This is the story of how I died.

Of how I chased the girl I loved to the tower where she was being held captive by her own mother.

Not her real mother, but her mother, nonetheless.

I remember the cold blade being thrust into my back as I ran to my princess.

I started to bleed out on the floor of that tower.

As I bled out, I slipped into oblivion.

As I slipped into oblivion, I dreamed.

I dreamed of a boat anchored in the sea. I'm standing on the bank of an island. Alone.

And on the far bank, I can see lights, and a girl waving to me. A girl with long, golden hair. I jump into the boat and start to row to her, but the more I stroke, the farther she seems to be. I'm not making any progress. Something is holding me back, and I begin to despair at the thought of never being with her again. She's crying now. And singing, I think. I paddle, faster and faster, slashing at the water with the oar but it doesn't move the water or the boat or make a sound.

I drop the oar and stand to dive in. If swimming is the only way to reach her, I have to do it. I can still see her, but the lights are slowly diminishing. Her hair is no longer gold; its now shorter and darker than it was moments ago. But I don't care. It's the only way she can be free. And I must reach her, to finally be free with her.

I dive, head first, into the black depths. I push and kick at the water, but it's no good; it's still unmovable, and I'm stuck drifting in the darkness. I can't reach the surface. I'm suffocating, and I feel my last breath leave my body but there are no bubbles. My chest feels warm and cold at the same time. I give up.

Suddenly, she's with me underwater, crying and holding me. I want to hold her, to comfort her, to let her know she was my new dream and its okay if she can't save me. I can't live if she can't be free.

Her hair is long again, and it begins glowing. I couldn't see in the dark water, but now I can't see because of the blinding light. It grows brighter and brighter, until finally, I feel cool air. I open my eyes.

My lost princess is haloed by the morning light shining through the shattered window of the tower where our journey began;

Where her life began- the only life she knew.

And where it swiftly ended.

And where our new life will now begin.

Her face is wet and her expression flickers as she registers my return to existence.

I can finally see.

She's smiling and holding my face and I feel so good that I could die all over again. If given the choice, I would do it all over again.

For her.

"Eugene," she breathes and her breath is hot and sweet, and her voice is a sensation that travels down my body, reawakening and reinvigorating my entire being. She eagerly embraces me and lets out a relieved and loving sigh. I slink my arm around her waist and bury my face into her neck. I hold her. Tighter. I can feel her pulse racing. Then she's grabbing my collar, and kissing me, and then I'm kissing her, and we're on the floor, kissing.

I feel as though I want to cry, but Eugene Fitzherbert doesn't cry. Not anymore.