Title: A Teacher's Sin

Summary: I'm just a normal cooking teacher trying to deal with my life. I just go to work and try to make ends meat. Everyday I walk into the classroom it's just hard to ignore the sixteen year old student in my class. I just can't stop day dream about touching that pale skin.

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR because if I did I would have put Hibari in more parts and make Tsuna as the seme type. Since I don't own the show I can't do that.

Chapter One: Raven Hair Beauty (Tsuna)

I always been a good cooking teacher. I learned how to cook through my mother. Which is kind of amazing because every time I had tried to cook something it would go wrong. I would either end up burning myself or better yet end up burning something else. When I first tired to learn how to cook all I had to do was boil water and well, let's just say that I ended up creating a fire. Don't ask me how I did that because I don't know myself and I don't really feel like knowing.

When those painful years of learning to cook for myself were finally over, I became a great cook. My mother was even shock at how great I became over a couple of years. Now I can cook without setting a fire or burning anybody else. Once my mother had a taste of a fish that I baked she then told me I should became a chief.

Since I'm a good child I went to chief school. Since I was there I met this girl named Hana. She had a best friend, I also liked her but she was kind of air headed and too sweet to notice my feelings towards her. So I went after Hana. I got her to be my girlfriend, she was great and all but we had problems. The problem was that she didn't want to settle down any time soon and that she also wanted to be free. So if it was freedom that she wanted I left her.

Well, right now I got a new girlfriend, Chrome, she happens to be the sweetest girl I have ever met in my whole life. I met her after a couple of weeks when I broke up with Hana. I met Chrome in chief school. At frist I didn't know she was there but once I noticed her and got to know her the more I found out about her. She told me she had a crush on me and that was all I needed to make her my girl.

Once I made her my girlfriend I had to meet her twin brother, Mukuro. At frist he didn't like me and just wouldn't let Chrome and I have our alone time. We also manged to get into a few a few fights. There was a fight that almost made both of us go to the hospital. That was a close one and that fight made us come to our sense's. Chrome, who's always calm, yelled at us for being so stupid. We apologized to each other and mostly to Chrome. After that we started getting along. We even started being best friends and now we can't go anywhere without each other.

Now back to my cooking job. Once I made it out of chief school I told my mother about it. She hugged me and started chanting my name with joy in her voice. It made me quite happy knowing that I made my mother that proud of me. Then I started working at a restaurant but I didn't like it in that kitchen. I know in school they told me it would be hard and crowded but wow they didn't say it was going to be jam pack with a whole bunch of people! The kitchen was mess I would have to clean up and every time I tired to get a dish to the waiter it would drop and land on the floor. The I would have to clean it up and recook it. I didn't like that so I left.

I told my mother the bad news and she just smiled at me. She also told me she didn't enjoy where I was working since the people there seem so rude and stuck up. My mother also told me to get a job as a cooking teacher. Something about that it would suite me better. I don't know why but I ended up going to a job interview at my old high school. I thought it was better then working at some strange high school. Luckily I got the job. Once I heard that I hugged the principal but he tired to pull away but I knew he wanted to hug me back.

I went home that day to Chrome and gave her a huge kiss. She then asked me what that was for and I told her she soon started kissing me again. We went to tell my mother I just told Chrome we could have called her but we had to go there anyways. Once my mom heard those words escape my mouth she started hugging Chrome and I. It's funny how people get so happy just to find out I got a job or for the smallest things.

I been working in this job for a year already. Today is also the first day of school. This is where people come to this class hoping to get an easy A. If they are anything like me they are so not going to get an A. They might get a burn but not an A. I look around my classroom and smiled. Today is a good warm fresh day. I just can't wait to teach these newbies how to cook and not screw it up.

I went over and grabbed my white apron with indigo strips. Chrome and Mukuro had bought me this for a good luck charm. This apron had been through hell and back and I'm surely amazed that it it's dirty or damaged or anything like that. I step over to my desk and pressed my lower back lightly on the edge of the table while the palm of my hands got in their place. I admired everything in the room and smiled lightly. I knew what was coming next.

First year students would come in and damaged the whole room. I then slowly started frowning at the thought of a fire happening or a food fight. It surprises me that every year that always happen. Well, not the fire or anything just the damaged and food fights going on.

My ears perked up once I heard the bell. Meaning time for class. I waited for my door to be open by a bunch of chatting students. When I turn my head just to see who was coming in my heart skipped a beat. I looked at the young student come in with black hair flowing gracefully in the air. The teenage boys hair didn't have long hair just short hair spiked down where gravity will pull it.

His hair just bounced up and down with every step he took. My eyes kept fallowing him walk to the back of the room. He's sort of small but not close to tiny he's around medium height. I looked at his face which I'm glade that I got a quick glance. His face is just flawless. Nothing on that pale face to ruin it. The dark hair boys lips are thin and in a shape of a perfect pout or frown.

The eye color he has is just amazing. I have never seen that eye color in my life. It's a gray with a hint of blue acted to those eyes. He has a cute small nose, which makes me want to kiss it sound badly. His body is wow amazing. His body looks strong but it's slim as well. He has some curves which is odd seeing on a males body. Hey, it doesn't bother me at all. My eyes went down to his ass. He had a medium shape ass but I know in the near future he will have a big juicy ass.

I snapped my eyes away from him and looked at the door again. I saw more students walking in all different sizes and different hair color. Some of them looked young but don't think I'll take mercy on them. Maybe I'll take some mercy on that raven hair beauty.


Tell me what you think and I'll keep going with this story alright. I only did this because people wanted Tsuna and Hibari stories. Only with a twist Tsuna as seme. Tell me if you like.