His back hit the wall with a painful scrape. It wasn't the worst he'd ever gotten, wasn't even the worst he'd had that night, he'd live with it, and he'd have said something about it too, if his lips weren't currently busy. He made a noise somewhere in his throat, but it didn't quite reach his kidnaped mouth. In his ear he heard the old man mumble something sarcastic sounding, then click off. Like he never got grabbed in his days, Terry had heard all about the Cat from Tim.

When he finally managed to tear free he didn't get the chance to use his vocals, breath coming in pants. His mask was pulled off, mussing his hair into odd looking tufts but Stalker didn't care, just gripped his throat right under the chin and looked at him, breathing just as heavy, full lips parted as he stared, those dark eyes penetrating.

"Someone else gave this to you," he rasped meanly, hand running along the bruise across his cheek, "and here," the cut that had gotten through the suit above his eyebrow, "and here." a thumb to the still tender lip from his fight with Inque that was now oozing blood, ripped back open by their kiss. "I don't care for your dancing with others, you let them mark you."

"I don't let them do anything, but saying 'my boyfriend doesn't like it when you hit me,' isn't exactly a good deterrent for most badguys."

"I'd imagine not." and they were back to kissing, the more enjoyable aspect of their relationship in Terry's mind. Not to say the possessiveness wasn't flattering, but it got in the way of his work so often. He wrapped his arms around Stalker's thick neck, the man was so much taller than him it almost intimidated him in a way, his fingers brushed the edges of old scars slashed across bare skin, he loved how the hunter was always barely dressed, loved feeling the smooth skin and raised edges of tattoos. Terry tilted his head back and invited him deeper, felt large hands slide down his spine, span his waist, grip his hips.

He sniffed a hard breath through his nose but couldn't quite hide the wince, he could rarely pull anything over on this predator, not before, less now that he knew his body so well.

"Another," it was hissed like a snake, with such simmering anger Terry half expected flames to flicker out of his mouth on a forked tongue.

"It was a fight, they hit me, I hit them harder." He took those big hands in his and held them to his chest, leaned into his body. "Nobody walks away untouched." He traced a finger down one of Stalker's own scars as a point.

"You will not let them touch you again."

"I'll try."

His grip was back on his face, both hands, palms cupping his jaw. "Try harder, your best must be better, I wont have someone unworthy take you from me." The possession in his voice would have irked a lesser man, but Terry knew what it stemmed from, knew that the concern was there, almost as much as the ownership.

He smiled, and rather than answer, pulled his lover further into the shadows on the roof, where the skylight for his apartment would swing open on command, and allow them entrance into his personal cave.