Title - Life


Pairing - Kate/Rachel/Rose/Claire

Summary - Just my take on the Read Garden Dead Girls Ova. I own nothing of the red garden series or the ova. This is a little short so don't expect much.

Kate walked back into her apartment that she and the other girls owned and moved to kick off her shoes. Walking into the kitchen she grabbed a bottle of water and opened it to get a drink. Setting the empty bottle down she moved to look in the living room she frowned at what she saw. Rose was asleep in plush chair that set off near the head of the table in the center of the room her shoulders slumped and her knees curled up to her chin, head dropped down to rest on top of them. Rachel was still in her grease stained overalls and was passed out in the floor a newspaper over her face and Kate swore she could hear fate little snores coming from under it. Lastly was Claire stretched out as much as she could on the love seat feet hanging off near the end, still in her hot little red one piece dress and stockings.

Kate sighed and moved to Rose, gathering the curvy girl up into her arms she smiled and kissed her own the forehead. Rose just mumbled something about being lady like and snuggled closer into Kate. Helping Rose into some more comfortable sleep wear she helped the girl into the bed before going to get Claire. Picking up the taller woman Kate made her way to the same room Rose was in and helped Claire into her own pj's as well, before sliding her into bed with Rose. Coming back out into the living room she had a warm wash cloth in hand and some pj's. Removing the newspaper from Rachel's face she began to clean up the grease and dirt on the girls face and hands, she then changed her into her pj's and picked her up. Placing her in the bed with the other two she smiled and kissed all three once more on the foreheads before heading into the bathroom.

Taking a quick shower Kate pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt before climbing into bed with the other girls. Getting int the middle was as hard as it seemed, she grabbed Claire and lifted her up a bit before sliding underneath the taller woman. Claire just snuggled up to Kate's chest and wrapped her arms around Kate's midsection before going back into a peaceful sleep. Rose rolled over and cuddled up to Kate's right side while Rachel rolled over and cuddled up to Kate's left side. Once she was sure everyone was comfortable she clapped her hands and the lights in the room went off.

Kate smiled while lying there with the three of them, sure they all had their faults Rachel was acting more and more old with each passing day, Claire loved to flirt with anything walking and Rose was starting to become stuck up. But at the end of the day the three of them remained true, true to Kate and there love for her. Now many say the life of an immortal can be a lonely road, and they would be true. But the life of four immortal's and their lovers, can be a pretty interesting life.

Kate grinned "Hmmmm my life keeps look better each day that goes by with you three" she then slowly began to fall asleep, thoughts of keep those that meant the most to her in life as safe as possible.