Here we go, another chapter! I didn't want to skip forward to "The End of Time" and completely ignore the time the Master would have spent with Donna, so this chapter is all about that. Hope you all like it!

"What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you!"

The time he spent with Donna Noble was enlightening, to say the least.

That day at the Adipose Headquarters would have seemed so much more comical had they not been running for their lives. They bounced sarcastic comments off one another as if they'd never been apart. "You are such a Martian!" "Yeah well, at least I don't look like one." The Master silently thanked whatever had possessed her to go looking for trouble in the first place; that second necklace had saved millions of people. They watched the Adipose fly away and he awkwardly comforted her upon the death of the Matron. He never was good with those sorts of things, but Donna didn't seem to care.

Pompeii opened his eyes to what exactly Donna Noble was. She had a fire in her that was so compassionate, it was beautiful and almost sickening to him at the same time. The way she looked at Evelina wasn't pity like he'd expect from most humans; it was almost understanding, being forced to do something you'd rather not. Humans would get themselves into those kinds of situations, wouldn't they? She helped him destroy Pompeii, taking that burden on her shoulders, a burden that only a Time Lord should bear. Perhaps she was a bit Time Lord, on the inside. And as humans went, she wasn't bad looking on the outside too, though he'd slit his own throat before he told her so.

Their trip to the Oodsphere has been an interesting experience. Infiltrating the compound had been easy after finding the dead Ood in the snow. The enslaved Ood had infuriated them both, but Donna had been surprised at how genuinely angry the Master became over the situation. The Red-Eye frightened her, but she never treated the Ood as though they were inferior beings. Did wanting to get rid of the Oodsong make her weak? He didn't think so; he wanted to get rid of it too. Upon freeing the oppressed Ood, they praised both the Master and Donna, singing songs of them both as they flew away.

The call from Martha had been surprising and welcome. Bringing them back to Earth had been a less than pleasant reunion, with the Sontarans and all, but nothing could be done about that. Donna had demonstrated her temp skills once again, helping them discover the truth about the factory workers. He would never admit to himself that he had been sad when he mistook her visit home as a permanent leave, but rubbed the bruise on his arm with a grin afterward. After saving Wilfred from his murderous car, the Master paid a visit to the teen in charge of the ATMOS devices, supplying snarky comments the entire way. The Sontarans had been rather upset at their discovery, but soon covered the entire planet in gas that would kill all of humanity. Luke sacrificed his life to save the human race, a move unpredicted by the Master. Still, the boy had planned it all to begin with. Donna hit him a second time, in the same spot, and this time he complained rather loudly.

Messaline would have been his last choice for a place to land. The TARDIS had kidnapped Martha, much to her intense dismay, and deposited them in catacombs full of war. They were separated shortly after landing and the Master's genes were stripped from him, creating a new human being. The girl, because he couldn't see her as anything more than a girl despite her physical appearance, was ginger and for some reason this annoyed him greatly. Donna promptly named her Jenny and not twenty minutes later, they were all locked away in a cell together. The Master refused to acknowledge Jenny's comments about him being a soldier. In a way, he supposed he was. A soldier for freedom, perhaps. That didn't sound so bad, did it? After breaking out of the cell and finding the source, Jenny died saving him. Though he dropped the gun from General Cobb's head, he desperately wanted to pull the trigger. He hadn't taken the best shine to Jenny at the beginning, but she hadn't deserved that. The TARDIS took Martha home. Donna and the Master flew to a planet that neither of them had visited before, in honor of that girl who died protecting the new society that would flourish on Messaline. Donna saw a softer side of the Master that she found herself taking quite a shine to.

Their visit to Agatha Christie had turned up rather buggy, a pun that Donna rolled her eyes at when it was made by her Time Lord companion. He only laughed and ran off after the Vespiform. Though it didn't necessarily sound bad in his head, he was getting tired of insisting that they weren't a couple. After a couple of deaths, the puns and jokes didn't seem quite so important anymore. Miss Agatha Christie had been a valuable asset in the discovery of what exactly had been going on in the odd house. Her own mystery had been solved and her life went on, a strange acceptance of her circumstances that she never quite understood. Donna found herself quite liking the idea of helping the Master detox more often.

The Library had been a sobering experience for the both of them. Staying out of the shadows had been the least of their problems when Donna got sucked into the computer and the Master ran into River. Donna suddenly had a husband who adored her and a family, a real life. Doctor Moon insisted that the Master never existed and she accepted this without a second thought. The Master fought to keep everyone alive amidst the shifting shadows of the Library. River, though she whispered his name in his ear, annoyed him. She was intelligent and certainly useful, but she acted haughty and teasing, never telling him what he wanted to know. Frankly, it was annoying. She must mean something to him later, but there was no time to contemplate that now when there were 4,023 people to save. When she handcuffed him, he could have screamed. It was his job to save the universe, not some woman he'd just met. He insisted time could be re-written and she looked ready to hit him. River died and he wasn't honestly sure what to make of it. She was obviously important to him, there was no mistaking that, but how important? Certainly important enough to save one last time. Donna deserved a vacation after all of his heartbreak. He realised with a pang in his twin hearts that her dream husband had been the complete opposite of him. How about that?

The planet Midnight turned into a nightmare. He had begged her to come with him, to get her mind off of everything, but she insisted that she wanted to stay behind and relax. Afterwards, he briefly thought that she had been much safer doing so. Whatever creature had possessed Sky was something he really knew nothing about. The humans on the tour had devolved before his eyes, turning back into the apes that a certain other Time Lord always saw them as. He pleaded with the creature to release his voice, but it refused. Only the stewardess saw the truth and she died for it as a result. Donna's wordless hug when he returned told him she did care about him, most definitely, just not like that.

Their trip to Shan Shen turned into a whirlwind of unexpected things. They had been walking through the booths and stalls of the planet and Donna had just disappeared on him. He found her not too long afterward, babbling about a parallel world where he died and hugging him one too many times for them to be just friendly. He was inordinately pleased about this, until she told him those two little words that could destroy worlds. "Bad Wolf." The TARDIS's translation circuit went barmy, plastering those two words all over Shan Shen. The cloister bell rang, prompting them to lace their fingers together and run off to the time machine, intent on saving the universe from imminent destruction.

The universe had destiny arranged specifically for Donna Noble. The Earth was moved and Donna had been the one to mention the bees disappearing, along with the rest of the lost planets. The Master shot the Shadow Architect an irritating glare when she called Donna "just a human" that the ginger woman did not fail to see. The optimal arrangement of the planets clued the Master in on just who had been doing this and he had been right; Davros, who had been in the Time War, was trying to destroy the universe. Again. After escaping from the Shadow Proclamation, they followed the bees' signal to the Medusa Cascade, saved only by the ringing of a cell phone. Donna's "outer space Facebook" revealed the culprits to be the Daleks, the Master's worst fear. Davros' voice was just as annoying as it always had been. Landing on Earth had reunited the Master with Rose, but a Dalek's blaster caused the Time Lord to almost regenerate. He had to thank Jack afterward for taking such good care of his hand.

The Crucible, as the Daleks were calling it, was the testing place and source of their Reality Bomb, something that would rip through every universe in existence. The Master found himself face to face with hundreds of Daleks, including Dalek Caan, and Davros. The insane Dalek prophesied that one of the Children of Time would die. Just as he mentioned them, they all appeared at once. Screens in the Crucible popped up, displaying Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, Mickey, Jackie, and Sarah Jane, all ready to sacrifice their lives for the universe. And his TARDIS, along with Donna, had been cast into the ship's engines, burnt up. He would have strangled Davros' stupid prawn neck if not for the cage surrounding him. "You killed Donna, she had nothing to do with this!" But inside the ship, the Master's extra hand called to the ginger woman, and she answered with exactly what the universe needed. "Half Time Lord, half human!"

She stopped the Daleks, the Reality Bomb, and sent all of the planets in the sky back home where they belonged. The Master was a bit disconcerted with another him walking around, but ignored it for the time being. His other self was quite useful, when it came to fiddling with the Daleks' technology. Both he and his double had set to destroying the Daleks, knowing that they could not get away this time. Davros burned with his ship, refusing to take the Master's hand and escape. Everyone was returned home, including Rose to the alternate universe. Mickey had opted to stay behind with Jack and Martha, but Rose had parents and a younger brother to care about. She wanted to stay with the Master, but he refused. He knew she had feelings for him, but they were not mutual, much to her dismay. He left with his human twin and Donna, who had been chatting their ears off ever since her Time Lord brain kicked in.

The human Master knew what his Time Lord counterpart was going to have to do. He stood away from them in the console room, watching the exchange with pain in his eyes. The Master explained everything in soft words and Donna knew. "I want to stay with you." The Time Lord took her face in his hands. "You can't. You'll die. I can't let that happen." "But I can't go back!" He embraced her for the last time, running a hand through her hair. He kissed her before he convinced itself that it would be a bad idea. "I love you." "I love you too, Martian." She turned to the human Master that was leaning against the TARDIS's wall, far across the room. "Find me?" "Always." With tears streaming down her face, the Master erased her memory.

As her body fell unconscious, the Master turned to his human double. "You'll have to get Sarah Jane and Mr. Smith to create a whole life for you. Shouldn't be hard."

The human Master nodded. "I will. I'll take care of her."

"Don't find her too soon. It'll take a while for her mind to adjust," he replied quietly, kissing the ginger woman on the forehead. The two of them set the TARDIS for Chiswick, carrying Donna into her bedroom. They explained the situation to her mother and Wilfred, with the human Master adding that he- they loved her, and he would be back soon to find her. "Hopefully, she will come to love me again someday."

After leaving the Noble residence, the Master took his human counterpart to 13 Bannerman Road to set up his new life by way of Sarah Jane. The human Master said goodbye and the true Master set the TARDIS off into the vortex, not caring where she'd go.


Four months later, Donna Noble sat at the front desk of a posh publishing company, typing away on the computer in front of her. Temping was at her roots and losing two years of her memory wouldn't stop that now. The storefront was made of glass windows and she spent some of her time watching the people walk by, wanting to be out of work when she was in and in work when she was out. Out of the corner of her eye, a man approached the desk, leaning against it casually. "Hello, can I- Sorry, do I know you?"

The man, who was wearing a pair of whitewashed jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black vest replied, "No, sorry. I don't think so. I get that a lot though, I guess I've just got one of those faces." He chuckled a bit. Donna noted his dark eyes and great smile. He still seemed familiar somehow. Perhaps she was thinking of a celebrity. Yes, that must be it. She would have to look it up later.

"Sorry," she apologised sweetly. "Can I help you with anything?"

"Actually," he said, scratching his chin. "I noticed you from outside and I was wondering if you'd like to get a drink sometime?"