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Dick had just started learning to ride a bike, he could ride a short distance with out Bruce's help but when he started to tilt Bruce always had to run over and catch him in time. One day Bruce had to come home from work late and Alfred was busy making dinner, and Dick, who was too young to stay patient for too long had decide he could ride his bike by himself.

He had ran out the front door and to the bike leaning against the garage. He put on his helmet and slowly got on the bike. He carefully started pedaling and began to ride faster. He then realized he never was on his bike long enough to learn how to stop! He started to panic and found himself flying off the bike and getting scraped up. He felt hot tears slide down his face when he saw his injuries, he then felt warm arms wrap around him and gently take him into the house. He looked up to see Bruce, who set him down on the counter in the bathroom and looked at his cuts. He then washed and bandaged them. Picking up Dick again he walked into the dining room.

"So you tried to ride your bike without help" Bruce said.

"Yeah, I just thought I could finally ride it, I've been practicing for weeks!" Dick said aggravated about the subject.

"Patience is a virtue, Dick, but you'll learn!" Bruce said with a smile.

'I told him to wait for my signal, why didn't he listen; ugh this is all my fault in some way I just know it!' Bruce thought over and over to himself as he drove his 13 year old 'son' to the emergency room. The scene of the building that was blown up with Robin still inside played on in his mind, Robin now Dick was unconscious and injured.

'I should have never let him go on this mission, it was too dangerouse, the place was rigged with bombs, stupid!' Bruce thought as he waited, tired, in the waiting room; Dick had been in surgery for 3 hours now. Bruce was just thinking over all this when the doctor came in.

"He will be alright; you may see him if you like." The doctor offered.

Bruce walked in and saw Dick heavily bandaged. He looked horrible, but Bruce still slowly walked over to his bed side and sat down in a chair next to him. He gently held his hand in his own and felt tears coming to his eyes. He closed them and looked away; he couldn't look at his 'son'.

"B-bruce" a weak voice came.

Turning around Bruce saw Dick looking at him with his blue eyes.

"Yes?" Bruce said, his voice cracking a bit.

"I love you, dad." Dick said, trying to get up so he could hug Bruce. Seeing this Bruce leaned over and hugged Dick close.

"I love you too, son."

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