"Does it hurt?"

Lindy carefully traced her fingers over the ridges and valleys of Hunter's back. He was sitting on her bed, legs crossed, facing away from her.


Much to his chagrin, Lindy had convinced her host to show himself to her. Hesitant, but always willing to please, he had turned his back to her and pulled his hooded sweatshirt off over his head, revealing the infinite amount of scars, tattoos, and piercings that layered and distorted his pale skin. At her gentle command, he sat in front of her on the bed, and she carefully began to feel him. He shuddered at the contact. Lindy bit her lip.

"How did you get them?"

Hunter snorted, and Lindy felt his lungs rise and fall with the sound.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

She chuckled. A certain level of comfort had been established between the two, and she felt brave.

"Try me."

When he didn't respond, Lindy's smile faded. She continued her ministrations of his spine, feeling a small series of scars just above his belt. His back arched slightly at the touch.

"Human beings are amazing creatures." Her voice was a wondrous murmur, barely audible in the deathly silent room.


"The ability to heal… to grow new skin to replace the old. It's unbelievable."

"It's unbelievable, alright," Hunter muttered in his usual pessimistic fashion.

He moved away from her suddenly, and whipped around to face her. Uncertainty, anger, and insecurity played across his features and Lindy's pulse increased. He opened his arms wide, palms up, to indicate that she should take a long, hard look at him.

"Are you sure I'm human?"

Lindy's gaze swept over his body, taking in the full sight of him; but she knew that it wasn't what she saw that mattered. It was what she felt, both emotionally and physically. Her eyes traveled up to meet his. Her hand, outstretched once more, landed on his chest, planting itself over his heart. She could feel it beating. She could feel it speed up with her touch.