#6876E7Chapter 3: The Naked Truth A few weeks after FaithÕs ÒdevirginizingÓ experience, she started to fell weird. Khalif hadnÕt been to school that whole week. She was alos not able to get in contact with him. She called, ne answer, she paged, emailed, and did everything she could to get in touch with him. she started to think that he just used her for sex. So she went on, and tried to forget about him, since he probably had forgotten about her. More weeks went by, Faith was getting even more sick. One day her mother asked her, ÒFaith, are you pregnant? If you are, you can tell me.Ó ÒNO! I think IÕm just coming down with the flu,Óreplied Faith. ÒWell IÕm takinÕ you to the doctor tomorrow, ok?Ósaid her mother. ÒAlright, I need something, I fell like IÕm about to die.Ó The next day, Faith and her mother sat in the office waiting to be called. After about 30 minutes, the nurse came through the door and called, Ò Faith?Ó Faith sat on the bed, waiting for the doctor, she was kind of scared, because she didnÕt know whether the doctor would asak her if she has had sex or not. She wanted her mother to just get up and say, ÒIÕll leave you in here alone, IÕll sit in the waiting room.Ó But that moment never came. Her mother did not feel comfortable with her being in the room alone with a male doctor. The doctor came in, examined Faith, asked questions, and to her surprize, he did not ask anything about sex. He also informed Faith and her mother that he would be running tests, because there was no sign of the flu. He ran tests, and the results would be back by the end of the week. So more suspence to FaithÕs tangled web of deception. Little did she know that she would not have to confess anything. The test would confess for her. Days passed, and the doctor called their home. ÒI think that you should come to the office, itÕs more serious than I thought,Ó said the