A/N: So I just watched Coming Home, which is a reality show on Lifetime that helps soldiers stage surprise reunions with their families, and was inspired to write this.

Steve's been away for three months. He knows it's not much in the scheme of things, knows most who are deployed are gone for eight months or more at a time. But three months away from Danny and Grace, with only Skype chats and e-mails and care packages, seems like years. Waking up to pictures of Danny and Grace next to his bed isn't the same as waking to them, as making pancakes and bantering and fixing pigtails and kissing Danny as they get in the car on the way to school.

But now he's gotten that call from the governor, the one that he's been waiting for, the one that says the mission's over and he can go home.

And he immediately knows what he's going to do.

He calls Chin and Kono, and of course they're in. They pick him up at the airport, hug him tightly, joke he should go take a shower while knowing full well he can't wait another minute to see Danny and Grace.

Danny's sitting at his desk, picture of him, Steve, and Grace prominently placed, his wedding ring catching the sun from the window. There's a scuffle from outside, sounds like furniture being kicked over, and suddenly Kono's calling out, "Hey Danny! We've got a perp here who seems intent on seeing you!"

Danny sprints to the door, and there he is, Steve, grinning at him, tears in his eyes, standing over the chair he kicked over just to get Danny out there and surprise him. Danny knows he'll get teased by Kono and Chin for weeks, if not years, after this, but he doesn't care as he continues his sprint and barrels into Steve, knocking him backwards into the table.

He's crying into Steve's shirt (a fact he'll later deny, right before he puts his tongue in Steve's mouth and grinds their hips together), arms tight around his back, hands roaming ceaselessly over his body checking instinctively for injuries. Steve's murmuring reassuringly in his ear, voice thick with tears, murmuring "Danno, Danno," over and over.

Kono and Chin have already slipped out the door and shut it behind them. Steve's kissing Danny senseless, catching his taste back in his mouth, the feel of Danny's tongue playing across his own. "You stupid jerk, couldn't just call me and tell me you were home, huh?" Danny half-sobs, running his fingers over Steve's hips, his hair, back to his face. "God I love you so much, you stupid Neanderthal, so fucking much."

"Love you too, Danno, love you so much," Steve breathes against Danny's skin, holds him, kisses him, feels Danny's breath slow, feels the calming effect he always has on him kick in. He raises his thumbs, gently wipes the tears from the corners of Danny's eyes. "Let's go see Grace."

They call Grace's principal on the way to the school, throw the Governor's name in there, and so when they pull up to Grace's school Steve can run right in, Danny right behind. He peers into the window on the classroom door, sees Grace studiously bent over her math workbook, her pigtails swinging, and he can't wait any more. He opens the door, and all the kids look up, and suddenly Grace is flying into his arms, squealing "Super Steve!" and throwing her arms around his neck, tears falling in the same spot her father's did.

"I'm so glad you're home Super Steve, I missed you so much!" she says against his cheek, plants a kiss on his other cheek, squeezes him even tighter.

And Steve knows right here, this, Grace in his arms and Danny by his side, this is coming home.