Title – Save Me

Fandom – Glee

Author – LizzyPoodle

Rating – T (language)

Characters – Kurt and Karofsky are the main characters

Disclaimer – I don't own these characters.

Summary – This story was borne from my need to see Dave's lips on Kurt's again.

Warnings – Up to BIOTA

Section 1 - Rainfall

Holding his umbrella as he dripped his way down the aisle, Kurt walked over to the various peanut butters. He picked out the low-fat kind that he knew his father would eventually come to accept, and then sauntered over to the dairy section. Selecting a gallon of non-fat milk, he checked the dates on several before settling on one. After this quick stop at the market, he could head home and relax in front of a nice fire with some delicious warm milk.

He got in line, smiled at the clerk, and took a glance at what the magazines were touting as news this week.

"Hi, there. Did you find everything that you need?" the checker smiled.

"Yes, thanks," Kurt responded. As he was paying, his phone rang. "Hi, Dad. Yeah, I'm at the store now. No, I'm not getting you that kind of peanut butter. You'll get used to it." Kurt shook his head at the checker, who smiled back at him. Kurt juggled the phone, the umbrella, his bag, and his purchases, and started to head out the door. "Dad, I'll see you soon, o.k.? Bye."

Slipping the phone into his pocket, Kurt headed to the door. He opened the umbrella, tried not to drop either his bag or his items, and braved himself for the rain and cold of another gray day in Lima.

Upon reaching his car, he shuffled the groceries, got his keys out of his pocket, and heard splashing footsteps beating their way toward him.

"Hey, Hummel, you forgot this at the register."

Kurt froze. He knew that voice.

"I told them I'd give it to you. Here."

Heart pounding, feeling ill, Kurt couldn't even turn around.

"Oh, for chrissakes. Don't you want your wallet back? Just take it. I'm not gonna do anything."

Kurt, barely breathing, turned and grabbed the wallet. He frantically hit the button to unlock the doors, and threw himself and all of his items inside. He locked the doors as quickly as he could, and then proceeded to shake. Grasping the steering wheel, he tried to slow the pace of his heartbeats. He glanced out of his window to see what Karofsky was doing.

Kurt continued to shake violently as he watched his former bully walk away, getting drenched in the rain.

Section 2 – Home

The adrenaline surge gave Kurt tunnel vision. He felt keenly aware of the need to drive slowly and carefully. He really hadn't thought that he'd be this traumatized by such a benign meeting with Karofsky. It could have gone much worse, really. Kurt inhaled deeply through his nose, and exhaled out from his mouth, trying to calm his nerves.

Burt pulled into the garage as Kurt was exiting his car with his bag and the milk and that truly awful peanut butter. With a wave at his dad, Kurt went into the house, leaving the door unlocked for his father. Kurt didn't feel like getting into what had happened, and he was grateful when Burt came in, said hi, and then went to take his post-work shower, just like he did every day. Kurt finally felt like he could relax. It was good to be home.

"Kurt, are you sure that that was a low fat soup? It was way too good." Burt smiled. Maybe he would be able to eat more healthfully, if he could have foods like that.

"It was recommended in that diet that your doctor's office gave us. It's healthy. I'm sure," declared Kurt, thrilled to have produced a successful dinner. Carole liked it, Finn would eat anything, and Burt's commitment to being healthy was intact.

"O.K. You cooked, we'll clean."

Kurt put his dishes in the sink and headed toward his room. First a phone call to Blaine, then homework.

Kurt walked upstairs, dialing Blaine's number. Damn. Voice mail.

"Hi, Blaine! I'm just calling to say hello," and after a brief pause Kurt continued. "I, ummm, I saw Karofsky today. It freaked me out. Call me? Thanks, bye."

After hanging up, Kurt stood still in his room, remembering his earlier freak-out, and thinking back to the many, many horrible things that Dave Karofsky had done to him. Instead of the fear that often accompanied thoughts of Karofsky, the feeling growing inside him now was red-tipped with anger. His school never should have allowed the things that happened to have happened. That asshole had been allowed to get away with absolutely everything. His expulsion hadn't even been upheld after he'd threatened the life of another student. Kurt felt himself growing more and more agitated, when his phone suddenly rang.

Startled out of his anger, Kurt answered. "Hi, Blaine. Yeah, it was kind of a weird day."

Section 3 – A Movie

It felt to Kurt like he'd been waiting FOREVER for this movie to come out! Spending a relaxing evening with Mercedes was exactly what he needed. After using the restroom, buying popcorn, and finding seats, the two friends settled in for some fun.

And then Kurt saw them; the red letterman jackets heading down the aisle just a few feet from where he and Mercedes were sitting. His eyes grew wider and his breathing felt labored. No. Not here. Not again.

Karofsky and several other jocks selected seats and shoved one another around until everyone finally had a spot. Why did they have to be so loud? Perhaps their fixation on being obnoxious would allow Kurt to remain off of their radar. Kurt sunk lower into his seat.

"Hey, do you want to go?" asked Mercedes.

Kurt looked at his friend, loving her for her caring, and said "I have been waiting a long time for this. We are staying."

Mercedes kissed his cheek and rested her head on his slight shoulder as the lights gradually dimmed.

"We'll leave as soon as it's over, o.k.?" she asked.

"Thanks," he whispered

"That was TOTALLYworth the wait!" Kurt declared, gathering up his things: hat, gloves, scarf, wallet. "I loved that girl's accent! And the other blond? You know, Sarah? She is gorgeous. I wonder what else she's been in!"

Mercedes and Kurt exited the theater, continuing their happy conversation.

Kurt didn't notice when one of his gloves slipped from his grasp and landed on the floor.

Section 4 – Aware

Dave Karofsky had noticed him as soon as he'd entered the theater, of course. He didn't look at him, well, he didn't look at him very much. O.K. He tried not to look at him.

Of course Kurt wouldn't want the football team to notice him. It's just that Dave had been trying, recently. He hadn't slushied anyone in weeks. He hadn't shoved anyone into a locker in months, and he was trying the deep breathing techniques that his therapist had recommended when he started to feel the anger boil inside. He hadn't wanted that therapist, but he was still living at home, and he hadn't been given a choice. And he knew, anyway, in the back of his mind, that he really needed help. He'd honestly scared himself when he'd threatened to kill Kurt. Who the hell had he become?

His friends didn't look around, therefore they didn't see Kurt, and Dave could relax once the movie began. He just hoped that Kurt would leave the theater before the football players caught sight of him once the movie ended. He watched the movie, but wished that he could talk to Kurt, just for a minute, just to be able to look at him again. Dave sighed. As if he cold ever make it up to him.

Section 5 – Gloves

"That was "TOTALLY worth the wait!" Dave heard as the credits bean to roll. He hoped that Kurt would get out of there soon. He and his buddies rolled themselves out of their seats and headed toward the exit. As they were leaving the theater, Dave noticed a glove on the floor. He bent to pick it up so that he could turn it in to the theater's manager. It was a nice glove, expensive looking, and made of leather. Dave realized that he'd left his own gloves at his seat.

"I'll see you guys later. I forgot something where we sat." Dave said.

"See you later. I've got to get home," Azimio called back as Dave returned to his seat. The other boys said good-bye, and Dave went to retrieve his forgotten gloves.

Once he found them, he picked them up, and turned to leave again.

Of course Kurt would be standing right there, looking terrified, looking beautiful, wearing one glove.

"Oh, uhhhh, I didn't know that this was yours. It was on the floor." Dave marched over to Kurt, who quickly took several steps back. Dave looked at Kurt's wide eyes and stopped walking. Was Kurt shaking?

"Listen, I'm not going to do anything to you. I'm just trying to return this. Here. I'll leave it on this chair." After pausing briefly to set down the glove, Dave looked at Kurt, cleared his throat, and said "Yeah, so, uhhh, sorry, you know, about everything. I'll just, yeah…."and he walked through a row of seats to get to the other side of the theater so that Kurt wouldn't have to be near him when he picked up his glove.

Section 6 – Keys

"These were in the shopping cart that I took," Dave said to the manager, handing over some keys.

"Oh! Sir!" the manager called to someone. "Your keys! A gentleman just turned them in!"

Kurt turned around, a relieved smile glowing on his face as he headed back toward the manager's desk. When he saw that Karofsky was standing there, he stopped moving altogether.

"No. Way," muttered Dave, and then louder, "I guess I found your keys, or something."

The boys looked at one another for an awkward moment.

Kurt shook his head quickly, returned to the manager's desk, thanked him, and grabbed his keys. "Thanks," he uttered as he passed Karofsky on his way out the door.

Section 7 – Quinn's House

Weeks passed, the weather grew warmer, and there was no contact between Kurt and Dave. The football team and the members of the Glee Club, although not exactly friends, had become more accepting of one another ever since that halftime show. Quinn was in the mood to celebrate. Why shouldn't she invite everyone over for a party? Her mom was going out of town, and she had the house to herself…what could possibly go wrong?

Section 8 – Hot Tub

Unlike Rachel's party, Quinn's started off fun. There were no tickets for drinks, there was music, there was dancing.

There was the hot tub.

Dave tried so hard not to look at Kurt as Kurt laughed with his friends in that hot tub. He willed himself not to think of Kurt's chest, his legs, his ass.

Kurt was having fun, fun, FUN! He couldn't remember the last time that anything had been this much fun, just, ever! He'd only had 2 wine coolers, or maybe 3, but he was SO relaxed. The water in the tub felt SO heavenly. He felt like laughing and laughing; everybody was SO FUNNY! Had they always been this funny? He just loved his friends.

People had been going in and out of the hot tub all night, but not Kurt. He just wanted to stay in there forever. It was awesome in the hot tub, especially with Karofsky staying away from it. Maybe he felt uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit in front of other people. Whatever. Kurt felt too good to care.

"Karaoke!" called Quinn.

"Come on, Kurt! Let's go!" said Rachel.

"Yeah, Kurt! Come on!" added Brittany.

"Go ahead. I'll be inside in a little bit."

With a happy sigh, Kurt closed his eyes. The girls left him to enjoy himself, knowing that they'd see him soon. There was no way that Kurt would miss out on Karaoke.

Kurt sat in the bubbles and hummed a sigh of contentment. After just a few minutes alone, however, he started to feel tired. Really, really tired. Suddenly it was hard to hold up his head. He felt light, like he was drifting away, and his stomach didn't feel quite right, and he was so, so tired.

Dave finished up in the restroom and headed toward the living room. Everyone was there, singing and laughing and drinking. Wait Almost everyone was there. He suddenly got a panicky feeling in his stomach. Kurt hadn't left that hot tub all night. Where was he? Had his stupid friends left him alone in a hot tub after that scrawny lightweight had been drinking?

Dave raced to the backyard and felt relieved, at first, to see that the tub was empty. He walked closer, just to be sure, and gasped. Without thinking, he clambered into the tub as quickly as he could and hauled Kurt's limp body up and out of the water.

"Kurt! KURT! Oh, SHIT! HELP!" Dave screamed, hoping that someone would hear him over the blasting karaoke.

He'd had to take CPR when he'd applied to become a lifeguard.

Tilt the head, make sure that the airway is clear, 2 quick puffs. Kurt's chest was rising with each shared breath from Dave.

30 compressions.

Come on, Kurt.

Don't do this.

2 rescue breaths.

30 compressions.

2 breaths.

Out of nowhere came a voice.

"Dave, what the hell? You're kissing…?" asked Azimio.

"Shut the fuck up and call 9-1-1! Call 9-1-1!" panted Dave, continuing chest compressions.

Suddenly Kurt turned his head, just a little bit, only slightly, and then he coughed.

Dave stopped the chest compressions. Kurt moaned, and then he vomited.

Dave vaguely realized that he'd begun to cry as he knelt down close to Kurt, talking softly.

"Kurt! Kurt! You're going to be o.k. Oh, please, Kurt, stay with me…" Dave wept quietly, gently holding Kurt's body once he'd emptied his stomach.

Azimio quickly dug into his pocket and phoned 9-1-1. He went back inside the house in search of Finn.

By the time the ambulance had arrived, everyone knew that Kurt had almost died, and everyone knew that Dave had saved him. Not even Finn had argued when Dave had insisted on following the ambulance to the hospital.

Section 9 – Tough

It's tough to hold onto resentment when it's directed at the person who saved your life. He'd had to stay overnight at the hospital for observation. Kurt had woken up with a thick tongue and a migraine. It took all of his concentration just to breathe. He'd never felt this ill before. Never.

After hours of lying on the bed, just focusing on breathing, Kurt was able to think of other things. He planned on staying away from wine coolers, and hot tubs, too, at least for a while. And then he thought about what had almost happened to him…what would have happened to him…had David Karofsky not pulled him from that water.

Kurt knew that it was time. He needed to thank Karofsky for what he'd done. They needed to talk, and Kurt was ready.