So I noticed while watching Jesus Etc., Part 2 that Clare invited Eli over after he finished his story…yet when Fitz asked to stay, she said her mother wasn't home. So Eli would be there without her mom…oh naughty Clare ^-^ Lol, anyways, I thought what if Fitz hadn't shown up and Eli came over? Enjoy!

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Clare Edwards darted around the living room, tidying up. Eli had sent her a text a few minutes ago that he had finished his story and was coming over. Her parents weren't home, so it would just be them…

The doorbell rang and Clare practically ran to get it.

Eli stood outside her door. It was still raining and he had no umbrella. He was soaked and Clare couldn't help but notice how his shirt clung to him…

"Clare, I know I'm pretty, but can you let me in?" Eli asked with a smirk, "It's pouring rain out here." Clare blushed at being caught staring so bluntly and stood aside to let him in. She closed the door behind him and turned in time for Eli to shake his wet hair like a dog.

"Eli," she giggled, wiping away the stray water droplets that hit her.

"You better let me dry that shirt," she said, "You're gonna get sick." Eli raised an eyebrow.

"You just wanna see me shirtless," he teased, taking a step toward her. Clare rolled her eyes, trying to fight against the blush rising to her cheeks.

"I just don't want you catching pneumonia," she said, holding her hand out for the shirt, "Where was your umbrella?"

"Somewhere on the other side of town," Eli said, grabbing the hem of his shirt, "The wind out there is crazy. Snatched it right out of my hand." Clare was about to giggle…but it caught in her throat the second Eli took off his shirt.

So that's what he'd been hiding under all that black.

Eli wasn't overly muscular like the guys on the football team, but Clare could definitely make out a six-pack and the toned biceps.

"Ill be right back," Clare squeaked, her voice going up a few octaves as she took the shirt from him and nearly sprinted to the dryer. She took much longer than necessary to put the shirt in the dryer and go back upstairs.

Then it hit her. A shirtless Eli was in her house. Without her parents. Just them.

How had she gotten herself into this situation? Not that she complaining…

She went back upstairs to find Eli sitting on the couch and…dear Lord his abs…

Snap out of it Edwards! she thought. It's not like she had never seen a shirtless guy before. She and Alli had drooled over Taylor Lautner when they went to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon. But to have her own boyfriend shirtless and alone with him in her house…

Yup. She was in too deep. Waaaaaay too deep.

Clare sat next to Eli on the couch, leaving nearly three of space between them.

"Clare, I'm not gonna bite you," Eli chuckled, sliding over toward her. Her cheeks immediately heated up.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" he asked, leaning toward her. Clare cleared her throat.

"N-No," she stammered. Eli chuckled.

"Clare Edwards, does me being shirtless make you nervous?" he asked, clearly amused.

"No," Clare squeaked, then winced. Her voice practically sounded like a chipmunk. Eli slid an arm around her shoulders and oh my God he was so close! Clare remained frigid, hands in her lap, not sure what to do. She had never been in this kind of position with a boy.

"I can't even get a hello kiss?" Eli asked, jutting out his bottom lip in a pout. Clare glanced at him and gave him a quick kiss. But as she tried to back away, Eli wrapped his arms tight around her waist and pulled her in for another, more heated kiss. Clare kissed back, but her hands remained firmly balled into fists at her sides. Where was she supposed to put them? All of this seemed so different without the barrier of clothes.

Eli backed away the smallest bit, chuckling.

"Clare, you can touch me," he chuckled. A blush flamed her cheeks again at the mere thought.

"W-Where…h-how…" she stammered. Dammit, why wouldn't her mouth work right? She felt like such an idiot right now.

"Here," he said, softly grabbing her wrist. He gently uncurled her fist and placed her hand on his bare chest, right over his heart. His skin was so soft and warm and she could feel his heart beating under her palm.

"Y-You're hearts beating really fast," she murmured. Eli grinned slightly.

"Yeah, it tends to do that around you," he said softly. Clare's hand twitched in anticipation as she slid it over his chest. She glanced up at Eli to see if it was okay and he nodded.

She slowly trailed lower, her hand sliding over his abs. She could feel his muscles contract under her touch. She could feel his breath on his breath on her neck and hear how his breathing had sped up.

Clare's hand traveled back up, over his heart again. If possible, it was beating even faster now. Eli took her wandering hand in his and gently kissed the knuckles.

"Are you less freaked out now?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow. Clare gave him a small smile.

"A little," she whispered. She leaned up to kiss him again. Her hands explored his bare back, feeling his back arch into her. He gently pushed her back so that she was lying on the couch. Her hands were suddenly everywhere on him. His back, his stomach, his chest. She couldn't get enough of the feeling of his skin, the heat that radiated from it.

"Can't stop touching me now, can you?" Eli chuckled, peppering kisses along her neck.

"I don't hear you complaining," Clare murmured, kissing his lips again. The dryer beeped obnoxiously, signaling Eli's shirt was dry.

"Leave it," he muttered, capturing her lips with his once again. Clare didn't object.

So this took a different turn that I expected. I was just gonna do a fluffy Eclare story and this turned more into Clare exploring something she's never experience before…I like it ^-^

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