Faith- by faeriequeen

Chapter 1- The Beginning
Dear Diary
I was born to a god-fearing household, so you know how that goes with boys. No sex until married, the boys have to go to church, and no . I am really living it up! I hate this lifestyle so much! Why can't I be like my friends. They get all the boys, and cuties at that! The only thing that I can ever find is phone thugs, ganstars, and sexual freaks. Why can't I meet a decent boy. I'm damn-near 16, and I can't find the right one, if there is even is a right one. Help!! Well, I'll talk to you later, I have to talk to one of my boyfriend-having friends. Peace

Hey girl, what's up?, I asked.
Nothing much, having problems with Dorian, replied Olivia.
Olivia is my best friend every since diapers. We have been through a whole lot together. Through thick and thin.
What happened, is he still saying that same old dumb junk about him not trusting you? Why can't just get over it, Derek kissed you, you didn't kiss him, I asked.
Yeah, he still saying it, he said It's going to take him some time because I cheated.?, replied Olivia.
Well just let him have time to clear his mind, you know how boys are., I said.
Well, I have to go now, I'll call you back later, I have to cook dinner, said Olivia.

The next day at school...

I went to class, and all I could think about was the cutie that was sitting at the far left. He has been eying me for the whole period. He's a new student from some private school. I never had the guts to look back and smile, because I wasn't really sure whether he was looking at me or not. Then I just went for it. I looked, and it was love at first sight. He is brown-skinned, light eyes, and just the right sized lips, not to big, or too small. I have this big thing about lips. If they are too big, he will suck my whole face in, and if they are too small, his whole mouth will go into my mouth when wee kiss. But anyway, he is just all that, and more.
After I finished gawking, I looked away. Then when I least expected it, he got up to throw something out, and on the way back, he dropped off a little present for me. A note. In the note, he was saying that he wanted to meet me after school to . He also wanted my phone number. So I wrote him back with my name and phone number, and where to meet me at. I also asked him his name, and phone number, and was that location all right. He replied, and to make a long story short, he accepted the location, and he will be calling me tonight, oh, and his name is Khalif. Khalif, what a nice name. That sounds nice, Faith and Khalif. It has a nice ring to it. Even though my parents didn't want me to date or have boyfriends, they did allow boys to call. For whatever reason I don't know.
Like he said he was going to do, he called. And did we have a good conversation! We talked about almost everything. We have so much in common, we like most of the same things. At first, I started to think that he was gay, but when I thought of what he looked like, that thought suddenly erased from my mind. Oh, yeah, we met up after school. He walked me home.
All this went on for weeks, which turned into months. I didn't have any brothers or sisters to talk to about him, so I couldn't tell anybody, even my friends. Because I know that they would eventually say the wrong thing around my parents . So I made a vow to my self that I would not tell. But to me they kind of knew that something was going on, because we were always around each other. But I didn't care as long as I was with him.
Then one day when we were walking through the park, he stopped, and laid it on me. A very wet, sexy tongue kiss. And to my surprise, I kissed him back. And Iliked it, no I LOVED it! It was too magical to stop. We were standing there kissing for about 10 or more minutes. We didn't care who saw us. It was official, we were a couple. After we kissed, he opened his eyes and asked, Was that the wrong thing to do? I don't want to rush you.
I replied back, No that was fine, I've been waiting for this for a long time, you are a very good kisser.
Thank you, you to. he said, blushing.
This was the beginning of a beautiful thing.