The city moved.

It didn't pulse or beat, as most cities were described to do, it wasn't an organ in a body, wasn't a tide at sea forever ebbing and flowing. It was more a snake or rat, infested with mites and viruses and other microbial beings all working diligently to devour it even as they needed it to live. It squirmed and writhed and shifted in discomfort, and yes, it died.

And all that was good died with it, and the vermin infestation lived, and crawled over the corpse.

He woke in the dark, early morning hours, as was he habit. morning was slow, even the criminals slept and no respectable citizen, what was left of them, moved about at such times save the insomnia ridden midnight snackers and the night shift workers. the early morning risers ruled this time between day and night, the transition period. he shifted, as his city did, trying not to wake the body beside him. he was made of stealth and silence, but even he had a hard time slipping out of bed undetected. So he merely shifted, half rolled to get his phone from the nightstand, the soft glow alerting him of the messages he had ignored in favor of the mattress and oblivion.

Mat wanted him to be a chaperone on his next field trip, claiming "Mom the rule monster" wouldn't be any fun at the beach, and his friends thought he was seriously iced.

He'd talk to Mr. Wayne about it.

Speaking of, Bruce had sent him a message regarding Mad Stan's parole hearing next week, and that he'd spoken with Mat "since you were busy" and yes, he could survive a board meeting without a shadow for his dayjob.

He'd have to speak with the old man about monitoring his phone, the paranoid old bat.

Max got her detective shield, he was quick to send a congratulatory reply and a question of if this meant she was back on patrol. Since her reply was equally as fast he assumed that yes, Batgirl was back in business. he couldn't help but grin at her snarky message regarding Gordon and spent the next few minutes trading complaints about having the same boss and mentor in both their places of employment and in their vigilante activities.

The old man would have something to say about that when he read his text history in the morning, right to privacy much?

There was the old message again, the one from Dana. he stopped his scroll to glance open it and read it again, as he had done every morning. Shifting again, this time closer to the body beside him he wondered why he hadn't deleted it yet.

"Take care of the people who love you," and he had been so stupid to ride off that small bit of wisdom and bought the ring. Stupid to believe simply because she hadn't left after all his disappearances and canceled dates and excuses she'd have actually wanted him for good. why drag it on so long then? Guess they both just hadn't known how to end it. Flipping the phone closed again he turned his back on the apology and towards onyx eyes set into a face the color of strong coffee.

"If you're going to wake up, at least change your breathing. I was trying to be quiet for nothing." he whispered and sighed when a hand traced the curve of his shoulder.

"Instict, and I enjoy watching you, you make faces when you text, like your talking." lips brushed his, curving his mouth into a smile.

''I figured you'd have had enough of watching me without my knowing," he teased. "Such a Stalker."

A deep laugh was his reward and he felt the melancholy he woke to every morning lift. One day he might just roll out of bed happy. "Never," and he was swept under a mountain of muscle, his hands tracing the designs of tattoos and scars, "never" and that sensuous full lipped mouth was lowering to his and he said that name, that title again on a sigh.


He'd been out nearly three hours, which was a good length of sleep for him if one went by past records, but he felt rested and energized, and wanting. He pulled him closer, bit the shoulder his hand had settled on, swept his lips up that strong thick neck to the square jaw, felt the heavy weight settle on him. Their hands moved over each other, cupping, stroking, memorizing what was already known. He moaned, quivered when a big hand lifted his hips, when fingers opened him, filled him, teased him to pleasure. The shock of it had long since faded, he was comfortable with the feeling, the preparation. his trembling went to shudders, shivering into earth quakes within his body that quickened his breath.

Surrender was never something he'd thought he'd have given, even in bed, to anyone. but he was soft here, in this big bed with this man, he could relinquish control here, could feel here in a way he couldn't with anyone else. he wrapped his arms around that wide back when the hand disappeared, took a breath that hitched when he was filled, let it out in a sigh that became a name.

They watched eachother, moved together, breathed as one, owned one another.

He had started out as the ultimate prey, and maybe that had never changed. maybe it had just become a different way of capturing, of possessing, but this, this thing between them was more than simple pleasure, more than belonging, maybe even more than love. It was an understanding of sorts.

A need, for this, for eachother, for what they had together. take care of the people who love you she had said, and at the time he hadn't figured an enemy into the equation.

Guess thats where he and Wayne would always be different. He couldn't find the paths, the steps, the many different twists and turns in the road. He was still working on the detective aspect of his job, and so this had surprised him in a way few things could. But he didn't mind.

So like every morning he settled back, content, against the chest of his lover and scrolled through the news reports on his phone, sent his replys to a few emails from coworkers and Wayne-Powers and checked over his boss's schedule, confirming a meeting with Gordon on a homicide they worked last week, and checked his brothers progress report from the martial arts instructor Wayne had found for him.

After all, Batman needed a Robin.

Rin has a little crush on this pairing, and I have a lot of shorts for them. I pieced them together as best I could, but i think a few of those paragraphs belong to a different story.

Rin is of the opinion that Max was on her way to being Batgirl when the show went off air, and Mat would have made a great Robin one day. I never watched the show, but from what i hear, it fits.

Probably should have picked something other than bisclarvet to work on, since its proving to be harder than i origonally thought, so i'm doing a few shorts on the side. see you in a few days.