In the country of Transylvania, an army of thousands had gathered outside the walls of a massive castle fortress. They stood waiting for their leader and commander who, at that moment, was inside the chapel. With the fall of Constantinople, the Muslim Turks had quickly begun to spread their influence all throughout Eastern Europe with a vast superior force. All of known Christianity was now at risk of being wiped away in the wake of a holy war. It now rested upon the shoulders of the armies that waited for their leader, a Romanian knight that was a member of the sacred order of the Dragon. They had pledged to defend their church against all sworn enemies of Christ. And with the Turks almost on their doorstep, they had to stop them here and now. So before a large stone cross that sat in front of a stain glass mosaic, the knight prayed to God for a victory in the battlefield. The woman that was knelt next to the knight was praying that her lover would return to her alive and well.

As both finished their prayers and crossed themselves, the woman quickly leapt into her lover's arms as fresh tears began to fall. She couldn't help but cry as she felt the knight's armored arms circle her in a tender and loving embrace. She always felt safe when she was being held by her love.

"Why do you cry?" the knight asked her while stroking the weeping woman's red hair in an effort to calm her worry.

"Please, don't leave. I feel that something will happen to you. Ever since you announced that you would fight, I have had this terrible feeling that something will happen." The young woman said as her tears ran down her face and stained her white and blue dress.

"Nothing bad will happen to me."

"But how can you be sure?" she asked.

"Hear me now, my immortal beloved. The bond we share is so strong, that not even death can conquer it. No matter what happens this day, I will find my way to you." The knight said as they broke their embrace and they gazed into each other's emerald eyes. "And when I return, you will be my wife. Even if it is in my eyes alone." The knight said as she kissed her true love on her pouting lips.

For so many years, she had done her best to not let anyone else know that she was a woman. No one knew but her lover, Elizabeta. The one person she trusted more than herself, and the one thing she prized more above all else. Despite years of her reclaiming her birthright and bringing order to her land in the most horrid and violent ways possible, the one thing that allowed her to keep any trace of her humanity intact was her beloved Elizabeta. Despite the fact that both of them were women or the church would not recognize their union, she didn't care. To her, Elizabeta was and always will be her wife.

"I know it's pointless of me to ask, but please. Will you stay?" Elizabeta asked as she caressed her lover's face in one hand and brushed away her long raven hair with another.

"I must fight. I do not have a choice in this matter." She said.

"Then please, be safe. And come back to me, my love." She said as she kissed her one last time.

Slowly and unwillingly, their kiss came to an end as they let go of each other's hands. With one steady deep breath, the knight placed her helmet over her head that hid her face and left the sanctuary of the chapel and her castle. She walked into the midst of her gathered army that cheered for her as she came to her waiting horse. With tears in her eyes and worry in her heart, Elizabeta watched as her true love leave to battle an insurmountable force that wanted nothing more than to lay waste to them and what they were risking their lives to defend. She just prayed and asked for God to keep her beloved safe from harm. She knew there was a chance that her beloved may not return from the battle, but she didn't want to think about it. She refused to. For if Elizabeta were to loose her true love, she didn't know what she would do.

With a feral scream of both passion and primal rage, she swuung the heavy blade of her sword and watched the weapon sink itself deep into the chest of the Turk in front of her. A satisfied, if not sadistic, smile spread across her face under the helmet she wore as she watched the soldier scream his last breath in utter agony. Blood seeped from the deadly wound she had inflicted upon him while his armor and the tunic he wore were stained crimson before falling into the ground in a lifeless heap. As she jerked her weapon from the fresh corpse, she quickly looked around her for another opponent to cut down before she realized that there weren't any more. The massive force that outnumbered her own had either run away or was now dying or law dead on the battlefield. How long had this battle been going on? Had it been days, or maybe even weeks? Perhaps it had been months or longer? She didn't know. All the days seemed to have blended together since the fighting had started. As she tried to regain her rbeath, she still couldn't believe what she was seeing with her own eyes. Her armies had laid waste to the Turks and their camp while what was left of their forces burned with the light of the setting sun.

Bodies lay at her feet all around her, not all of them sharing the same death. Some had been stabbed or hacked by the blade of a sharp sword or axe, others lay with their bodies pierced by arrows, and some were trampled by horses or the massive numbers of either army. But she turned her attention to another location, one in which she had ordered to have been made special and an example of. From where she stood, she could see the fate of the high-ranking officers of the Turkish army, and enjoyed watching as they suffered in the way she saw fit. When she was younger, only a child at the time, she and her younger brothers had been captured by the Turks. They had spent their entire childhood as their prisoners, and were finally freed when their father had been killed by those he would have called friend. It had taken her some time, and she had slaughtered many to do so, but she reclaimed her family's kingdom.

As part of the revenge she lusted for against the Turks, she watched them suffer. The punishment she had placed upon these bastards was one she was very well known for, and had earned her blood soaked title. The Impailer. But a simple spear through their stomach and watching them slide wasn't enough. No, not for robbing her of the childhood she could never reclaim. Loosing a part of her life she could never get back, no. It wasn't enough by far. Instead, sharpened poles of the roughest and harshest wood were made and shoved into their anus before they were lifted vertically into the air. She enjoyed listening to their screams of torment and anguish as their own bodies betrayed them and allowed them to slide ever lower down the poles she had placed them on. Removing her helmet and looking into the distant sunset, she withdrew the bronze cross that had been tied around her waist and brought it level to her face as she pressed her forehead against it.

"Praise be to God. I am victorious." She said as she kissed the bronze symbol and looked up at the setting sun. As she did so, she couldn't help but feel that something was very wrong. As she gazed at the setting sun, the feeling began to grow as she began to feel more and more uneasy. What could it be, though? This didn't make any sense to her at all. The army had been defeated, the Turks had been halted. She and Elizabeta could finally – Elizabeta! Since the day they realized their love for each other, a unique bond had formed between them. And right now, through that bond, she could tell something was terribly wrong. She had to get back to Transylvania at once!

"A HORSE! I NEED A HORSE!" she screamed as loud as she could to her soldiers.

"You can have mine, sire." One of the Calvary soldiers said as they dismounted and allowed his leader to mount his stead. "Your majestry, what is the matter?" he asked her.

"There's something wrong. I have to return home at once!" she said before she rode away as fast as she could on the horse, dropping the bronze cross as she did so. She didn't care if she rode to the horse to death, she needed to make it back to the castle as fast as possible. As she did so, the bronze cross she had left behind sank into the wet and soft mud as a pool of blood began to cover it.

The horse was tired and exhausted as she brought it to a full stop into the courtyard of her castle. As it panted and wheezed for a moment of rest and gasps of fresh air, the young knight quickly dismounted the horse as she gazed about the castle. Already she knew that something was very wrong. The atmosphere of the servants and various others were grim as they kept their gazes cast downward and kept themselves silent with their solomn movements. Something had happened while she was away. Was it Elizabeta? What had become of her? She needed answers.

"YOU!" she shouted as she saw one of the stable keeper's come to take care of her horse. The young stable boy immediately froze in place as he saw the young knight coming toward her and practically tower over her. "What has happened here? SPEAK!"

"Y-you're alive?" the stable boy asked in shock.

"Of courser I'm alive. Now explain to me what's been happening in my absence." As she pushed her dirty and sweat soaked raven hair out of her face.

"I-in the ch-chapel, my lord." The stable boy said as he pointed to the large church that she and her beloved had been praying in only days ago.

Not waiting to hear more, the knight ran as fast as she could toward the chapel. She could see many people looking up as she ran. For some strange reason, all of them seemed to be surprised that she was there. Why should they be? This was her castle, and it was her lands in which she ruled over? The answers she needed had better lay inside the walls of the chapel. As she finally reached the large doors and threw them open, everything inside her stopped working. Her blood felt like it had turned to ice froze in its place while her heart seemed to stop and felt like it would explode at any moment. Her eyes wide open with pure shock and terror at the same time as she gazed at the foot of the altar and large stone cross at the end of the chapel. Surrounded by three priests was her beloved Elizabeta, laying still and looking as white as the first fallen snow.

Her body felt like it couldn't move, but she forced herself to do so. She couldn't feel her limbs, causing her to stumble as she moved toward Elizabeta's still form. Forcing herself to crawl, she did not stop until she was on her knees next to her beloved bride. Her hair, as well as her white and blue dress, were all soaking wet. Parts of the dress were stained red as she saw thin trails of blood flowing from down her mouth and nose. Her red hair that seemed to once glow like the sun was now all matted and stuck together. As she tried to stroke the soft tresses, she was shocked to see her hands soaked in blood. The young knight began shaking her head in denial as she placed the same hand against her forehead and quickly withdrew it like it had been burned. But sadly, it was the opposite. Her skin was as cold as ice with no warm breath escaping from her body. As she looked at Elizabeta's still form, she could see the back of her head had been bashed in.

"Who did this?" the knight asked, but received no answer. She then looked upward and glared at the gathered priests before she spoke again. "WHO DID THIS TO HER?" she demanded from them.

"It was a messenger from the Muslim Turks." The head priest said as he stepped forward. "We refused to let him enter, thinking he was an assassin. So he fired an arrow into the castle with a message attached to it. It stated that you had been fallen in battle." The priest said to her.

"What does that have to do with – with this?" the knight demanded from him.

"She believed you were dead. Without you, she saw no reason to continue living. She flung herself into the river and struck her head on one of the rocks." The priest said before he withdrew a rolled message from his robes and handed it to the young knight. "This was found near the window after her body was retrieved from the river."

The knight took the note and quickly unrolled it. One thing the knight saw on the letter were the stains of where several drops of liquid had fallen onto the parchment. It was obvious that the stains had been tears. She had been crying while she had written the letter. It read,

"My beloved Impress is gone. I have nothing without her warmth in my life. May God re-unite us in heaven, and may we always be together for all eternity."

Everything in her mind slipped away as her heart seemed to crack and then break itself apart at the seems. This was not supposed to happen, not this. She had defeated them. Wasn't it enough that they took her childhood from her? That they were responsible for her father, her family being taken from her? And now this. They took the light in her life away from her. She had been everything to her. She did this, all this, for her. She did this so they could have a life together and be happy. Everything she had envisioned for them, everything she had dreamed for them to have was now gone. Living with her as her wife, growing old together, maybe even finding a child and raise it as theirs, was now all gone. Every single hope and desire she ever had and wanted was nothing more than dust in the wind. Why did this happen? Why? She wanted to know why. WHY?

"She has committed a mortal sin." The priest said to the knight as she wept over her lost love. "She has taken her own life, there is no saving her. She is damned for all time."

"NOOOO!" the knight screamed as she leapt to her feet and kicked over the bowl that held the holy water as the priests jumped back in fear. "Is this my reward for defending God's church? For sacrificing the life of my men and risking my own, only for her to suffer?" the knight demanded.

"It is God's law!" another priest shouted at her.


"Blasphemy! You dare risk damanation?"


"It is not our place to question the will of God!"


"Repent! Repent your ways!" another priest cried out.

"I SAID BE GONE FROM MY SIGHT! BE GONE, OR I SHALL PERSONALLY SEE TO IT THAT YOU DIE THE SAME WAY CHRIST DID ON THE CROSS! LEAVE ME ALONE!" the knight screamed as she drew her sword and jammed it into the center of the large stone cross that sat on the alter.

The priests began to pray and cross themselves as the quickly ran away from the church, not wanting the Lord's wrath that the knew the knight was fixing to suffer. With the chapel now empty, the knight collapsed to her knees and cradled the frail and limp form of her lover in her arms as she cried out in agony and grief. The pain and emptiness that filled her seemed to be without limits as she cried out in anguish. It seemed there was now nothing for her anymore. Just nothing. As she clung to her lover's body, she failed to hear the footsteps that entered the sacred chapel and slowly approached her while also observing the scene before him. He couldn't help but feel a slight bit of remorse and pity for the knight as he stepped closer to her.

"It is a horrible feeling, isn't it? The loneliness. The hopelessness." The man said to her.

"I thought I told you to be gone from my sight." The knight said.

"I'm not one of those self-serving sycophants, my Lady." The man said, causing the knight to turn and look at the man wearing strange robes.

"You know I'm a – a,"

"A woman? Yes, I know. I've known for some time." The man said as he stepped next tot he altar so he could face the knight better as she set her beloved's body back down.

"Who are you?" she asked him.

"Just an observer. I've been keeping my eye on you for some time now."

"Why me?"

"Why not?" the stranger asked as he knelt down to be eye level with her. "You are a unique one. So much has been taken from you, and you've had to suffer for it as well. So many other people in your position would have given up by now. But not you. Instead, you choose to fight back against those that would oppress you and keep you down."

"I believe in delivering justice. I believe in an eye for an eye."

"Except that belief leaves both blind. But what if I had something to offer you?"

"If you're the devil come to trick me, I'm not interested."

"I'm not the devil. But I will admit that I have lived for a long, long time. I have seen many things, and have come to many different conclusions. For I do not believe in death." He said to her.

"You speak in riddles."

"As are many things in life. For one, I believe your beloved is not lost to you."

"She's dead."

"So? I have come to believe that we do not ascend to a kingdom in the sky when we die. Instead, I believe we are reborn into a new life. A chance to live this life again, and learn from the mistakes of our past lives. Of course, it may take several years though. But I believe that this is the case with your – pet. That she is not lost to you." The man said and saw that his words were causing the knight to think. "I can offer you a way to wait for her return. A way to beat defeat time ravishing you until you're dead. A way to cheat the reaper." The man said to her.

"What are you?" the knight asked the man in front of her.

"Let's just say that I'm a man of wealth and taste." He said as he smiled, and revealed a set of fangs to extend and grow over his canines. The knight immediately backed away from the man as fast as she could as she clutched her sword tightly.

"Nosferatu!" she said and saw the man's charming smile turn soar.

"A barbaric and simple term for my kind." He said as he stood, stepped around Elizabeta's body, and stopped a few feet away form the knight. "Why do you hesitate then? Draw your sword and strike me down, if you wish." The man said to her.

She should. She had heard the horror stories and legends around these – these creatures of the night. These monsters that kill for food. So why couldn't she do it? What was keeping her from drawing her blade and striking this monster this down now? She didn't hesitate in the least when she killed the Turk forces, so why not this one man?

"Y-you look like a – a,"

"A man? Like I'm still human? It is part of our way. We can still feel, still taste, still enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. But we are predators, and we must feed." He said to her as he cautiously took a few steps closer.

"He's admitting it. Now's my chance. Draw your sword, you fool! Kill him! Kill him now before he kills you, damn it!" her brain was screaming at her. Every fiber of her being was screaming at her to kill this monster in front of her now! So why couldn't she? Who was she trying to fool. She knew exactly why.

"C-can I – can I really wait for her? Is what you say – really possible?" she asked him.

"Of course it's possible. But if you want to search the oceans of time for her, you must give up this mortal coil. You must forsake this life and embrace the life I have beyond the realm of mortal understanding." He said to her as he started to smile again ever so slightly.

The knight closed her eyes for a moment before she looked up once more. Her features hardened and became unreadable as she drew her sword and held it steady in front of her. She held the weapon steady for a few moments as the man began to think he had made a mistake. He was judging whether or not to flee from the chapel before the knight dropped her sword and loosened her chest plate. The armor covering her torso fell to the stone floor with a loud bang as she ripped the thick shirt underneath to expose her neck.

"Make it quick." She said as she closed her eyes.

The man's smile grew as he came closer to her, and breathed in her scent deeply. He could smell the anticipation in her as he heard her heart quicken and her blood gain speed through her veins. The smell of a man expecting what was to come next was invigorating, of course. But when it came from a woman, it just seemed so much more intoxicating. He had to control himself from drooling and almost felt an orgasm overcome him as he brushed her dark hair away and felt the heat from her body. The knight flinched slightly as she felt her fingers on her collarbone, shoulder, and neck. It was warm, but barley. Like a strange mixture of warmth and ice at the same time. She could feel his breath on her neck as he came closer, but tried her best to prepare herself for the pain that she knew would come soon. The man's smile grew as his brown eyes turned red and he bit down.

The knight gasped as she reached up and tightly clutched the man's dark cloak. The pain was intense at first, but only at first. Now that she could feel him feeding from her, the sensations that followed were so much different. It was pleasurable as he fed. She could feel herself growing weaker, but she also felt a sudden rush of ecstasy and lust take hold of her as she felt herself growing weaker in the knees. It was almost like the first time she had made love to someone all over again.

The man rose up and gasped for air, almost as if he had been underwater for hours. He hadn't tasted blood so rich and fool of life in so long, he needed to relish the taste and feeling as it spread through him like a warm ale. He held the knight in his arms, keeping her head raised as he looked down at her and wiped away the little bit of blood that had dribbled down his lips and down his chin. She was having trouble staying awake now. Every inch of her body felt like she had just slipped into a bath that had gone cold, and felt weaker than she could remember. She wondered if this was how it felt to faint as the man holding her bit the cloth covering his wrist and ripped it open with his teeth. Her eyes went wide for a moment as she saw him bite into the flesh of his wrist and saw cherry red blood begin to poor down his arm like a small river.

"I have drained you to the point of death. You now have a choice that I never had. If you want, you can embrace death. But if you truly want to be like me and search for your lost lover, then take back the blood that I have stolen from you." He said as he lowered his bleeding wrist to the knight's mouth.

She was hesitant at first. She questioned her motives as she looked at the blood dripping down onto her neck. But then she saw her beloved lying on the floor, cold and there was any chance she could find her again, to feel her warmth and love in her arms again, then she had to take it. She reached up and clutched the wrist, not even sure if her grip on it was tight or not, and pressed it to her lips. She then began to drink the blood that was flowing from the wound and into her waiting mouth. It was bitter with a large taste of copper. Not appealing to her at all. Ash she drank more of the blood, the taste began to change. It tasted sweeter somehow. Rich and flavorful, like she was partaking of a rare wine. As she drank more of the blood, she felt her strength return to her as well as the erotic feelings that were flowing through her mind. She wanted more, so much more. She was ready to rip the wrist off of the arm to drink more before she felt a sharp stabbing sensation in her chest. She pushed the wrist away as she cried out in pain and clutched her chest tightly. As the pain grew, she curled herself into a fetal position as the pain became unbearable burning that seemed to spread throughout her body. What had she just done to herself? If she had watched her beloved's body as she clutched her body, she would have seen one tear form from her closed eyes and fall down her cheek to the ground below.

"It will pass in a moment. The infection is taking hold inside of you; changing your body." He said as he flexed his wrist and watched as the wound he had inflicted upon it heal. "The things you will be able to do and see is beyond imagination. And I will teach you everything you will ever need to know." He said as he crawled over to her and leered at her prone and aching form. "History will record of the things we will accomplish together. No kingdom has ever seen what we will become. An undying queen of untold beauty. With me at your side, you will forget about the pathetic,"

He never finished his sentence as the knight's hand shot upward and clutched his throat tightly and began to cut off his air supply. Her body was in such pain and torment that she doubted even those she made suffer ever felt agony such as this. But as she glared at the man in front of her, she pushed through the pain and forced her mind to act. Pure will and determination were driving her as she stood to her feet and felt her breathing become ragged with her rage.

"I should have known." She growled at the man. "Human or Nosferatu, all of you men are the same. You think I can love something like you, when I held true in my hands?" she demanded from the vampire as she pushed him back towards the alter in the church. "You saw yourself a king in MY kingdom? How dare you!" she said to him.

"This – is im-impossible!" he said as he saw the hatred and rage grow in her eyes. He could see that she was still in pain , but he never saw a human ever tolerate it like this woman was doing now. What kind of human was she?

"How – DARE YOU!" she screamed at him as she began to crush his windpipe in her hand.

"What a-are you – doing?" he choked as he saw her draw closer to him and looked on in fear and horror as her eyes changed from green to a deep blood red.

"I am Shego Dracula. The blood is the life." She whispered to him. "And it shall be mine!" she growled before she tore into his neck and let the vampire's agonized screams of pain echo through out the chapel.


by FAH3

Note(s): Based on the artwork of the same title by YogurthFrost and Lord-Kellendros on Deviantart dot com. Dracula is property of Universal studios, and Kim Possible is property of Disney. I work with neither and wrote this for fun.