her, examining the riddle.

"I'm done with the books on Harry." She informed him quietly.

Bo looked up to meet her eyes. "And?"

"He seems like a nice person, very brave, very noble." She pressed a finger to her forehead. "Yet shy, and humble. He's a hero, but hates publicity. Does the right thing just because it's right .A tragic story with a happy ending."

"I could tell you that." Bo pointed out dryly. "You've just wasted two hours."

"Oh no, mon ami." Shirley said lightly. "On the contrary, I've learned tones you'd never would tell me. I've learned this Ron Weasley guy was Harry's best friend and also Hermione's boyfriend." Bo flinched at her words, but she continued. "They were a famous bunch, articles were written about the three of them and from what I understand the media was very much aware of Ron and Hermione's love life. They had a very well covered break up as well." She raised an eyebrow at Bo.

"I don't care who knew about it, or what the papers wrote." Bo said harshly, standing loudly and walking around the room. "He cheated on her, not once and not twice. And you know what she did? She took him back every time. That slimy bastard, he doesn't deserve her friendship, or love."

"Right." Shirley said, trying to keep her voice steady, the way Bo defended Hermione and cared for her hurt her more than she cared to realize. "He cheated on Hermione and also he seemed to be very jealous of Harry…" She looked up at Bo, only to meet his eyes staring at her with horror.

"You think… he did it? Abducted his own best friend?" He asked quietly.

"I don't know… Jealousy can drive you to drastic means sometimes…"

"Does that mean Hermione is in danger?" Bo asked suddenly. "Because she's going to meat him now, and…"

"Bo." Shirley said strictly. "She may be in danger, but I doubt it… From what I read he declares he still loves Hermione, he would never hurt her."

The thing is, Shirley thought to herself, if he's acting on jealousy Bo might be in danger…

"No…" Bo said silently, drawing Shirley's attention back to the talk. "It can't be. I mean, he's a bastard and all, and one of my least favorite people on earth, but still… There's a difference between cheating on your girlfriend and kidnapping your best friend."

Shirley shrugged and sighed. "There's also this You-Know-Who business, which I can't really understand."

"What business you said?" Bo asked, puzzled.

"You-Know-Who." Shirley repeated.

"No, that's the thing-I don't know who." Bo answered, still clueless. "Could you be a little more specific?"

"No, I can't." Shirley answered, annoyed. "It's his name, or at least it's what written in the book. He's also mentioned as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"

"Why mustn't he be named? I don't know what you mean…" Bo started saying but was cut.

"I know. The book means Voldemort." Bo turned around to see Sirius standing a few feet away from him, looking confident and nervous at the same time.

"Voldemort?" stbetween Shirley and Sirius. "He's dead, Shirley, Harry defeated him long ago. There's no chance he can come back again, is there?" He looked worriedly at Sirius. Bo's heard enough from Hermione to know what Voldemort's name meant and also that whenever Voldemort's name is mentioned it's a good reason to worry.

"No, he's gone for good." Sirius answered gravely. "But there are still Death Eaters who walk free, but the chances they would do anything now…" He trailed off and sighed deeply. "It may be a Death Eater, using Dark magic, but he wouldn't do it as revenge. No one would face the man who defeated the dark lord."

"Wait a second…" Shirley said. took the riddle from Bo and read silently rethinking it over and over again, trying to make every piece of information to settle in the right place. "It has to do with Dark magic, look at the difference between 'The man who forced the Darkness fade' and what Mr. Black just said." She looked up to meet both men's gazes. "I think we found our first clue."

"And we get… What?" Bo asked, staring at his friend.

"The fact Dark Magic was involved."

"Wrong." Pointed out Bo. "Dark intentions and Dark means are two different things." He looked at Sirius for support. "It always could be a trap."

"No…" Sirius said slowly. "I think she's right. Why would someone send this riddle if he wanted to misguide us? It's supposed to be a challenge."

"So this is some sick game?" Bo asked, obviously disgusted.

"Maybe, maybe…" Shirley answered thoughtfully. "But how can we find out the identity of the kidnapper? Those clues…"

"I say we find Harry first." Sirius pointed out. "The 5th and the 6th lines –that's where we should look."

Bo read the lines aloud. "A mother's spell, A curse, A love, A fight, A light, A scar, Tears and ruins and Trust long Lost." He frowned at Sirius. "Most of it is too general."

"And the rest of it talks of things that happened twenty years ago." Sirius agreed.

"What do you mean?" Shirley asked.

Sirius sighed deeply. "We should sit down." The three of them sat around the table and Sirius began talking. "You see, about three decades ago, a big war started in the wizarding world, it was against a wizard name Voldemort. He was one of the most cruel and heartless Dark wizards that stood up, and it didn't help much that he was extremely bright. By the time my co-students and me grew up and graduated, he was at the climax of his activity. At the time we were a group of a few young people; indeed young, even too young, and positive we could make the world better, and that we would be the ones to change the course of the war."

Sirius sighed again and looked down at his hands. "Each and every one of us fought in that war some way or another. James, that's Harry's father, being from one of the known and respected wizard families always stood out in everything he did. Thus he and his family became a convenient target."

"He, his wife Lily and Harry, who was only a year old at the time, went into hiding. They placed a very complicated spell to defend themselves, it's very hard to explain, all you need to know is that the information of their whereabouts was kept in the mind and heart of one single soul which would not reveal the information unless he or she truly wanted to."

Sirius looked down silently, Bo stood up and went out of the room. He came back quickly holding a glass of some purple, bizarre liquid and handed it to Sirius with a comforting smile.

Sirius looked up at him and smiled wryly. "Thank you." He said, though Shirley didn't fail to see the track of tears. "I see Hermione taught you well."

Bo nodded grimly and tried to smile as well. "She was very persistent about keeping this stuff around, I just wish we'd never had to use it."

"Yes." Sirius agreed silently, and then looked back at Shirley. "Those days were very difficult ones. There was so much killing, so much violence- everywhere. You didn't know who to trust back then. Remus… He has his own problems and he was drifting away from our group then, barely ever talking to any of us… He always looked tired, and never answered us when he asked him why- but that's Remus he's very controlled. It sometimes seems he's a cold person, but he isn't, he's actually one of the warmest and most caring humans I've met, but he'd never think his problems are important and would never make anything that he considers as becoming a burden. He's never think he's important enough. "

"But foolishly I though his behavior was sign that he kept secrets, and somehow I've decided he wasn't to be trusted… That left only Peter and me. I let everyone know I was to be the secret keeper, but the spell was performed on Peter instead. I thought it was the perfect bluff, but obviously I was wrong. Peter betrayed James and Lily to Voldemort. Voldemort found James and Lily and killed them. Harry survived, thanks to a charm Lily put on him before dying. Voldemort lost all his powers and vanished for twelve years, leaving Harry in a burned house, the only evidence of their fight is a lightening shaped scar Harry has on his forehead till today. It was widely known I was the only one who knew where James and Lily had been. No one believed me when I tried to tell people the truth so I was sent to Azkaban, which's a wizard prison. Remus kept wandering around the world, trying to live without the only people he cared about, trying to forget everything he knew because it was too painful."

"And then?" Shirley asked.

"Twelve years later Voldemort came back. I escaped from Azkaban and Remus was called back as well. There were a few years of fighting, but in the age of 17, with the help of Hermione, Ron and Ginny, Harry managed to conquer Voldemort for good. Since then things got better and better." He smiled wryly. "Each of us carries scars from our past, but it's not as painful as it once was…"

Shirley looked pensive. While Bo just sat and stared down at the table, he looked up and met Shirley's eyes. "That's it, isn't it? It's all there…"

"Except the light." Shirley answered him.

"Yes." Sirius agreed quietly. "The light. I've been wondering about it. And I seem to be unable to place this word anywhere. If it's about Dark Magic, what light could they possibly mean."

"Well, what about…" Bo started to say but was cut by a loud pop.

Shirley looked at the direction where the sound came from and jumped at the sight. In front of her stood a young man, not older than sixteen, he was tall and lean, he looked like every other teen Shirley saw lately, except for his eyes, which shown in an amazing bright blue. He was holding some vase, and looking around the room, his eyes stopped on Shirley and he smiled stupidly.

"H…Hello…" He said, still smiling broadly.

"Holly crap." Bo muttered at him. "Josh, what are you doing here?"

The boy looked at him. "Sorry, Bo, mum and Herm asked me to come and tell you dad isn't feeling well after last night and that he would stay home."

"And Remus said?" Sirius inquired.

"He's asleep, Kath thinks mum dragged him so he'd stay home and rest."

"Josh." Bo asked frowning. "What's the vase for?"

The boy scowled. "Portkey. Honestly, Bo, you need floo network here…"

Shirley cleared her throat. "A port-key?"

"Wizards' transformation." Sirius answered. "Getting transformed from one place to another touching an object. But it connects only too ends."

Shirley looked at Bo. "Hermione didn't tell me about it."

"Maybe she didn't have time. Or think Sirius will." Bo answered calmly and Shirley frowned.

"Yes, fascinating." Sirius said dryly. "What about the light?"

Josh took the riddle from the table and read it. He smiled at them all. "You don't know?" He asked.

"And you do, Joshua?" Sirius raised an eyebrow. "I know you've got Ana's divinative powers, but…"

"No." Josh kept smiling. "It has nothing to do with it. It's just when Harry talked once to Beth and me he told us about his parents. He said that the only thing he remembered about that night until his 3rd year was a flash of green light."

Sirius's eyes grew wide. "Of course!" He shouted. "It all has to do with the night when…" He looked at them. "I think I know where Harry is…"

"In the place where his parents di." Shirley finished the sentence. "Where is it?"

"Godric's hallow." Sirius said eagerly. "We need to go to the Borrow…"

"Wait a second." Bo said, looking from Sirius to Shirley. "What about the last line."

"True love and friendship will find what costs the most." Josh read aloud.

"We need Harry's best friends and the person who loves him purely." Shirley said pensively. "That's Ginny, his best friends are Hermione and…"

"Ron." Bo finished gloomily.

Sirius sighed, his eyes shining with hope. "As I said, let's go to the Borrow…"

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