Brianne Diamond (Known by her fans as Brianne Rocque) gives a dazzling smile as she poses in front of the movie poster for Varsity Vampire 3. Tonight is the premiere of the film and although she looks totally confident for the cameras, Brianne is freaking out inside. She's no stranger to movie premieres and other red carpet events, but this s the premiere of her acting debut, meaning that she's getting even more attention than she would usually get at an event. Everyone is waiting to see if she has what it takes to be an actress. Many people are predicting that her involvement will make the film even more popular but others are saying that she should stick to her music.

Several fans are crowded behind a red velvet rope across the street, holding up sighs in support of their favorite stars. A few of the sighs say things like "I Love Brianne" and some guy in his early twenties has a sigh that says "Marry me, Brianne!" That one makes her laugh every time because she's already married to the guy of her dreams. She's really glad that James has went inside already because she doesn't want him throwing a temper tantrum on the red carpet;

"Brianne, can you do a quick interview with Entertainment Nation?" Kelly asks her.

"Sure." Brianne says as she blows a kiss to the cameras. Kelly leads her over to the reporter. Brianne recognizes this woman as Elizabeth Raymond, a very popular tabloid reporter. She's in her mid forties, with long and wavy blonde hair, and she's about five foot eight. She's wearing a black Dolce and Gabbana pantsuit and she's holding a sparkly microphone in her hands.

"Hi, Brianne! I'm Elizabeth Raymond from Entertainment Nation!" She introduces.

"Hi" Brianne says sweetly, pushing a strand of blonde hair away from her face. Her hair stylist, Jacques, curled her hair and pulled it into a side pony tail. The hairstyle goes really well with her sky blue floor length Chanel halter gown. Her makeup artist, Selena, swept her ocean blue eyes with silver eye shadow with pink blush and clear lipgloss.

"You look gorgeous tonight! Who are you wearing?" Elizabeth asks her.

"This is Chanel." Brianne says, giving a half spin to show off the gown.

"Fabulous!" Elizabeth says in a sing song voice. "Okay, let's talk about the movie. Now, this is your first acting role. Do you feel nervous at all?"

Brianne tries to keep a smile on her face as she contemplates an answer to the question. Yeah, she is definitely freaking out. What if people don't like her as an actress? What if they think she's terrible? She already had this conversation with James and he insisted that they were going to love her. Then again, James will say anything to make her happy. What if he was lying to her? Okay, James would never intentionally lie to her, but he could be wrong about her success as an actress. He honestly believes in her, but she can't help thinking that the critics are going to say bad things about her. She already gets enough criticism and she doesn't need anymore.

"Well, I'm a little nervous." She says slowly. "But I'm really excited that I got this opportunity. I hope that everyone will like it!"

Elizabeth laughs as she puts her arm around Brianne's shoulders, staring into the video camera. Brianne smiles in an attempt at hiding her anxiety. Whenever she feels anxious, she just thinks about James. He promised her that they would cuddle on the couch and watch TV when they got home. Since tonight is such a special night, he said that Brianne can choose the channel. She has decided that they should watch New Town High, a drama series that her friend Jo Taylor stars in. She's seen the show before and loved it, even if Jo's costar gets on Brianne;s nerves. Jett Stetson normally flirts with Jo but when he ran into Brianne last week, he tried to flirt with her. Well, James nearly threw a fit, but Brianne was able to calm him down. (He still struggles with his anger sometimes, but he has improved a lot. Brianne is very proud of him) One time, she actually punched Jett in the face, which seemed to satisfy James.

"Let's talk about your character, Brianne!" Elizabeth tells her.

"I play Haleigh and she's a newborn vampire. She comes to Vampire High after she is turned into a vampire because she can no longer be around regular humans. Well, she is very vengeful towards this vampire, so she vows to get revenge. So she's kind of a bad girl, but she's actually really good at heart. " Brianne explains.

"Sounds interesting!" Elizabeth says, sounding very impressed. "Can you relate to her in any way?"

"Well, I'm not so sure!" Brianne laughs. "I'm nowhere near as tough as she is."

"I talked to Ray Preston and he said that you were great in the fight scenes." Elizabeth says with a grin. "Sounds to me like you're tougher than you think."

Brianne lets out another laugh, starting to feel much better. She isn't a big fan of most tabloid reporters, but she enjoys talking to Elizabeth. She is good at making you feel comfortable and she makes interviews really fun.

"Thanks." She says with a smile.

Anyway, you're primarily known for your chart topping hits. All three of your albums have been a huge success, so I have to ask. Do you have any plans for making a fourth album any time soon?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." Brianne says happily. She actually has been working on a new album. When she and James returned from their honeymoon earlier this month, Walter said that he wants to get started on Brianne's fourth album. So Brianne has been hard at work, writing new songs for the album. She wants this album to be all about confidence and being proud of who you are. Her first album was innocent, her second album was during her bad girl phase, her third album was as she was recovering from her meltdown, and now that she is fully recovered, she wants her music to be about self confidence.

"Alright!" Elizabeth says happily. "Here's something that i've been dying to ask you about. How is married life treating you?"

"Perfect." Brianne says softly, staring at her wedding ring. "We've been settling down and we couldn't be happier. It feels really amazing to know that I have such an amazing guy in my life."

"Aww." Elizabeth says.. Brianne glances towards the front entrance of theater, wanting to see James again. She hasn't seen his gorgeous face in almost an hour!

"Brie, the movie is about to start." Kelly whispers. She waves at Elizabeth before leading Brianne down the red carpet. Cameras flash as they hurry down the red carpet and towards the entrance. Brianne poses for one more photo before walking into the theater. She sees James and the guys standing by the snack bar and just as she is about to walk towards them, someone stops her. She turns around to face Tiffany Landers, who plays Ashley in Varsity Vampire 3. She's wearing a pink silk MArchesa mindress that ends at mid thigh and her blonde hair is pulled into a low bun. She's twenty five, but doesn't look a day over seventeen.

"Hey, girl!" She says, giving Brianne a hug.

"Hi!" Brianne says happily. Tiffany is about to say something else when a photographer walks over to them and asks for a picture. Ray invited a few photographers inside, so they could take pictures of the stars getting snacks and mingling with other stars.

Once the photographer has gotten a few pictures of them, he walks away an begins taking pictures of another star.

"Enjoying the premiere?" Tiffany asks.

"Totally! It's so much fun." Brianne says, glancing at James for from the corner of her eye. He looks amazing in his jeans, white T shirt, and black leather jacket. She just wants to go over there and kiss him already!

"Hey, you should go and talk to your husband for a while." Tiffany says with a smile.

"It was nice talking to you!" Brianne says with a friendly smile. "Bye."

Then she turns around and walks towards the snack bar, her stomach churning as the strong scent of freshly cooked pop corn hits her nostrils. She loves pop corn, but she doesn't like really strong smells. But she ignores the sudden nausea as she wraps her arms around James waist.

"Where have you been?" James asks, hugging her tightly. He kisses the top of her head, rubbing her back.

"Talking to the press." Brianne says, looking up at him. James is much taller than her, being six foot one. It's one of the things that she loves about him. Well, when it comes to looks. He's tall, muscular, has beautiful eyes, and an amazing smile. Then he has his kind hearted, protective, fun loving personality. Yeah, she's married to the right one. He's everything that she could ever want in a guy. He's the first guy that she's truly been in love with. Her first boyfriend, Mark, was really sweet, but Brianne wasn't really in love with him. Her second relationship, with Dak Zevon, ended in disaster. He started dating her best friend, causing Brianne to have a major meltdown.

"Brianne, do me a favor and slap Jordan for me?" Jessica snaps as she approaches the snack bar, handing five dollars to the man working at the snack bar. He hands her a small bucket off pop corn, which she proceeds to scarf down in frustration.

Brianne rolls her eyes as she remembers her costar. Jordan Montez was a total jerk to Brianne throughout filming. She thought that they had settled their issues at the wrap party, but Jordan has returned to hating Brianne.

"Just ignore her." She says sternly.

"By the way, someone needs to tell her that orange is not her color." Jessica says coldly. "She looks worse than James when he got Hollywood Fever."

"Let's not go there." James says through a smile. Brianne giggles as she hugs him tightly, amused at the thought of James turning orange.

She glances over at Jordan, who is wearing a bright orange Prada minidress. Wow, Jessica was right. That girl has no business wearing orange.

"Guys, let's just enjoy the premiere." She says, linking her arm with James. Together, the six teens walk towards the theater. Once they are seated, Brianne leans over to give James one last, then she sits back and prepares to enjoy the movie.

Two Hours Later

"That was so awesome!" Brianne squeals as she and James walk into their home. James grins as he takes his jacket off, hanging it on the coat rack. Then he turns around and gently pushes Brianne against the wall, kissing her gently. Brianne's mind goes blank as she throws her arms around his neck. She wraps one leg around his waist as she kisses him, She can feel James smiling into the kiss, causing a grin to appear on her own face. James slowly pulls away and lets his forehead rest against hers.

"Why don't you get changed into some night clothes?" He whispers, kissing her cheek.

"Why?" Brianne asks, kissing him again. James shrugs, sighing as Brianne kisses the side of his neck. She kisses his jaw before walking towards the staircase. James sighs dreamily as his wife disappears up the stairs, wondering how he got so lucky.

He smiles as he looks at a picture hanging on the wall. It's their wedding picture. James and Brianne were wearing their wedding clothes as they stood in front of the lake. James had one arm around her waist and his cheek was resting against the top of her head.

He walks to the living room and collapses onto the couch. He grabs the remote and turns the channel to the CW, where New Town High is being aired.

After thirty minutes, he feels someone hugging him from behind and kissing his cheek.

"Come here." He says tiredly. Brianne walks around the couch and sits on his lap, snuggling up to him. James grabs a blanket and wraps it around Brianne, pulling her to his chest. Brianne places her hand next to her face, feeling his heartbeat.

James places a soft kiss on her head before directing his attention to the TV.

An Hour Later

After watching two episodes of New Town High, Brianne was fast asleep. So James turned the TV off, deciding that they should go ahead and get some sleep. Now he is carrying Brianne in his arms as he walks up the stairs. He kisses Brianne's forehead as he carries her to their room, placing her on the bed. He crawls under the covers and pulls Brianne close to him. He strokes her hair while he stares up at the ceiling. Brianne looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. It's the most adorable sight that James has ever seen. And he loves the way she snuggles up to him and drapes her arm over his stomach.

"Good night, baby girl." He whispers, kissing the top of her head.

Brianne yawns softly as she buries her face in his shoulder. James chuckles as he gives her a gentle squeeze. Then he gives into his own exhaustion and slowly falls asleep.

The Next Day

"It's so nice to see you again." Mrs. Knight says as she puts two plates of dinosaur chicken in front of James and Brianne. They eat in silence, while Brianne sends a flirtatious smile in James direction. James smirks as he eats one of the chicken nuggets. Brianne mouths "I love you" before taking a sip of her Coca Cola. She fixes the bottom of her pink tank top, which has been paired with jeans and a grey sleeveless cardigan.

"We've missed this place." She tells Mrs. Knight as she takes her empty plate to the sink.

"Boys, weren't you going to watch a hockey game?" Mrs. Knight asks the boys. Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and James stand up and rush to the living room, jumping onto the couch. After emptying her own plate, Katie walks into the living room and sits next to her brother.

"You and James are okay?" Mrs. Knight asks Brianne as she carries the rest of the plates to the sink. She stands next to Brianne and begins washing the dishes.

"Amazing!" Brianne laughs. She cringes at the strong scent of dishwashing soap. "Ugh, I hate the smell of this soap."

"Hey, its not too bad." Mrs. Knight says with a smile.

Once they have washed all of the dishes, they join the guys and Katie in the living room. Brianne sits on the couch with her legs on James lap, smiling at him. She reaches for his hand, laughing when he kisses her hand.

"Okay, I'm changing the channel." Kendall says in annoyance.

"Bad game?" Brianne asks.

"Yeah." Kendall says as he turns the channel to Hollywood Insider.

"Brianne Rocque looked fabulous at the premiere of her acting debut, Varsity Vampire 3. So far, critical reception for the film has been very positive. Critics have complimented Brianne's performance as vengeful newborn vampire and Dak Zevon's on screen love interest, Haleigh. When E News asked the singer about her role in the film, she said "I'm very excited that I got to be in this film. I was very nervous at first, but the cast and crew made me feel right at home." Despite their split that ended in Brianne's meltdown, Dak and Brianne seemed to get along very well as they walked the red carpet together. But don't expect them to reunite as a couple. Brianne recently married her boyfriend of over a year, James inside the theater say that the newlyweds were inseparable and were cuddling and holding hands."

"Hey, they got something right." James whispers, tickling Brianne's stomach.

"I know." Brianne says as she slaps his hand away. She sits up and crawls onto his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. She looks down at him, leaning in for a kiss. The kiss starts to deepen until Mrs. Knight clears her throat loudly. They may be married now, but they still aren't allowed to make out in her living room. They've gotten in trouble for doing that so many times, so they've learned their lesson. However, they thought that she would loosen up once they were married. Sadly, that hasn't been going so well.


"Hello?" Kendall says into his cell phone. "Hey! Um, sure! I'll be there in ten minutes. Love you! Bye."

"Jo?" Brianne questions.

"Yeah." Kendall says as he stands up. "She wants me to meet her at the park."

"Have fun!" Brianne laughs, watching as Kendall rushes out of the apartment. Then she looks at James, stroking his cheek. "Come with me."

She grabs his hand and drags him towards the bathroom. She closes the door behind them and locks it before pulling James into a passionate kiss.

"Brie, what about..." James whispers as Brianne kisses his neck.

"She said that we couldn't make out in her living room." Brianne whispers as she places kisses along his jawline. "She never said anything about the restroom."

She continues to kiss him, her fingers becoming tangled in his hair. He lifts her onto the sink, still kissing his wife. They both pull after a few minutes, completely breathless. Just as they are about to lean back in for another kiss, they hear someone knocking on the door. Brianne nearly falls off the sink until James catches her, slowly lowering her to the ground. She runs her fingers through his hair, trying to make it look like they haven't been making out. She unlocks the door and opens it, giving Mrs. Knight a nervous smile.

"What happened to your hair?" Mrs. Knight asks suspiciously. Brianne slaps her hands over her head, realizing that her own hair is still a mess. She looks at James with wide eyes before smiling at Mrs. Knight.

"I tripped?" She says, laughing nervously.

"You two never learn, do you?" Mrs. Knight says before returning to the living room. Brianne gulps as she grabs James lucky comb, running it through her hair. She hands the comb back to him before walking out of the restroom in silence.

"That was really awkward." James whispers.

"I know." Brianne says in response.

"Wanna go the the pool?"

"Sure." Brianne says. They say goodbye to Mrs. Knight and Katie before walking out of the apartment. Brianne sighs as they step into the elevator, remembering all the times they would use this elevator when they were going to the pool.

She leans back against James, starring at their reflections in the mirror. James has his arms wrapped around her in a loving embrace, smiling at her. She looks at him in confusion as she grabs his hands.

"Why are you so happy?" She asks quietly.

"Why wouldn't I be? I have the most amazing wife in the world." James whispers, kissing her cheek.

"How did you get so good at being so romantic?" She whispers softly.

"Hey, what can I say? I'm amazing." James grins. Brianne rolls her eyes as she turns around to look at her husband. She grabs his hand and leads him out of the elevator. They greet the other guests as they walk out to the pool area, frowning when no one notices them right now. Well, except for Camille. The minute that they walk into the pool area, Camille squeals in excitement and runs over to them, dragging them into a hug.

"I haven't seen you guys too much since you got married, so excuse me if I seem a little hyped up." She says as she pulls away. "How have you been?"

"Awesome." James says, wrapping his arm around Brianne's waist.

"What are you doing?" Brianne asks, looking at the script in Camille's hands.

"Oh! I'm auditioning for a part in a movie. It's about a teen celebrity that becomes a vampire." Camille says excitedly. Brianne finds herself hoping that Camille gets the part. She doesn't get a lot of acting parts, but she's actually very talented. Brianne feels bad for her sometimes because she tries so hard, yet she always ends up losing the part to someone else.

"What is up with people and vampires?" James mutters under his breath. But he doesn't talk quiet enough because Brianne still hears him.

"Just hold on." She whispers to Camille before looking at her husband. She wraps her arms around his neck and presses her nose against his, daring him to speak again. Camille watches in awkwardly silence, not wanting to interrupt one of their husband and wife moments. So she stands there watches as Brianne whispers something to James before kissing him softly. She watches as they whisper to each other, alternating between arguing, laughing, and kissing. It's so weird to see James and Brianne as a married couple. Of course, she and Jo are the reason that they got together. The girls set James and Brianne up on a date, which ended in the two teenagers becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Hello? James? Brianne?" She says. But the young newlyweds seem oblivious, still talking to each other while sharing loving kisses. "HEY!"

James and Brianne jump as they turn to look at Camille.

"Anyway, I saw the pictures of you guys at the Varsity Vampire 3 premiere." She says with a smile. "Brie, I loved your dress. Chanel, right?"

"Yeah." Brianne says, nodding.

"I've always admired your style." Camille says as she looks behind James and Brianne, smiling excitedly. "Hey, watch this!"

She walks towards the lobby and approaches Logan, yelling some lines from her script and slapping him across the face before kissing him passionately. Logan is wide eyed and confused as he walks out to the pool area, gulping heavily.

"Did your girlfriend scare you again, Logie?" Brianne asks, ruffling his hair.

"Just a little." Logan squeaks as he rubs his reddened cheek. "For a girl, she can slap really hard."

Brianne looks at him with raised eyebrows, frowning at his comment.

"That came out totally wrong, didn't it?" Logan says with a nervous smile.

"For a girl?" Brianne teases. She looks at James, who is struggling to hold back his laughter.

"I didn't mean it like that." Logan says nervously.

Brianne laughs as she pulls him into a hug, rubbing his back.

"I know." She says as she pulls away.

Logan breathes out a sigh of relief. The last thing he wants to do is insult his best friends wife, who has become like a little sister to him. Since James and Brianne got married, the guys have been referring to the girl as their sister. She has become a part of the family. They don't care about her troubled past because they all love her

"Jay, let's go and relax by the fireplace." Brianne whispers to James, kissing his cheek.

"Good idea." James says . Brianne gives Logan another hug before following her husband over to the fireplace.

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