Disclaimer: I only own the unnamed greenshirt. I do not own GI Joe. If I did, I would not be writing this fanfic.

Please don't hate me for butchering GI Joe, but this is my first attempt at a legitimate fanfiction. I have plenty more excuses to follow should you flame me.

"Sergeant Major sir!"

Beach Head looked down the line of greenshirts at morning PT to see one of the men trying to get his attention. Ignoring the icy glare of the drill sergeant, the man proceeded to speak.

"We've been standing here like trees for fifteen minutes. I was wondering when we'd start to actually do something."

As Beach Head's face was flooded with an unhealthy-looking purple color, another man spoke.

"Sir, stress isn't healthy. You should just shrub off his rudeness."

As Beach Head turned, about to scream his lungs out at the second man for his horrible and inopportune pun, yet another greenshirt contributed to the drill sergeant's high blood pressure.

"Guys, we should shut up. He looks pretty aggrassive."

"Yeah, we should leaf him alone."

"We're kinda going out on a limb to annoy the drill sergeant; do you think this is a good idea?"


"But we've already planted our roots here!"

"Yeah, I've taken a lichen to this place!"

"I'll be pretty releaved. . ."