Title: Save Me

Fandom: Glee

Author: LizzyPoodle

Rating: Certain chapters – M. This chapter – T – I guess.

Characters: Kurt/Karofsky

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

Warnings: This chapter could include references from anything up until the end of Season 2, but it's also fairly AU.

A/N – Here it is! This is the last chapter of this story! Do you remember where it began? It's sort of important that you recall this story's beginning, which was:

Section 1 - Rainfall

Holding his umbrella as he dripped his way down the aisle, Kurt walked over to the various peanut butters.

Now…let's wrap this up, shall we?

LizzyPoodle Enjoyed The Outsiders and Admires What S.E. Hinton Did

Dave woke slowly. The sunlight had shifted, and it was too warm on his face. He sat up a little and leaned back on his elbows as he looked over the few feet to where he knew he'd see Kurt. Sitting on Massage Rock, calmly watching the water trip over the stones of the meandering stream, Kurt sat, looking too beautiful to be real, let alone his boyfriend of almost 6 weeks.

Dave cleared his throat so that Kurt would know that he was awake. Kurt turned toward him, just as Dave knew he would. They smiled at one another as Dave got up and walked over toward him, enjoying the way that the sunlight shone in Kurt's eyes, making them sparkle as he smiled. Dave knew that he would never, as long as he lived, see any person, anywhere, come even close to being as beautiful as his boyfriend. He felt a familiar wave of disbelief wash through him. Kurt was his boyfriend. It was real. It was true. It was still hard to believe.

Dave hugged Kurt from behind, resting his head gently against Kurt's shoulder. "How long was I asleep?"

"Not long at all. 20 minutes, maybe," Kurt responded.

"I must be insane, falling asleep when I could be spending time holding you."

Kurt grinned, appreciating the compliment. "Don't be silly! It gave me time to think about how to present my project to you."

Dave hugged him closer. "Yeah, about this project of yours…when do I get to see it?"

Kurt had been hinting about a small surprise that he had been working on for a few weeks, saying that he hoped Dave would like it.

"I'll show it to you, but first we have to go over the ground rules," Kurt said, looking nervous.

"Ground rules?" Dave asked. "Okay?"

Kurt gave a little hum of anxiety, and Dave's thoughts focused them selves toward one objective:

Comfort Kurt.

"Hey, what's going on? You don't have to show me anything, if you don't want to. Why are you so nervous? That's my job," Dave tried to joke gently. "Really, Kurt, you don't have to tell me anything about your project, if you don't want to."

Kurt looked into Dave's eyes, and quietly said, "I want to show you something, but you might not like it. I've never really shown this to anyone before. It's sort of…um…personal."

Dave's focus zoned in on the word personal. "Okay, so this is something personal?"

"Very," Kurt answered, clearly worried.

Dave examined Kurt's face, hoping that he'd be able to figure out the clues that it sort of felt like Kurt was dropping, but Dave just wasn't grasping.

"It's not something that I ever imagined feeling comfortable enough to share with anyone before now, really…well, except for teachers."

"Teachers?" Dave repeated, trying to keep up.

"Well, they make you show them."

Dave tilted his head and said, "You have no reason to be nervous, you know. If you have some deep, dark secret involving teachers or grades, or something, it doesn't matter to me."

Kurt cocked his head to the side. "Grades? What are you talking about, David?"

"I don't know," Dave admitted. "I just don't want you to feel nervous."

Kurt looked down. "I like to write," Kurt said, almost as if he was admitting to some great sin.

Dave waited for more, but when no other words appeared to be forthcoming, he prompted, "You like to write? That's…nice." He smiled crookedly, hoping that he was saying the right thing.

"You might not think it's so nice when you see what I've written," Kurt warned.

"Dave's left eyebrow shot up as he slowly asked, "What have you been writing?"

A guilty expression plastered itself across Kurt's face.

"I wrote a story about us."

"Dave considered what to say, finally coming up with a bland, but heartfelt, "That sounds great!"

"Do you…do you want to read it?"

What Dave wanted was to kiss those worry lines away from Kurt's face. "I want whatever will make you happy. That's pretty much all that I want these days," Dave reassured as he leaned over to brush his lips against the corner of Kurt's eye. He loved the softness of that spot.

Kurt melted into Dave's gentle kiss. "Well, it's in my backpack. Let me go and get it."

He reluctantly got up, off of the rock, and removed himself from the soothing comfort of Dave's embrace. He headed over to his backpack and unzipped it, removing from its pocket a narrow binder. Dave watched as Kurt looked down at the binder, inhaling and exhaling anxiously.

Dave walked over to him. "Let me read it. Please. I want to read what you wrote."

"You might not like it," Kurt warned again. "I wrote about how scared of you I used to be." Kurt worried at his lip, looking at Dave with uncertainty in his gaze.

"You mean you were honest?" Dave smiled gently, and a little bit sadly at the memory of who he used to be.

But Kurt was too concerned about his own insecurities to notice Dave's. "And you really might not like chapter 3. It's…kind of dirty."

"Or maybe I should read chapter 3 first," Dave teased.

Kurt nudged Dave and then nuzzled in for a hug. "If you don't like it, you don't have to finish it."

Dave decided that he'd had enough.

"Hand it over, Hummel. Stop being nervous. There's pretty much nothing that you can do that I won't like." He held out his hand, and Kurt hesitantly placed the binder into Dave's solid grip.

"Thank you," Dave said crisply, bending down to sit on their blanket and get comfortable. He grinned at the glittered and decorated cover.

"Save Me?" Dave asked.

"It seemed like a good title for our story," Kurt shrugged.

"Well…you did save me from being lost, hiding, miserable, and alone, so if it's a story about us, then I guess the title does fit," Dave declared.

Kurt looked up at him. "Is that how you feel?"

"All the time," Dave promised, and he smiled, running his fingers underneath Kurt's chin in a loving tickle.

"Read!" Kurt demanded, ready to share this personal part of himself with this boy he'd come to care about more deeply than he'd ever imagined.

Kurt sat down, squishing himself close to his boyfriend so that he could rest his head on Dave's shoulder. Kurt sighed in contentment. Dave's shoulder was the most comfortable place in the world for Kurt to rest his head. The heat from Dave's skin warmed his own, and Kurt breathed in his boyfriend as Dave started to read:

Section 1 - Rainfall

Holding his umbrella as he dripped his way down the aisle, Kurt walked over to the various peanut butters.

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