Here is my second story. Years have passed and all is quiet, but what will happen when Jade learns who really is?

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Twelve years have passed quickly. Balthazar and Veronica have only aged three years. Jade Blake is now thirteen years old and she has a brother, Felson Blake, that is twelve years old. Dave is now thirty three and he is happily married to Becky. They now have a child that is five years old named Jasper. Balthazar and Dave still train on a regular basis. Behmen still lives with Balthazar and Veronica and is starting to slowly become mortal again in the same way Balthazar and Veronica are. It was a warm spring day in the city and Balthazar and Dave were once again in the tunnels. Dave had barley been effected by the twelve years. His hair was a bit longer and he had grown taller. Becky had only small changes to her as well. Her hair was slightly faded and she had small circles under her eyes from long nights as a DJ for a local radio. Little Jasper sat on Becky's lap watching his father. Becky had convinced Dave to let Jasper come and watch. Since he was only five it was very unlikely that he would remember any of what he was seeing now later in life. Balthazar was reviewing battle spells with Dave at the moment.

"Give up old man I'm going to win" Dave teased.

"Who you calling old you are only ten years behind me" Balthazar laughed.

"Yeah if your aging spell lasted longer we would be the same age" Dave replied shooting a shadow ball at Balthazar who blocked it with a dome shield, but didn't expect Dave to throw another one so quickly and was knocked backwards.

"Give up?" Dave asked walking over.

"Not yet" Balthazar said hitting a nerve on the back of Dave's leg that made it give out under him. Dave yelled in surprise and fell to the floor. He turned over onto his stomach so he and Balthazar were face to face. They both laughed.

"You know it's interesting watching you two" Becky said from the couch, "Seeing the bond you share, it's just so amazing."

"Yes masters and apprentices always come to share a different kind of bond. Even though we do not have blood relations there is still a bond. I remember when I talked to Dave up on the roof after I had saved him. I felt as if I had known him for a long time and that we were long lost friends. That is when you truly know that they are your apprentice and you are their master" Balthazar said looking at Dave the whole time. Dave smiled.

"At first I didn't want anything to do with him, but I found that I started to like having a master. I didn't ever tell you, but he was one of the guys in that shop 22 years ago" Dave said.

"Really? Well you must have done something pretty bad to make Dave so scared" Becky said.

"Well Dave let Horvath out and I had to protect him while trying not to get killed myself. Dave never knew the world of magic before I met him. That is what probably scared him" Balthazar answered.

Jasper was listening and turning his head to all three of them while they talked. He couldn't quiet say Balthazar's name yet he always called him 'Bathy'.

"And how are you Jasper?" Balthazar said turning to him.

Jasper smiled and held out his hands. Jasper's smile was like his mothers as was his hair, but the rest of his face including eyes were like Dave's.

Balthazar picked up Jasper and held him at his side.

"Bathy make pitty cowurs? Jasper asked.

"You want me to make colors? Alright which color should I do first?" Balthazr asked.

"Geen!" Jasper shouted.

Balthazar smiled and shot a green light beam out of his free hand. The beam shot to the center of the room and swirled off in different directions then faded. Jasper giggled with delight. Just then there was an opening of the door at the entrance to the tunnels. The door closed again and Jade emerged on the balcony. Jade was a beautiful teenager. She had her mothers coil black hair, but it was wavy like her fathers. Her eyes were the same jade green they had been when she was born and when she smiled she looked like her father. Felson was just the opposite of his sister. He had brown straight hair and blue eyes but his face was more like his mothers.

"Hey dad mom says she wants you home. She said she needed to talk to you...and Dave" Jade said giving a glance toward Dave.

Balthazar looked at Dave and he could tell they were thinking the same thing. Someone was spotted that was causing trouble. Balthazar handed Jasper back to Becky, who left to go back home, and ran out of the tunnels and down the street with Jade and Dave at his heels.

"Why are we running home?" Jade asked.

Balthazar stopped and looked at her, "What was your mothers expression when she said she needed to talk to me?"

"She was very serious and she went slightly pale. Dad what is going on? You look the same as mom does" Jade questioned.

Balthazar was indeed paler, but he pretended not to hear her question as he ran on. When they got to the house Balthazar told Jade to go play with her brother and not to worry before he dashed upstairs with Dave at his side. Balthazar came into the bedroom and sat next to a shaking Veronica. He held her close until she stopped shaking.

"What happened?" Balthazar asked.

"Oh Balthazar, it's horrible. I was letting our children play in the front yard while I was sitting and reading on the porch and when I looked up this figure was just standing at the corner of the street. When I went over to where the children sat I realized it was a sorcerer because I could see his ring glowing in his sleeve. That was when I took the children inside and when I looked back out the window the person was gone. I never did see his face he made sure he had it covered" Veronica explained.

Balthazar looked at Dave and there was an understanding that passed without words between them.

"We need to find out who this person is, but I will ask Behmen to observe for us. Tomorrow I must train with Dave" Balthazar decided.

Outside the room Jade and Felson sat with their ears up against the door. They caught snatches of their mom talking. The one word that stood put to Jade was sorcerer.

"Sorcerer? Like magic?" She asked.

Felson just shrugged and they continued to listen. Now their father was speaking and they caught the words he was saying about training with Dave.

"Training?" they both said at once, but they had little time to think about it because they heard movement from the other side and they silently hurried to their rooms just as the door opened. They still listened as the three emerged from the room.

"What will we be doing tomorrow?" Came Dave's voice.

"More review" their father replied

There was a sigh from Dave, "More review? I thought we had finished."

They heard their father laugh and the three went downstairs.

Jade turned to her brother, "We have to find out what is going on. If dad won't tell us we will find out ourselves. Tomorrow it will be sunny so we can tell mom we are going to the gas station and then we will go to the subway tunnels. Something goes on down there and I think it relates to what we just heard"

"But what if we get caught?" Felson asked.

"Felson mom and dad are hiding something from us. Why else would dad pretend like he doesn't hear me when I ask him certain questions and why would he tell me everything is fine when it clearly is not. Don't you want to know what they are hiding?" Jade asked.

"Well yeah" Felson replied.

"So then we will stick with the plan" Jade decided.

Oh no there is evil a foot any guesses to who this mysterious sorcerer is? And what will happen when Jade and Felson find out they are sorcerers? Find out next chapter to be continued...