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Elena felt entirely too uncomfortable seated between Damon and his father at the luxurious dinner table. Since it was inappropriate for her to be seated next to her future husband, Stefan had been appropriately placed on the opposite side of the table seated between her mother and maid of honor, Caroline.

She hadn't been able to look him in the eye once since he and his father had arrived. Partly because of the anger she felt towards his pretending to be interested in her and partly because she felt ashamed for the actions she had partaken in with his brother.

She could feel the static pull from being seated so close to Damon and all throughout dinner she had experienced sudden hot flashes. It felt like everything reminded her of their moment upstairs and the relentless need she had to continue it. The warmth of the potatoes as she took a bite reminded her of the heat from his incredibly skilled tongue. The brown liquid that poured from the gravy boat reminded her of the wet release she had experienced only an hour ago. Even the feel of her damn napkin against the fabric of her dress on her thighs reminded her of the way Damon had so easily removed it from her body.

Once dinner had been discarded from the table, Elena found the perfect opportunity to speak to Stefan alone. She couldn't handle being so close to Damon and the minutes in between the dinner and dessert courses offered her the much needed space her body obviously required from his presence.

Elena finally locked eyes with Stefan for the first time throughout the evening and whispered, "Can I speak to you in the study for a moment?"

Stefan shot her a concerned glance, but otherwise nodded his head. He announced that they would return shortly before lifting himself from his seat. Elena followed his move and although she made no eye contact, she felt Damon's watchful eyes as she followed Stefan out of the room.

Damon waited until he was sure the pair were out of hearing distance before announcing to the remaining company, "Please excuse me a moment."

He raised himself from his seat and quickly walked in the same direction he had seen the pair headed. He reached the outside of the study before he heard Elena demand, "I need you to be honest with me. Do you want this? Because if you don't, I'm giving you an out. Right now."

Damon listened impatiently for any response from Stephan, but heard none. Silence filled the air and he desperately wished that he could see the unspoken interaction between the two. Although he wanted the woman standing inside of that room, his brother's happiness was also important to him. Not nearly important enough for him to revoke his previous proposal, but enough that he pleaded his general assumptions about his brother's interest in the girl had been correct.

Damon inched forward, careful not to let himself edge past the molding of the doorframe as Elena's voice rang loud and clear. "I want to marry Damon tomorrow."

The simple statement had sent an explosion of satisfaction coursing through his veins and Damon felt himself smiling from ear to ear. Still, his brother had yet to respond.

Stefan's voice finally filled the air as he replied, ""Damon was always the ladies' man, but I'm actually a little surprised he got to you so quickly. It's been an hour and you've already fallen under his spell."

Damon had to contain the chuckle that nearly escaped through his lips, but it was Elena who spoke the reason why. "Actually, tonight's not the first time I've met your brother. We have a bit of a history."

Apparently Stefan had been just as shocked to hear her honesty as Damon was because he stated, "Well that was certainly unexpected."

Damon listened to the sweet sound of Elena's voice as she guiltily attempted to evoke the truth from his brother. "I'm sorry Stefan, but can you honestly tell me that you're upset?

He heard Stefan's loud sigh before he finally answered, "No. Don't get me wrong, you're a beautiful girl and any man would be lucky to stand by your side, but that man just isn't me. My heart belongs to someone else and it has for quite some time."

Damon felt his anxiously tense body finally relax after hearing Stefan's response. He had received both answers he had been waiting for and both had been in his favor. How was it possible that after months of torture, he had suddenly found himself obtaining everything?

With eyebrows raised and an unbelievable grin plastered across his face, Damon shook his head at the insane notion that he was about to get everything he never knew he wanted.

As he turned around and headed back to the table for desert he heard Elena begin to explain the details for tomorrow morning to Stefan and didn't pause to listen in. His part in tomorrow's ceremony had suddenly shot up on the importance and responsibility ladder, but there wasn't much involved. He'd be waiting for her at the end of the isle and that was the only thing that really mattered at this point.

Elena made her way back to the group only to find Caroline slouched over the table with her boobs resting perfectly on top for Damon to have an optimum view. Although she hadn't told Damon that she had picked him, the decision had been made and the ridiculous attempt to swoon her leading man by her best friend evoked a territorial fury surging from within.

Her lifetime friend was the epitome of an easy lay, and as she threw herself at the man Elena intended to marry, she felt like reaching across the table and slapping the bitch. But Elena instead held her composure like the perfect princess she was.

As she gracefully took her seat, Caroline extended her arm across the table to place her hand on top of Damon's and asked, "So do you work for your father like Stefan?"

But it was Damon's father, Giuseppe, who answered. There was a slightly pointed undertone as he responded, "I'm afraid not. Damon burned that bridge a long time ago."

Elena was entirely too relieved that her parents had stepped away from the room a few moments beforehand because the silence that now filled the atmosphere was deafening. The five remaining bodies in the room sat in an uncomfortable stand-still as Elena peered at Damon, out of the corner of her eye, only to find his had suddenly narrowed in irritation.

Caroline took notice of how serious the mood had become and she apologized. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that was a sore topic of discussion." She then smiled uncomfortably and scrunched her shoulders as she joked, "Just trying to make conversation."

Giuseppe waved his hand through the air and assured, "Oh don't worry yourself. It's not a sore topic at all and if you're interested in my son you'll probably want to hear it. I don't mind sharing the story." He then turned his attention towards Damon and Elena was sure she could see a threat behind the man's eyes as he asked, "Or would you like to tell her?"

Damon's eyes were as narrow as slits and behind them flames seemed to have ignited. But instead of the wrath Elena had been expecting, Damon kept his tone level and completely void of emotion as he responded, "I don't see why it needs to be spoken, but by all means go ahead. I'm sure your version is much more entertaining than mine."

The entire table appeared to be on pins and needles awaiting Giuseppe's explanation. As much as she hated to admit it, Elena found herself included in along with everyone else. Damon was charming and incredibly undeniable, but there was also a past he had hinted at that she was completely ignorant to. The same past that had formed this uncomfortable rift between father and son. Elena wasn't sure how terrible this past could be, but it had been enough to ruin what could have possibly, at one point, been a loving family environment. A past that could potentially have the same effect on their future loving family environment.

If Damon's father had noticed the same resistant tone Elena had, then he had completely ignored it. Giuseppe's voice was as chipper as could be as he started in, "Damon was actually the vice president of my company up until a few months back. He had been on the right track for success, until he lost focus of his goals. I gave him one assignment and he managed to fuck it up."

Stefan lifted his hand up to ease the tension as he objected, "Perhaps it's not really a great idea to get into this right now. You've had quite a few drinks and it's not exactly the prime opportunity to bring our family issues onto the table."

Giuseppe's expression relaxed as he let out a highly forced laugh. He then rubbed his eyes and agreed, "You're probably right. I'm sorry to have almost spoiled your special evening."

Elena had no idea what had just happened, but she found herself dumbfounded over the scene that had just acted out in front of her. Her eyebrows were still raised in utmost confusion when he parents returned with dessert.

The sudden outburst from Giuseppe had set the tone for the remainder of the dinner and although Elena's parents had attempted to re-establish conversation, their attempts had been feeble and unsuccessful.

As a maid removed Damon's untouched dessert from the table, he sat fuming on the inside and resisted every urge pushing him to curse his father right in front of their live audience. The release of anger would have been refreshing, but he knew it would gain him little respect from Elena.

She hadn't looked in his direction since the unexpected outburst and he was sure her mind was swirling with questions that he wasn't exactly prepared to answer, but he had no choice now. His father had royally fucked this situation up, and if there was still any hope in Elena accepting his proposal, he would have to make a drastic attempt to fix things.

As everyone stood from the table and said their goodbyes, Damon slipped into the same study where he had previously heard of the potential for his life to work out the way it was supposed to. It was incredibly ironic how one conversation had the power to change everything; the first for the positive, but the second for the negative.

Damon swiped a piece of paper and wrote a note for Elena. He then folded it twice over before concealing it in his palm. He made his way to the door, sliding past Caroline as she attempted to grab onto his shoulder, and finally found Elena saying her goodbyes. Once it was his turn, Damon took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips before stating, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Elena." As he brought her hand down, he transferred the note from his palm to hers and exited through the palace's front door.

Elena sat on her bed only two hours later contemplating her next action. She had waited until she was concealed in her room to open Damon's note. Written on the paper were two sentences informing her to: Meet me at the gate at 11. I promise to explain everything.

What had previously seemed like a fairytale, now seemed like a nightmare as she headed in the direction of the gate to meet her leading man who now seemed to be walking the fine line between her prince charming and the villain. As she reached the gate, he greeted her with that heart-wrenching smile of his and she found herself forgetting why she could possibly have any reservations about him.

But she immediately forced herself out from under the trance of his physical appeal. Their physical attraction was obviously not the problem, but there was more to spending the rest of your life with someone than just blissfully amazing sex. There needed to be substance and there needed to be truth. Something Elena was eager to receive from Damon whether he was ready for it or not.

Damon saw the pointed expression that covered Elena's face and knew he was in trouble. That single expression meant he was about to enter dangerous territory he wasn't equipped to handle. She clearly wanted to talk, but talking had suddenly become the last thing on his mind as soon as he caught sight of her.

She had greeted him with no make-up on and the vision immediately had him remembering their first encounter. The encounter that had completely altered his concept of women and marriage entirely. Strange how that had happened even though he had received nothing more than an untouched hard-on at the end of the night. But that was the shit this girl did to him.

With a devilish grin lingering on his lips, Damon was positive there was something he needed to get out of the way before the talking started. Something that would so overwhelmingly rock her world that even if she didn't understand his past, she wouldn't be able to resist accepting his proposal.

He lifted his hand and gripped onto one of the bars of the gate blocking his entrance into the castle and, more importantly, Elena. He cocked his head to the side as he playfully asked, "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

Elena waivered back and forth for a moment before calling the security guard over. "Please open the gate and let Damon Salvatore in."

The guard protested, but she easily countered with her kill-shot statement. "Father's been asleep for over an hour, but please feel free to wake him if you'd like."

It was common knowledge that unless the country was under attack, the king requested not to be interrupted during his nighttime hours. The security guard opened the gate as Damon walked towards her. He lowered his lips to her ear and suggested, "Perhaps it would be best if we could discuss this in your bedroom."

Ignoring her better judgment, Elena headed in the direction of her bedroom. Damon followed closely behind and shut the door when they had finally reached their destination. Without hesitating, he brought his lips crashing onto hers. The taste of his lips was entirely too delicious and Elena found herself lost in the moment. His tongue entered her more than willing mouth and quickly became intertwined with hers.

Damon's hand found the back of her neck as it made its way up to grip the lower strands of her free falling hair. With just a gentle pull, her lips were removed from his as her face lifted allowing him perfect access to the sweet spot on her neck. The warmth of his tongue as it made small circles along the sensitive skin sent tingles shooting all of the way down to her fingertips.

God this man sure knew how to turn her on. A low moan sounded from her lips and Elena felt the wetness from her lower region signifying how ready she was for the moment to progress. She felt the stiffness from his shaft rub along her inner thigh and almost released just from the contact.

Damon's hand pulled at the fabric of her dress tightening it around every bit of her overly sensitive skin and Elena found herself gripping onto his tuxedo jacket for control. Her legs were vibrating in anticipation when she finally found the strength to push him away.

A low hiss of protest came from Damon lips as he felt the chill that came with being removed from Elena's warm body. His hard shaft was straining against the fabric of his pants and the throbbing it produced was entirely too uncomfortable. He wanted to be inside of this girl now.

He laced his fingers around her arm and pulled her back into him, but she lifted her hands and pushed against his chest. Damon was exploding on the inside with sexual lust, but he wasn't the type to force himself onto a woman. After releasing a huff in frustration, he lowered his arms and stood perfectly still.

Seeing that she finally had the opportunity to speak without his temptation, Elena shot out through staggered breathes, "You've got to stop doing that."

"Doing what?" He asked with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

She shot him a heated looked before she explained, "Expecting me to give in just because it's your body doing the talking."

Damon wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her body against his. Confidence smoothed the sound of his voice as he refuted, "I only expect it because it's inevitable. We're going to have sex tonight whether it's now or after we talk, so why delay what we both want more?"

Elena tried to rationalize her reasoning for waiting, but found it incredibly difficult with his hard body pressed against her front. The last bit of her resisting will trickled out of her system as she shot a sideways glance at her bed. Somehow they had managed to locate themselves right at the base and it was just begging to be used. She let out a defeated sigh before muttering, "Fuck it."

A sly grin lifted Damon's lips upward as he corrected, "Fuck me."

Elena whispered, "Done." Before throwing him onto the bed and climbing on top. She roughly pressed her lips against his as she gave in to what she wanted. Vibrations pulsated at the base of her skin letting her know it was more than delighted in her surrender.

Damon grabbed onto the bottom hem of her dress and practically ripped it over her head before throwing it onto the floor. His hand gipped the side of her hips as he pushed himself against her center.

The pressure of his hard member, even through his pants, sent a wave of heat to her lower region and Elena knew that she required those damn pants off immediately. Sensing her desire, Damon whipped her around as they traded positions.

Elena quickly peeled off his jacket and shirt while Damon unbuckled his belt and removed his pants. He then crashed down on her with his incredibly luscious lips and Elena found her legs spreading in response.

Damon slid his hand down the side of her body leaving tingles where his fingertips made contact before finally gripping tightly onto her hip. In one swift movement, he pushed his member into her core and shivered at how tightly the slick walls encompassed him. He had figured she was a virgin, but he definitely hadn't prepared himself for this. She was so incredibly tight and she felt so fucking good that he wasn't sure how long he'd even be able to last inside of her.

Elena felt her body arch as Damon began to thrust inside of her. She tried to look up at the man who had such a hold over her lack of control, but failed as a surge of pleasure rode through her body. Her eyes rolled back in her head as a satisfied moan released from her lips.

She lifted her legs to wrap around Damon's body and felt him enter deeper inside of her. She rocked her hips in rhythm to his and bit the bottom of her lip as she rolled each pleasure-filled wave. The feel of him sliding along her inner walls was overpowering as she found herself starting to scream his name in ecstasy.

Their bodies synched as their rhythm increased and Elena felt the sudden tremble from her lifted legs signifying just how close she was to release. The overwhelming pressure was building entirely too fast and she wasn't nearly ready for it to end. With all of her strength, she pushed back what she knew was seconds from coming and continued to ride the god that had made his way into her bed.

Damon repeatedly slammed his cervix against her and groaned as he once again slid against her tightened inner walls. He wrapped his arms around her back and up over her shoulders forcing himself deeper into her core. With each elongated pull, he kept her body from slipping too far away before locking himself back inside. The electrifying screams from Elena only heightened his sexual high and he felt himself reaching the edge.

Elena dug her nails into Damon's back as her legs tightened around him. She arched her back and pushed herself against him as the pleasure reached its breaking point. Her entire body shattered under the effect of her climax as Damon continued to move in and out.

Damon didn't think it was possible, but Elena's walls became even tighter around his shaft and he quickly reached the same climatic release she had. His body erupted and he shuddered as his eyes closed from the overwhelming surge of pleasure.

Once the high had leveled to a purely satisfying numbing state, Damon lowered his lips to delicately press against Elena's. He repeated the action twice before removing himself and rolling beside her.

Elena smiled watching as Damon raised his hands and placed them behind his head. His toned chest shimmered in sweat and her previously satisfied body suddenly had the craving for more. Pushing back her second burst of desire, Elena rolled over and propped her head onto her hand. She penetrated into him with her doe eyes as she asked, "So what did you do in your past that's so terrible you had to distract me with sex first?"

Damon turned his head to face her direction and admitted, "Honestly it wasn't a distraction. I just couldn't deal with waiting any longer."

She was all too familiar with that feeling. "But still, what did you do that has your father in such a disapproving manner?"

Damon let out a large sigh before he answered, "My father wanted me to seduce the daughter of his business competitor in order to gain information about their company. So I wined and dined her and we ended up in my apartment. I let her stay the night, but when I awoke the next morning she was nowhere to be found. Apparently she had the same motive and played the game better because she stole documents revealing our next quarters marketing plan from my home office. My father didn't take well to the news and fired me on the spot."

An unbelievable look masked Elena's face as she expressed, "Your father's behavior seems a little over-dramatic."

Damon rolled his eyes and let out a soft laugh before he countered, "Oh it gets worse. As you can imagine I was infuriated with him. After he fired me, I headed straight for the bar around the corner and got insanely plastered. Then I dragged my sorry drunken ass up to his conference room and interrupted his meeting with one of our most important clients. It wasn't exactly my finest moment, but I honestly don't regret it. Screaming at my father was entirely too satisfying a moment to ever regret, although it probably would have felt better afterwards if I had executed it in the privacy of his own office."

There was a moment of reflection in Damon's expression before he added, "The following month or so was spent drowning my sorrows in alcohol, but I've gotten past it. As you can see, my father hasn't."

Elena's expression was unreadable as she questioned, "And that's why your father still holds a grudge?"

Un-easiness caused Damon's lips to slide into a tight smile as he muttered, "Precisely."

To his surprise, Elena began to laugh hysterically. Was she seriously laughing at him? Damon stared back at her with a completely confused expression on his face as he anxiously waited for her hysterics to subside.

Through softening giggles, Elena held up her hand and apologized, "I'm sorry. It's just that I figured it would have been something much worse than that. Your father really is a piece of work. You're his son and he's practically banished you from his life because you failed in a business mission."

Damon could understand how the idea could be preposterous to an outsider, but he was all too familiar with his father. Apparently the same act that seemed natural to him after growing up with the man was merely a mistake on the average person's radar.

Relief was a sweet sensation as he watched the girl's continuous laughter. His father had brought up the mistake so many times that Damon had actually found himself ashamed of his actions, but Elena could have cared less. And more importantly, Damon hoped that meant she was still inclined to accept his proposal.

Damon rolled off of the bed and searched the floor for his pants. After locating them, he dug into his pocket and retrieved the black box he had purchased only an hour beforehand. He rubbed the luscious leather with his fingers as he knelt beside the bed and offered the box to Elena.

Her eyes went wide as she took in the leather box and Elena immediately assumed what was contained inside. He hadn't even opened the box when Damon started, "I overheard your conversation with Stefan this evening and it's led me to believe this is something you want."

With the box still unopened, Elena found herself interrupting, "You spied on me?"

His head cocked to the side as his all too familiar smile positioned itself on his face. "Oh don't get your panties in a bunch. I did it out of genuine interest in our future."

She rolled her eyes and was about to speak again when Damon continued, "Now that you've heard the worst of my past…" He opened the box to reveal a glimmering princess cut engagement ring and asked, "Will you marry me tomorrow?"

Elena couldn't remove her attention from the sparkle of the ring. The one on her finger was entirely too big and often felt like a weight, but the one in the box was amazing. Its simple cut and perfectly sized 1.5 carrot stone was completely her style and the ring was just begging to be slid onto her finger. It was incredible to believe that after only spending two evenings together, Damon somehow knew her taste more than Stefan did.

She finally lifted her eyes from the diamond to gaze directly into Damon's. She felt her own smile as it tightened her cheeks and exclaimed, "Of course."

In one swift motion, Damon lifted himself from the floor, slid the ring onto her finger, and wrapped her up in his arms before crashing his lips against hers. He had only met this girl three weeks ago and they had spent a measly ten hours together at max, but somehow he knew that spending the rest of his life with Elena would be the best move he had ever made.

His lips were still pressed into hers, when Elena pulled away and stated, "I cannot wait to see the look on your father's face tomorrow when he realizes you're the one I'm marrying."

Damon had to laugh at her statement, but enjoyed the future image that shot through his mental vision. While tomorrow sure was going to bring him the satisfaction of knowing he had far surpassed all of his father's low expectations, it was his brother's news that was going to take the cake.

"That will be a sight to see, but I think Stefan is going to have me beat. You see, the girl from my mistake was named Katherine and I've been seeing her sneaking around quite a bit lately."

Elena narrowed her eyes not fully understanding what Damon was getting at and feeling entirely too territorial over the matter.

Damon chuckled to himself as he explained further, "While I've merely caught her sneaking around, it's Stefan that's been getting rather up-close and personal with the Katherine. I thought they were just friends, but it appears they're something more entirely."

Elena's eyes widened at the notion and she found herself once again in a state of hysterics. She fell back on the bed and closed her eyes gaining entirely too much satisfaction from the idea that Damon's father would not only have one kick in the gut tomorrow, but instead two. She hardly knew the man, but she knew enough to realize he wasn't a good person and deserved everything he got.

Elena's laughter finally subsided and as she opened her eyes, they were instantly met with Damon's. His faced hovered slightly above hers and the hunger in his eyes was almost blinding, but very much matched by her own.

As a sly grin slid across his lips, Damon asked in a seducing whisper, "Now that we've got that out of the way. Are you ready for round two?"

Damn straight she was, but this time was going to be on her terms. She reached her hand up to grip onto Damon's shoulder and brought her lips slightly against his as she whispered in response, "Absolutely. But this time I get to be on top." She then pushed him to the side taking her rightful place on top of his all too anxious throne.

The morning had gone exactly according to plan and Elena couldn't have been happier. As she heard the beginning of Canon in D, Elena turned the corner and placed her right foot at the beginning of the long isle. As she followed the trail that led her to her future king, Stefan's hazel eyes locked onto hers. She smiled her appropriate camera ready grin and nodded slightly before he took a step back and repositioned himself behind the ocean blue-eyed man of her future.

Their encounter had been unexpected, but exactly what she needed. Her entire life leading up until the moment had been predetermined and overwhelming, but for once she was making a decision for herself. She hardly knew Damon, but what did it really matter? He was smart, witty, unbelievably handsome, and her need for him was too overwhelming to try and resist. She had the rest of her life to get to know him so why couldn't she just relish this moment while accepting what they already had?

As Elena made her way down the aisle towards the anxiously awaiting man, she knew with complete certainty that this marriage would be the one that other couples only dreamed of. Happiness was only a few steps away and Elena knew that with every new day, Damon would continue to supply her with the same earth-shattering experiences she had been so desperately searching for beforehand. Her heartbeat quickened at the idea, but she found her heart swelling at the notion that this moment, even without physical interaction, had easily become one of those very same experiences.

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