I am half-way finished with the story and hope to post a chapter every other day. Just finishing the editing and making sure it all fits together and makes sense. This is my first attempt at fanfiction. Please let me know what you think.

"Get out I don't want to see you again until we're done with this case."

McGee's shoulders slumped and he wished he could drop into a hole. He had just messed up a second case in roughly a one week. He was seriously off his game and he couldn't blame Gibbs for being furious. He was pretty sure Abby wanted to kill him, and that was still over the last mistake.

"Wh-where do you want me to go?" McGee stammered.

"Go home before you mess up again." Gibbs snapped without looking up.

McGee didn't move he was too shocked. Gibbs looked up and stared at him. "Are you waiting for an escort out McGee?"

"No-no boss. " Since he was already in this deep he may as well ask. "Can I come back Monday?"

"Someone will let you know when the case is over and you can set foot in this office again."

Tim winced, if they let him back was what it sounded like. He had no choice though; he started to gather his things. He risked a look at Tony and Ziva. Tony was careful not to look at him. Ziva glanced up, but her face was so full of fury he wished he hadn't seen it at all. He walked to the elevator and pushed the button.

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