Title: A Teacher's Sin

Summary: I'm just a normal cooking teacher trying to deal with my life. I just go to work and try to make ends meat. Everyday I walk into the classroom it's just hard to ignore the sixteen year old student in my class. I just can't stop day dream about touching that pale skin.

Note: Alright so I forgot about Chrome. I remembered about her after I remembered Tsuna is dating someone. So yeah I remembered in the last chapter which sucks for me. I'm also not getting a summer job which sucks for me but whatever. More time for writing!Also, my best friends brother died of cancer on the Friday. She's been my best friend for five years already and her brother been my friend for that long as well. I'm going to the funeral on Monday. Just wanted to share why I didn't upload on Thursday Friday and Saturday.

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR because if I did I would have put Hibari in more parts and make Tsuna as the seme type. Since I don't own the show I can't do that.

Chapter Ten: Who's That? (Hibari)

"Oh am I interrupting something?" a gentle voice reached my ear as I looked up to see who it was. I didn't know this person at all. She has indigo colored hair up to her shoulders and indigo colored eyes as well. She has fair skin and an eye patch on her left eye.

'What trouble did she get into?'

She's wearing a light pink summer dress with light colored flats. She seems to be holding a lunch box wrapped in a fish pattern cloth. She looked at me then smiled. She has a beautiful smile then she went on to looking at Tsuna and her smile only got wider.

I only looked at Tsuna and only saw him smile at her but in his eyes I saw a hint of sadness. For who I don't know because now my heart is starting to hurt. I don't know why but I can feel that something bad or something that's going to hurt me is soon going to happen.

"Hello Chrome." The greet was simple with a small hint of sadness in his voice. I know that girl wouldn't be able to pick it up since her happiness is so huge it's taking up space in the room. I quickly looked at her and eyed her.

"Hello honey." She greeted happily and smiling even more. I almost had to hold on to my heart I looked at Tsuna. He looked back at me smiling but in his eyes he's showing a deep apology. Right now I don't want to see that or hear that.

"Who's that." She asked and looked at me. I had to hold back my tears as I looked at her back. Right now I don't even know what to think. I don't even know if Tsuna and I started our relationship or whatever he wants to call it. I feel like my trust has been violated and stepped on.

"This is my wonderful, lovely, amazing, smart, sweet, fantastic, student. Kyoya Hibari." I smiled a bit at all the words he chose to describe me in. Chrome only had her head on the side but the quickly smiled she was ready to say something. I know she was planning on saying Kyoya so I cut her off by saying:

"Call me Hibari."

She looked a bit taken back from the sound of my voice. It sounded cold and unforgiving which is what I'm feeling right now. The indigo princess must have shook it off as she went over to me and stuck out her hand in front of me.

"Hello Hibari. I heard much about you from Tsuna. I just never knew I was going to meet you." She smiled I had to smile back. I can tell the smile on my face was being forced it's better than nothing. I took her hand and began to shake it.

It didn't last long as I quickly let go and looked to my side. She then started to look at Tsuna. I guess she was questioning my behavior towards her.

"He's just shy." Tsuna covered up for me and went to sit down in his teachers chair.

'Shy my ass.' I started to walk away before I would be notice.


Too late the female Daemon noticed me walking away. I looked back at her and smiled. I did the best I can just to make it look real but my emotions won't let me.

"Come have lunch with Tsuna and I." She said sweetly and went to get two stools for us. I wanted to say no but the look Tsuna gave me told me to say. Even though this man might have tricked me and used me for a sick twisted game. I couldn't help but do what he wanted.

I took the second stool out of her hands and placed it opposite of Tsuna sensei's desk. She placed her stool close to Tsuna but not too close for personal space reasons. She unwrapped the cloth and took out the two bento boxes. She placed the top one next to the other. She opened the bottom one to show a bunch of onigiri's.

I looked at all of them they were all cute and perfect. Nothing made those onigiri's out of place. I took the tuna onigiri and started eating it. Tsuna took the rib onigiri and Chrome took the fish onigiri. I started eating in silence not even bothering to join the conversation between the two.

"You know I'm going to be teaching you how to make these." Tsuna said as he took another rib onigiri.

"Interesting." I muttered and just kept eating my onigiri. I stopped and took a rib one and started eating it. Chrome's cooking is amazing. I have never tasted anything with so much flavor and the rice is so tasty and not salty at all. I would never tell them though.

"I can come and help you if you want." Chrome offered as she only took one bite of the onigiri. I looked at her quickly and almost crushed the rice ball in my hand with my grip. I only chewed on it trying to keep my mouth full for I don't say anything bad.

"Great idea Chrome. Well, that is if your not busy?" Tsuna said and I looked at him. I can't believe I'm sitting here and listening to this bull shit.

"I'll just clear my day and I'll be here!" She sang out and took a bite out of the fish onigiri. Oh how I wish that would go down her pretty little throat and just chocked her.

"Then it's settle." Tsuna said with a smile on his face but the look in his eyes almost said help me. I took another onigiri trying to keep my mouth full. Just because I don't wanna say anything mean to this female dog.

Then someones phone began to ring. Chrome quickly took it out and answered it. I only heard her disappointed voice but then I heard a hint of happiness. I looked over at Tsuna to see if he heard the emotions in her voice. But he didn't cause the idiot I have as a sensei was too into the onigiri. I mentally sighed and just kept eating. I'll bring that up some other time.

" I'm sorry guys I have to go. I guess a chief can never be gone for a while before all hell breaks lose at the kitchen." She smiled and picked up her bag.

"Just make sure to bring those bento boxes back home. Bye bye Tsuna and it was wonderful meeting you K-"

"Hibari." I corrected her before she could even say my first name.

"It was wonderful meeting you Hibari." She smiled and left quickly. I saw a big smile on her face as if she's going to meet someone then handle something happening in a kitchen.

"So K-"

" You're a fucking liar!" I yelled and threw the onigiri I been holding on to. It landed on his face but he quickly took the back of his hand to clean it off. While I on the other hand stood up ready to hit this bastard.

"I'm not a liar Kyoya!" He yelled back and stood up looking at me in the face. I just want to hit him so bad right now.

"The who the fuck is that!" I yelled out holding back the tears and hurtful words I want to say to him. He looked at me then looked away.

"I can't believe! I love you! I gave you my first kiss!" I shouted more things that I knew would make him regret doing those things to me. I stood my ground and looked at him in the eyes. Seeing pain and hurt in his face and in his eyes as well.

"I can't believe this bull shit!" I yelled again and ran like hell out of the classroom. I don't care if he's chasing after me or just in the classroom thinking about a perfect lie.

I ran so far and fast that the next think I knew I was standing in front of a sakura tree. I looked around and saw that I was inside a park. I turn around and my back touched the tree soon I started laying on it then I was sliding down from it. My tooshie hit the floor as I looked ahead of me. I couldn't believe all this is happening in my teenage life.

'Why couldn't he at least say she was his sister.' I placed my feet up near my chest as I wrapped my legs around them and started crying as the sakura blossoms started falling from the tree.


Tell me what you think. I know these few chapters have been happy moments then sad moments but I can't control what I feel so I take it out on my stories. Once I'm feeling happy again I can finally think about a proper and well fitting ending for this story. So far I only have a weird twisted ending but I don't want to make this story sad. Tell me your ideas about what Chrome is doing and what should I do for an ending.