"Finn," she smiled as she opened the door, looking a little skeptically at the huge bag slung over his shoulder. "Did you just come from practice?"

He ran his fingers through his hair, glancing down at his bag as if he just remembered it was there. "Uhhh, yeah," he smiled down at her, leaving his bag by the door before placing a quick kiss on her cheek.

She smiled as well, leading him into the living room. "I didn't know you had practice on Saturdays." He scratched his head again, saying nothing as they sat down on the couch. "Anyway, how was the rest of your week?" she asked brightly as she snuggled up against him.

"Same since we talked last night," he laughed a little, glancing around the room and wondering how he could move the furniture. "You should probably change," he noted, poking at her skirt with a finger.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" she frowned, looking down at her pale pink blouse and floral print skirt.

"Nothing. You're just dressed like you're going somewhere. Are you...going somewhere?"

"Of course not, silly," she assured him, kissing the tip of his nose. "You know I always dress like this..." she raised her eyebrow as she looked at him curiously.

He shifted nervously as he played with her fingers. "Well I just want you to be comfortable around me."

She let out a sigh, looking down at their hands. "Well if it makes you more comfortable I guess I'll go change," she told him, giving him a small small as she ruffled his hair.

"You should," he blurted, a little too eagerly. "You know, whatever you wear at night...to be comfortable," he corrected himself as her eyes widened. "And I can wait down here. Obviously," he rambled as he felt his cheeks redden.

"You're so silly," she sighed, but she stood, giving him a lingering smile as she disappeared down the hall.

"Take your time," he called after her, jumping up from the couch as he kicked off his shoes. Starting with the coffee table, he began moving all her furniture against the walls, careful not to scrape the paint or scratch any wood. It took a few seconds for the couch to budge, and he wondered what he would say if she walked in at that moment. Rushing over to the door, he unzipped his giant duffel, pulling out the unopened box and wondering if he should have paid more attention in boy scouts.

Emma stepped into her closet, chewing on her lip as she glanced at the rows of clothes, a little unsure what Finn was getting at. She put on her only pair of sweatpants and t-shirt, feeling a little self conscious as she stepped into the living room, still looking down at her unlikely attire. "You're lucky, these are the only pair of sweatpan-" she stopped short as her eyes fell on a tent set up in the middle of her living room, her jaw dropping open as she glanced over at Finn.

"Okay, don't...panic," he held out his arms, suddenly regretting his plan when he saw her expression. "I got it for my twelfth birthday and never used it...so it's brand new, clean, never been outside on the ground or anything," he smiled weakly. "I don't even have to stay. You just said...you just said you'd never been camping and I thought that was a shame."

Her heart melted a little from his sweetness, and she dared a smile as she curiously approached the tent, poking her head inside the flap.

"I can move everything back," he offered, still feeling a little nervous as he watched her.

"It's okay," she told him, giggling a little as she stepped inside, the bottom of the tent crunching beneath her feet. "Well are you coming in or not?" she laughed as she sat down on one of the sleeping bags Finn had placed inside.

"Hold on," he smiled, running back into her bedroom and grabbing all of her pillows off the bed.

"This makes the experience so authentic," she laughed again, peeking out from behind one of her pillows as he stepped inside.

"Yeah," he laughed, sitting cross-legged across from her. "Only with electricity and plumbing."

She scooted closer to him, pushing away a mountain of pillows so she could cuddle up against him. "This is kind of fun," she admitted.

"Yeah, sorry," he frowned. "I guess I should have brought some camping activities or something. I'm not a pro at this."

"We could tell scary stories," she suggested.

"We could," he nodded, reaching over to zip up the tent flap. "But you should probably get in your sleeping bag first in case you need to hide or something."

She giggled again, slipping into the sleeping bag, letting out a small gasp when something furry brushed against her leg. She reached beneath the zipper, pulling out a stuffed grey squirrel. "Finn!" she shrieked, tossing the stuffed animal across the tent.

"What? Hey, you're gonna hurt him," he laughed, reaching over to pick up the squirrel.

"It just startled me," she said quietly, as Finn held the harmless toy.

"I'm sorry. I thought it was funny," he frowned, setting it next to her head on the pillow.

She patted its head, looking up a Finn. "You just might need to hold me tonight when I have bad dreams," she teased him.

"Oh...no," he shook his head at the floor, blushing a little. "I'm not staying. This is just for you."

She bit her lip, feeling a little embarrassed by her assumption. "You're gonna leave me all by myself in a dark tent?" she widened her eyes at him. "With that?" she pointed toward the stuffed squirrel.

"I guess I can't do that," Finn grinned. "And he can sleep in the trunk of my car or something, so don't worry."

"Good, I wouldn't want to wake up with a squirrel on my face," she laughed, smiling up at him.

"Sure...just um, hold on for a second," he started to stand, his head hitting the top of the tent awkward as he crouched over and unzipped the flap. "I'll be right back." Grabbing the squirrel, he stepped out into the living room. "Do you...um, need anything before you go to sleep?"

She shook her head, snuggling deeper into the sleeping bag. "Hurry back."

He looked around the room nervously for a few seconds, waiting for his head to stop spinning from the realization of what he thought was happening and his best guess at what she thought was going to happen. Sleep, his mind corrected his outlandish thoughts. Sleep is what's going to happen. Don't be such a perv.

Dropping the stuffed squirrel, he stepped over to the wall and flipped off the light switch, debating for a few seconds before before he unzipped his jeans, stepping out of them as silently as possible and draping them over the back of the couch in the dark. Starting to lift his t-shirt over his head, he decided that was too much, so he tugged it down again and walked over to climb into the tent.

"Where are you?" he asked, not realizing how dark it would be inside. "I don't want to step on your head."

"I'm right here," she whispered, wiggling a little a he found his way to his own sleeping bag.

"You don't have to whisper," he whispered back, grinning in the dark as grabbed a stray pillow and climbed into his sleeping bag. "Nobody can hear us."

"Alright," she yelled, laughing a little as he situated himself. "I'll be loud then."

"I'm right here," she whispered, wiggling a little a he found his way to his own sleeping bag.

"You don't have to whisper," he whispered back, grinning in the dark as grabbed a stray pillow and climbed into his sleeping bag. "Nobody can hear us."

"Alright," she yelled, laughing a little as he situated himself. "I'll be loud then."

"Thanks, that was right in my ear," he groaned, reaching blindly in front of him until his palm landed on her face, feeling out her features as though he were blind. "Oh hi, there you are."

She lowered his hand away from her face, kissing his fingers gently before lacing her fingers through his and scooting closer to him.

"So I probably should have waited a little longer to set this up..." he apologized, feeling his heart pound from nerves as he felt her move closer to him. "It's only 8:30 on a Saturday and I doubt you go to bed at 8:30 on a Saturday unless you're sick or something," he rambled, "and now we have nothing to do..."

"It's fine, Finn." She reached for his face, meaning to kiss his cheek, but her lips landed on his mouth instead. She pulled away after a moment. "It's perfect."

"Perfect until it caves in on us in the middle of the night," he mumbled, his own lips scavenging for hers and finding her chin instead. "The directions were too confusing so I improvised," he smiled as his hand settled on her hip through the material of her sleep bag, gently tugging her a little closer as they settled into a few tentative kisses, slow and warm.

"Well, that will certainly be a mood killer," she laughed against his lips, wiggling in the confines of her sleeping bag. "So I guess we'd better make the best of our time."

"Agreed," Finn muttered, planting soft kisses down her neck. He wondered if she could feel his hands shaking as his fingers trailed down her smooth arms, and he grinned a little at the goosebumps he left behind.

"Perfect..." she muttered again, scooting closer, realizing how ridiculous it was to try to move while still in her sleeping bag.

"You're perfect," he announced, pulling her even tighter against him, feeling a little emboldened by the fact that his sleeping bag hid his body's reaction to their increasingly urgent kisses.

She tried to move closer to him, but the material of her sleeping bag slid against his. She felt like a caterpillar in a cartoon, her movements limited as she squirmed. "Oh forget this," she sighed, a little frustrated as she unzipped her sleeping bag, wriggling on top of his stomach and relishing the freedom of her legs as she straddled his stomach, resting her head against his chest as she smiled, snuggling up against him.

"Um, hi there," he blinked, running his fingers over the back of her head protectively as she squirmed to make herself comfortable on top of him. "What are you doing?"

"Well, right now I'm about to kiss you again," she blushed a little, glad he couldn't see in the darkness. She brought her lips back to his, kissing him a little more enthusiastically than before.

He wasn't sure whether it was her words or the motion of her tongue that kept his brain from being able to come up with a coherent answer for her. Or kept his hands from behaving as they slid south, learning the curves of her body as they moved past her hips and toward her butt.

"Mhmm, Finn," she moaned, instinctively beginning to move her hips against his . She kissed along the edge of his jaw before returning to his lips, moving her body more urgently against his.

Finn squeezed his eyes shut tighter, trying to bulldoze a couple postal employees in his head as his hands groped blindly for the zipper to the sleeping bag. "Get in," he panted. "Get in now."

She didn't protest, realizing for the first time that he wasn't wearing pants as she positioned herself back on top of him, kicking her own pants off which had already slid halfway down her thighs.

He didn't bother to zip the sleeping bag back up. It already felt like a hundred degrees in the small, black space as she climbed back on to him, their chests rising and falling against each other silently as his hands slid up inside the back of her t-shirt and the dizzying progress of the last few minutes started to feel a little overwhelming to him.

She shivered a little, pulling her lips away from his for a moment as she caught her breath, her head spinning a little as she tried to register exactly what was taking place. His hands were already under her shirt, one caressing the side of her stomach while the other danced dangerously close to the hinge of her bra. She closed her eyes, trying to calm her rapid breathing.

"Are you okay?" he asked, very softly, his palm falling flat against her back as he felt her shake just the slightest bit. He craned his neck up a little, kissing her forehead as she hovered over him.

She nodded against his chest, letting his lips find hers once again. She gently pushed his hand away from her bra, not quite ready to handle that.

He frowned a little at her motions, tugging his lips away from her kisses, which suddenly tasted unfamiliar and almost desperate. 'I'm sorry,' he swallowed, pulling his hands out from underneath her shirt. 'I'm really sorry.'

"No, don't be sorry, Finn," she gulped, suddenly feeling vulnerable and self conscious. "It's just...it's just that sometimes I have to take these kind of things, you know, sort of slowly..." she tucked her head beneath his chin, feeling her cheeks turn red.

"No, that's not what I mean," he offered. "I mean I'm sorry for all this. I don't want you to think that I planned this and stuff...thinking that you'd...that's we'd..." he struggled to find the appropriate words as he let his arms fall to his sides. "This is not camping."

"No, no, of course not...I didn't assume...that," she quickly assured him. "And I know you didn't either." She took a breath. She let her body relax against his, closing her eyes. "I just like being here with you."

"I like you being with me too," he said, gulping a little as he shifted underneath her. "But I think you need to be here with me with pants on...right now, at least. If you don't mind."

She pulled away from him, her bare legs brushing against his as she fumbled for her pants, tugging them back up to her waist. "Sorry about..." she muttered. "It just got really hot really fast..." she blindly felt around the tent, trying to find her discarded sleeping bag.

"Yes, yes it did," he nodded, reaching down to unzip the rest of his sleeping bag and spreading it out with his feet. "Hey, where are you going?" he reached around blindly until his fingers found her ankle and tugged her back playfully towards him.

"I think..." he kissed her quickly, scooting his head back a little to give her more room on the pillow. "I can control myself. As long as you don't, you know...climb on top of me or anything," he grinned, looping an arm underneath her.

"I think I can manage to restrain myself," she giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You just have to be good too."

"I'm always good. I didn't even want to stay until you seduced me," he argued between kisses.

She bit gently at his lower lip. "So this is all my fault now?"

"Sort of," he smiled, reaching over to grab her sleeping bag and draping it over both of them. "You seduced me by changing into your sexy clothes. I really didn't stand a chance."

"Sexy?" she said doubtfully. "I wear less clothing to school," she laughed, kissing his neck lightly.

"Exactly. Which is how we got here in the first place," he stared up in the dark as his hands slid around her stomach. "Well not here, like, in-a-tent here. You know what I mean."

"Oh? So you only want me for my looks?" she teased him.

"I only want you because you're the only person I want to talk to when I lie down at night," he answered truthfully as his fingers circled a small patch of her skin.

"I could talk to you for hours," she smiled up at him, pecking his nose lightly.

"What do you want to talk about?"

She shrugged in the darkness, opening her mouth to speak when suddenly the roof of the tent caved in.

"Finn!" she shrieked.

"We could talk about how camping is overrated," he suggested as he reached in the dark to unzip their escape.