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READ MEETING THE CULLENS FIRST. But if you don't wanna, here's just about what happens:

So Rose is Bella's cousin. Rose, the Doctor, and their children, Vera and Henry go to visit them. Bella has to tell Rose and the Doctor about vampires and then the same about aliens. So then Seth imprints on Vera. They start dating. Blah, blah, blah. The Doctor gets abducted by the Weeping Angels. Rose gets him back. Rose finds out she's pregnant. They leave and promise to come back 15 years later.

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Chapter 1

15 years later

Vera's POV

"Come on, Vera! Wake up!" I woke up to my mum, Rose, screaming and banging her fist on my door. Apparently she had something to share with me.

"Alright, alright! I'm up!" I yelled back to her, rubbing my eyes.

"And make sure you wake up Seth too!" She added as I heard her walk away. Guess it's time to wake up Seth. I leaned over to the nightstand next to my bed, grabbing the bull horn sittin' there. I put it up to my mouth and screamed into it.

"WHAT!" Seth yelled as he shot up out of bed.

"My mum wants us to get up," I told him, laughing at his confused expression and rumpled hair. Oh yeah, did I mention that 'bout 13 years ago, Seth and I got married? We have a son too. His name is Stephen. (I know that's like the most blank name ever, but I was staring into space for like 5 min trying to think of a name) He turned 12 just last week.

Then there's Mum and Dad. Mum had the baby 5 months after we left the Cullen's. It was a girl, little Veronica. We call her Ronnie for short. She is 15 years old. She's a lot like Mum: blonde hair with bits of brown and hazel eyes. But she rambles on a lot like Dad.

I got up out of bed and headed towards our closet. After I picked out some clothes and put them on, I turned 'round to see that Seth was already changed and waiting for me.

Seth held out his arm, bending it towards me and bowing like a gentleman. I put my arm through his and off we went, down the corridor and out to the console room. Mum and Dad were discussing something, as were Ronnie, Henry, and Stevey (our nickname for Stephen).

Seth cleared his thought. "Mornin', everyone. So what did you want us for?" I asked, yawning.

"Oh," Mum smiled, "Well, do you remember when we visited my cousin Bella and the Cullens?"

I pointed meaningfully at Seth. Did she really think I'd forget where I met my husband? She frowned before continuing. "I suppose you wouldn't forget… Anyway, it's been exactly fifteen years, and I promised them we'd stop by to visit now."

Mixed emotions whirled around inside my head. On one hand, I was a little bit excited to see my friend Rosalie again. But there was so much danger there, with the vampires, the Weeping Angels, and, well, the wolves. Seth had good self-control, but there were some in his pack who were quick to leap into battle. I wasn't concerned about my own safety, but my son's. He was still young for me to be sending him into more danger than he needed to be in.

"Mum, do we really need to go back now?" I asked, "After all this is a time machine, and we're all immortal, so it's not like they'll know the difference. I just don't want to be putting Stevey in danger."

"What? What?" asked a very confused Ronnie. Yeah, she must be. She wasn't even born last time we were there.

"Wait, what? Who are the Cullens?" asked my son, a familiar look of frustration on his face.

"Well, son, when I first met your mother, I was living in a reservation just outside of a small town called Forks. I belonged to a pack of werewolves, and one of the guys' best friend Bella was dating a vampire, and-" Seth began to explain but was cut off by Ronnie.

"She dated a vampire?" She repeated, disgusted. Well, yeah who would want to date a vampire?

"Well, the vampires only drank animal blood 'cause they wanted to be good," I amended, "But anyway, she married one of them and became one. It turns out Bella was Mum's cousin. So we visited them," I looked at Mum, letting her know she could finish the story.

"And some…interesting things happened. Well they found out about the whole alien thing and we found out they were vampires. We also had a run in with the Weeping Angels and Seth imprinted on Vera. And I also found out I was pregnant with you, Ronnie." Mum said, beaming.

"And you and your pack almost killed the Tardis!" Dad added, shooting a glare at Seth. Wow, the man sure can hold a grudge.

"Cool," was all that Ronnie said.


*Torchwood 2, Forks* (I know it's really were the Racnoss and Donna and the Doctor thing happens but I found that out only after I came up with the idea)

Elisibeth Horman, known as Lizzy, was working on her computer, doing some alien techie thing, as she was the techno person for her work: Torchwood 2, Forks. It was a smaller organization since Forks was a small town. Nothing really happened in Forks though. Maybe there was a bit of strange activity around Seattle, there were all those killings, but that was around 17 years ago. The team had suggested aliens, but they were nowhere to be found.

There were five team members: The leader, Jason Stevens, he was…was a flirt. The medic was Dr. Brianna Stean, or Bree, everyone called her Bree. Bree was dating Jason and she was a joker, a big fan of sarcasm. Then the… not really anything…the one that just does whatever, Allison Ockerward, or Allie. (Like Gwen Cooper. She doesn't really have a position) Then the coffee boy-there always has to be a coffee boy-Link Jenkens. He was a good looking man, but felt left out of a lot. But the good thing was that he was dating Allie.

Jason didn't really approve of all the dating, but then again, what does he know? Besides, he's dating Bree.

But out of know where, an alarm in the Hub went off.

"What's happening? What's going on? Lizzy, tell me!" Jason yelled and he ran over to the computer, where Lizzy was working.

"There's an alien breaking into the Hub!" she shouted back, frantically tapping on the keys, trying to find more information on their intruder.

"Lizzy, Bree, Link, and Allie, arm yourselves!" Jason ordered.

"Liz, do you know what it is?" they asked her.

"No, it's nothing we've ever encountered before! It's huge and green. It has these giant claws and black eyes. There were two," she anxiously informed the whole team, who were getting their own hand guns out and getting ready to shoot at the door.

The door fell down and in came two hulking green creatures.

"Who are you? I demand you tell us right now!" Jason yelled at them, preparing to shoot.

"We are, the Slitheen," the larger of the two said in a metallic voice.

"What do you want, Slitheen?" Jack asked.

"We want…" It explained how it wanted to take over the Earth to gain a huge profit, and how its family had kicked them out of… Raxacoricofallapatorius.

It took a swipe at Allie after she shot at it. Immediately Bree ran over to Allie after she collapsed and started treating her.

Both the Slitheen started rampaging around the Hub destroying everything. The team was shooting at it and thinking of what to do when Lizzy had an idea. She hid from the Slitheen and took out her mobile. She dialed the familiar number and held it up to her ear.

He answered on the second ring.

"Captain Jack Harkness?" she sighed in relief when she heard his voice.

"Yeah, hi, it's Lizzy Horman from Torchwood 2." He asked her if she had finally decided to go out with him.

"In your dreams. Yeah, we have a problem."

"The Slitheen are attacking our Hub in Forks and I don't think we're gonna make it on our own." He agreed to come with backup.

"See ya then. Thanks, bye." She snapped the phone shut, jumping back into action.

"What'd you do?" Yelled Bree from across the room.

"I called Jack Harkess. Torchwood 3 are on their way here."

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