Chapter 3

Harry was nervous as he waited for Barbara in the lobby of her hotel. He was nervous because today, Barbara had said that she wanted to go to a water-park, and he didn't want her to see the many scars that littered his body, both from his time at the Dursleys and his years at Hogwarts. It wasn't that the Dursleys had abused him, at least not physically, but they hadn't taken him to a hospital. Not to mention that Dudley didn't share his parents reluctance to actually hit him.

And while he could easily explain the scars he got from the Dudley or while living at the Dursleys, how was he supposed to explain the scar on his arm where the basilisk bit him, or the one on his shoulder from the Hungarian Horn-tail? He knew she had seen the lightning bolt on his forehead and the scar Umbridge had forced him to carve into his own skin with a blood-quill, but she hadn't asked about them. But he doubted that she wouldn't ask questions when she saw the other numerous scars.

He was pulled from his musings when he saw Barbara. She had on a loose navy blue shirt with G.P.D. written across her chest and a pair of skinny jeans that hugged her well toned legs and ass. A beach bag was slung over her shoulder. Her red hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and a pair of sunglasses hid her sapphire like eyes.

"Hey Harry," Barbara said when she came up to him. "Ready to go?"

Harry smiled, "Yeah."


Barbara noticed that Harry seemed tense about the whole way to the water-park. After arriving at the park, She and Harry separated to go the men and woman's locker rooms respectively. Barbra changed into a purple bikini that she was sure her father would burn if he discovered. The top pushed her already firm b-cups up and together. And the bottoms, while still keeping everything covered, would still probably give her dad a heart attack.

Smiling happily, Barbara made her way to a lounge chair to await Harry. She frowned momentarily when she realized that he was still wearing a t-shirt. But her smile returned when she saw that he was wearing a skintight, red and gold swim jammer. She also smiled when she noticed that he was starring at her.

Barbara gestured for Harry to join her. She held out a bottle of SPF 50 lotion to him. "Harry, would you be so kind as to get my back for me?" she asked innocently. She smiled when she saw Harry gulp.

"Uh...sure," Harry said nervously as he took the bottle of lotion from her.

Barbra smiled as she laid down on the lounge chair so that Harry could put the lotion on her. She almost moaned as Harry began to massage the lotion into her skin. He began with her shoulders and slowly began to work his way down her back, only stopping to put some more lotion on his hands. She could feel herself becoming aroused as Harry's hands worked their magic. Feeling a little bold, and not wanting him to stop, Barbara asked, when he had finished her back, "Harry, can you do my legs as well?"


Harry couldn't help but marvel at how smooth Barbara's skin was as he massaged lotion into her her skin. He also wished that he had a different swimsuit other than the tight shorts that he had bought at the suggestion of the saleswoman. If Barbara were to look at him, she was sure to notice his erection pressing against his shorts.

Then, just as he finished putting lotion on her back, Barbara asked, "Harry, can you do my legs as well?"

He idly wondered if she was trying to torture him. Not only was she wearing a bikini that showed as much as it hid, at least in his mind, but she had him rubbing lotion into her skin. He desperately wanted to kiss her, actually he wanted to do a lot more, but wasn't sure whether or not he should. He didn't want to mess up like he had with Cho.

Cautiously, Harry answered Barbara's question. "Sure, just tell me if I'm going to high."

"Will do Harry," Barbara said with a smile.

Carefully, harry began to massage lotion into Barbara's legs, beginning at the feet. He could swear that he heard Barbara moan several times as he worked his way up her calves, then thighs. As Harry approached the bottom of Barbara's bikini, he kept waiting for her to tell him to stop, and was surprised when she didn't tell him to.


Barbara was in heaven as Harry worked his way up her legs. She could feel her arousal pooling in her stomach as Harry reached her thighs. She knew that Harry was waiting for her to tell him to stop, but allowed him to reach her ass. She moaned into her arm as Harry gently massaged lotion into her cheeks.

She sighed in frustration as she felt Harry's hands leave her. She slowly turned to look at, and smirk at, Harry.

The raven-haired teen's face was beet red, and Barbara could tell by the way he was sitting that he was trying to hide his erection from her view.

Smiling, Barbara sat up and took the lotion bottle from were Harry had set it. "Take off your shirt and I'll put lotion on your back," she instructed, and watched as Harry visibly tensed, before he relaxed in resignation.

Harry turned away and peeled of his shirt, Barbara's first thought was that he was indeed muscular, not like Bruce, or even Dick, who were built for strength. Harry's body was toned more for speed. The second think she noticed was that he had a collection of scars to rival Bruce.

The most prominent scar ran along the left side of his back, beginning in the middle of his back and ending at his shoulder. A collection of smaller scars marred his otherwise flawless skin.

She gently placed her hand on his shoulder. "Was this why you were so tense today?" she asked softly.

He smiled weakly and nodded. "I was afraid about how you would react," he admitted. "I haven't had an easy life."

Before she applied the sunscreen, Barbara ran her hand along the scars on his back, her fingers tracing their paths. In a spur of the moment decision, Barbara leaned down and kissed the large scar she had first noticed on Harry's left shoulder.

She stared at a huge winged creature, that reminded her of a dragon, with spikes running down it's back and tail. Fire erupted from the creatures mouth as it roared. A crowd surrounded her and the creature in a stadium like construct. Flags of red and gold waved in the air.

Barbara blinked. The image she had just seen made no sense. She decided to ignore it as she began to massage lotion into Harry's skin. When she was finished she rested her head on Harry's shoulder and wrapped her hands around his waist.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Why did I kiss your scar?" she asked for clarification.

Harry nodded.

"I felt sad for you. That you would have to endure so much pain, and that it's left so many marks on you." She sighed. "I guess I wanted to help heal you. I know it doesn't make any sense, but it seemed like the right thing to do."

Harry smiled and rested his hand against hers at his waist. "Thank you."

Barbara smiled. "Anytime. Now what do you say we go and enjoy ourselves?"


Barbara stood outside the door to her and her father's hotel room with Harry. The day at the water-park had been fun. She and Harry had splashed and goofed around all day. Going down water-slides with him had been fun.

"I had a great time Harry."

Harry smiled, "I did to."

A mischievous smirk crossed her face as an idea popped into her head. "Close your eyes Harry," she instructed.

Harry arched an eyebrow. "Why?"

She leveled her bat-glare, taught to her by Bruce, at him. "Please?" she asked with a smile.

Harry chuckled and closed his eyes. "Okay, my eyes are closed. Now what?"

Rather then answer his question, Barbara leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. After a moment, she felt Harry respond to her kiss and felt his hands come to her waist. She rested her hands on his chest. And after a few seconds, they separated. As soon as their lips separated another image flashed before her eyes.

She was roughly thrown into a cupboard underneath a set of stairs by a large man with a mustache. "That's enough of you freakishness Boy!" the man yelled as he slammed the door to the cupboard closed. "There's no such thing as magic!"


As soon as his lips left Barbara's an image flashed across Harry's mind.

He sat at the top of a set of stairs as he overheard two people, a man and a woman arguing. "You work too much Jim! You're never home. What about me and the kids? Don't we mean anything to you?" the female yelled.

"Of course I do" the man, Jim, yell. "But I have a job to do. I don't get to choose my hours, what do want from me?"

Harry's vision cleared to find himself staring at a frightened looking Barbara.

"Harry," Barbara asked nervously, "did you just see something?"

Harry nodded. "You?"

Barbara nodded. "What did you see?"


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