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For the purpose of this story, I'm treating it as though the rest of the DC universe does not exist, much like Nolan did with Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, however there will be several Batman rouges mentioned with super powers. And I have made a few additional changes to Barbara's background, mainly her relationship with Robin/Dick, so that this story will fit with mine. Also, This story is Cannon for Harry Potter, up until the end of fifth year, with two differences, the first is that Sirius was only stunned by Bellatrix in the Department of Mysteries, he is not dead and did not fall through the Veil. The second difference is that, throughout fourth and fifth year, Harry worked on becoming an Animagus, like his father and godfather before him. At the beginning of this story, he is nearing the final stages of the Animagus transformation.

And since I have no idea were in the UK Little Winging is, I apologize if I have the location wrong, but I'm using it as a London Suburb.

Also, the time-line of these stories have all been moved up to take place in the present, as opposed to the '90's or earlier, in the case of Batman.

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Prologue 1- Barbara

Barbara Gordon hummed to herself as she packed her suitcase. Her father, Police Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon, was finally taking a vacation from his job. Sure, both the Mayor and Batman may have had to convince him to take the summer off, but that was beside the point. Batman had even paid for the flight and hotel, much to her father's dismay. Besides, it wasn't like Batman couldn't afford it, he was the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne after-all (though her father didn't know that).

The red-haired teen debated about whether or not to take her Batgirl outfit, but decided against it. This was her vacation just as much as her father's and she intended to enjoy it. While she did plan to keep to the training regime Bruce had given her, she didn't plan on any crime fighting. Besides, it would be nice to get away from both Bruce and Dick, especially Dick.

A few weeks ago, Richard "Dick" Grayson aka Robin, had asked her out on a date. She had turned him down, as she didn't see him that way. Seriously, he was like a brother to her, and it had been somewhat awkward around the cave whenever she had been there ever since. Maybe when she came back, everything would go back to normal.

Finished with her clothes, Barbara looked at the time. Normally she'd go out tonight to help Gotham's criminal problem, but she wouldn't. Not only was her father home, a true rarity with how dedicated he was to his job, but their flight left early tomorrow morning. She took out her laptop, designed by her and paid for by Bruce, and figured she'd do a little surfing on the web. Maybe she'd even see what there was to do in London, she'd be spending the summer there after-all.

Prologue 2- Harry

Harry Potter smiled as he came out of his meditative trance. He was easily capable of connecting with the animal inside of him now, and according to Sirius, it was just establishing a permanent connection that was preventing him from completing this stage of the animagus transformation. Already he could feel a few animalistic tendencies carrying over, such as "growling" when annoyed, much like Sirius "barked" when he laughed.

He sighed as he looked at his clock. It was just about time for him to leave so that he could work his sift at the cafe. It was a little far, but given enough time, he'd make it into London, then after a quick trip on the underground, he'd be at the cafe.

Vernon had decided, after Tonks, Remus, and Moody threatened him, that he didn't want Harry around as much as possible this summer, and told him he would be getting a job. After several applications, Harry had gotten a job serving coffee, cappuccinos, and assorted goodies at a Cafe in inner London. It took Harry a good two hours to get there and back, but he really didn't mind. Especially since Tonks, Remus, or Sirius, especially since he was now a free man after the incident in the Department of Mysteries, would usually try and stop by for a little bit. The Cafe was popular, and usually busy due to it's location, it was just down the block from one of the city's finest hotels.

Sometimes, Harry would wander around London for a little before heading home, and other times he would go strait back to Number 4 privet Drive or Grimmauld Place. And while it would be easier for him if he lived at Grimmauld Place with his godfather, according to Dumbledore, he still had to stay at the Dursley's for a few more weeks yet before he was given that option.

Making sure he had his uniform tucked into his bag, Harry set out on his daily walk to work


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