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Sasuke leaned against the door to the guest bedroom with his eyes closed and back of his head pressed against the smooth wooden surface. He groaned – he really didn't want to go to dinner. For many reasons.

"Sasuke?" Mikoto's voice penetrated the door.


"Yeah?" Sasuke grimaced as he answered.

His eyes moved to the door knob, watching as it slowly began to turn. A pale hand shot to the knob and held it firmly. Finally his mother gave up trying to open the door, "What are you doing in there? Where's Naruto?"

The pale boy could hear the implications in his mother's voice and he was almost offended. Almost. But as his fingers wove deeper into the blond locks attached to the head that continued to bob up and down on his hard dick... he really couldn't resent the accusatory tone.

Sasuke swallowed his moan as Naruto swallowed his cock, "I'm just getting changed for dinner..." he gaped silently as his hips thrusts uncontrollably against the lips wrapped so tightly around him, "Naruto is taking a nap, I think he is still jet lagged."

It was almost disturbing how easily he could keep his voice steady as he lied to his own mother. Naruto didn't seem too perturbed as he flattened his tongue and ran in slowly up the hot shaft. He took a second lap, this time roving the slick muscle against the veins before swirling around the tip. The blond hummed happily as he licked up the precum that seeped from the slit.

Sasuke had nearly forgotten his mother's presence as he watched the blond suck him off. His head snapped up, nearly colliding with the door as she spoke again, "Alright, well dinner is in a few minutes. Don't dawdle."

"O-okay," Sasuke struggled to maintain his even tone.

Finally he heard the sound of footsteps fading down the hall and couldn't resist releasing a quiet moan. Naruto applied a light suction as he bobbed continuously. One tan hand left its perch on Sasuke's hip to meander into his open pants; Naruto reached in and began to fondle Sasuke's balls through the fabric of his boxers. The raven-haired boy shuddered at the sensation of cotton rubbing against his sac and pressure of the digits playing with his balls.

Sasuke tightened his grip on the golden locks, tugging harshly. Naruto growled and sucked harder in response. The glorious vibration traveled down Sasuke's hard length before settling deep in his sac. Lids fluttered closed over obsidian eyes and Sasuke panted as he fought back the rising need to cum.

"Don't... nghhh," Sasuke could feel his knees growing weaker, "don't stop."

Naruto spared a look up to the pale boy and was very satisfied by what he saw. The hand that had been holding the door knob was now tangled into midnight locks, dark eyebrows were knotted with a desperation that was amplified by Sasuke's parted lips and lightly flushed cheeks. The raven-haired boy was soaked in an aching agony that teetered on the edge of exquisite euphoria.

The blond closed his eyes and focused on his task. He pulled back to the tip and whirled his tongue around and around as he slowly descended. His tight lips ran along the contours of Sasuke's shaft and once he could not longer swirl his tongue he flattened it and pushed the cock up to run along the roof of his mouth. He continued to apply a forceful suction as he went down – until his nose was nestled into short dark hair, and that is when the blond swallowed. Hard. Repeatedly. His throat undulated, constricting around the throbbing cock. Sasuke's body was racked with an intense shudder as the tingle grew exponentially and finally snapped. He gasped as he felt the rush of release and as his dick pulsed in the hot cavern of Naruto's mouth – he let out a deep and rumbling moan.

Naruto gagged once and clenched his eyes shut as he felt wetness seep into his eyelashes. He pulled his face back some but continued to pump the hard length until the final drops of warm cum fell from the slit and onto his tongue. Naruto released the relaxing cock and swallowed the last bits of pleasure. The pale hand fell from his hair, listless.

The blond looked up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Sasuke blinked blearily, a content smile tugging at his pale lips. The raven-haired boy slid down against the door until he too was on his knees. He took a deep, satisfied breath and brought his hands up to cup Naruto's undoubtedly tired jaw. His thumb brushed across the swollen pink lips, wiping off excess moisture – whether it was spit or cum didn't matter.

"Have I told you..." Sasuke spoke softly into the quiet room, "how much I fucking love you?"

Naruto smiled and nuzzled into a pale hand, "I love you too teme," the blond pulled away from Sasuke's embrace, "now come on, we have to get down to dinner." Naruto smirked as he stood up, "We don't want to give your parents the wrong idea."

Sasuke chuckled as he zipped up his pants, "No... I think we do want to give them the wrong idea. It is the right idea that I'm worried about."

Dinner was... awkward. There was really no other way to describe it. Mikoto had insisted that Fugaku and Itachi leave their work in the office and as a result uneasy glances were shifted from one individual to the next as the formal dining room was filled with the sound of silver against porcelain. Fugaku sat at the head of the table, Itachi and Mikoto flanking him while Sasuke and Naruto sat across from each other on the other end. The seating arrangement wasn't intentional but it was greatly appreciated. Dinner was nearing completion before anybody said anything beyond "pass the salt".

"Sasuke, your father and brother will be spending an unfortunate amount of time at the office this week," Mikoto shot a halfhearted glare at the elder Uchihas before returning her eyes to her youngest son, "but I thought we could spend some time in the city. I know Naruto has never been here before, I thought he might enjoy some sightseeing."

Azure eyes brightened with the invitation, "That sounds nice."

Mikoto's voice raised with excitement, "Oh, it will be so fun. There are museums and landmarks... Naruto have you ever wanted to visit–"

"I'm sure they have plenty of time to get in some tourist activities," Itachi interjected as he sat back and sipped his wine, "but I'm guessing they would like to get settled first. Why don't you give them a couple of days?"

Mikoto nodded, "Yes, of course." Her eyes fell to her plate and traveled back over to Naruto, "They are just so jaded by the city, I rarely have the opportunity to go out on the town."

Naruto caught Fugaku's exasperated eye roll and he smirked, "Well I would love for you to show me around."

A small smile danced across Sasuke's lips. His father may be a bitch to win over, but Naruto was having no problem schmoozing the Uchiha matriarch. Getting her on their side would be a major victory – Fugaku would have no choice but surrender at that point. Sasuke sighed, of course that meant he too would be dragged around the city while his mother crooned and he forced a smile. His face hurt with the thought of so many hours being pulled into a placated grin.

Naruto swallowed his last piece of tender chicken and smiled across the table to Mikoto, "Dinner was delicious Mikoto, thank you."

The pale woman smiled warmly, "I'm glad you liked it. I was worried the jet lag would have hurt your appetite."

Sasuke chuckled, "Nothing can hurt his appetite."

Fugaku's dark eyes pierced the occupants at the end of the table, searching for innuendo. Finding none he cleared his throat, "Yes Mikoto, dinner was quite good."

"Well," Mikoto stood up and began to clear the table, "I hope you saved room for desert, I made a cream pie."

Mischievous azure eyes moved to Sasuke, who was pursing his lips to contain his laughter. There was unspoken challenge as the two boys exchanged glances. Even Itachi noticed the tension that was mounting as the two boys stared at one another.

"Sasuke..." Naruto's voice trembled with threatening laughter, "would like creampie?"

The pale boy didn't respond immediately. He ran his tongue against his teeth while his dark eyes continued to challenge the blond. Sasuke tweaked his brow as he finally responded, "Very much so. Thank you Naruto for the offer."

Fugaku glared down the length of the table, certain that the exchange was indecent and deeply grateful he did not understand it. He was trying, much harder than he would care to admit, to accept Sasuke and his... boyfriend. But the idea still made his skin crawl. He didn't know how it worked – he didn't want to know – but he prayed that Sasuke managed to retain some dignity despite his... activities. This teasing banter did little to conciliate him.

Mikoto finished clearing the plates and smiled to the men around the table, "So, four cream pies than?"

Sasuke couldn't help but snort.

Sasuke wiped his face with the soft white hand towel and smirked into the mirror. He grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste and left the bathroom with a spring in his step. Naruto was going to regret the creampie comment – he was going to regret it so good.

As he approached the bedroom door his heart chilled at the sound of his brother's voice, "Because I don't want any bloodshed before Christmas..." Sasuke turned to find Itachi leaning against the door jamb of the room across the hall, "I am going to warn you now. Despite how much this place cost, they skimped on the insulation."

Sasuke blinked twice before settling his expression into a smirk, "Good to know."

"Do you need a gag?" Itachi cocked his head as if he held genuine concern, "I bet I could rustle something up..."

"Ahh... God, Itachi," Sasuke grasped frantically for the door knob, "Jesus... no!"

Sasuke quickly opened the door, hurled himself into the room and shut it rather forcefully. He shuddered at the thought, images threatening to play behind his eyelids. Whatever excitement he had in the bathroom was fading fast.

"Sasuke?" Naruto's low voice snapped the pale boy from his disturbing thoughts.

The blond was laying on the bed, head propped up on the dark wood headboard. His legs were crossed at the ankles and arms tucked up under his pillow. But his position on the bed was none of Sasuke's concern, it was the nakedness of the tanned body that enraptured him. Naruto's nude form stood out against the pure white linens and Sasuke found he was drawn to it as a moth to flame. As he approached, Sasuke quickly dispatched all garments until he was equally exposed. The pale boy climbed onto the mattress and nestled between Naruto's legs, he sat back and admired the body laid out before him.

Pale hands began exploration, starting at the knees and traveling up. Fingertips ghosted up thighs and lingered around jutting hip bones. Sasuke continued up Naruto's sides, still warm from his shower, before diverting back in to tease dusky pink nipples. The raven-haired boy shifted as he continued his ascent and as his hands traveled up the tan column of neck and nestled into damp blond locks, Sasuke's lips brushed against Naruto's anxiously waiting mouth. Naruto did not hesitate to offer his tongue, rolling it gently against Sasuke's parted lips and slipping it in to run against teeth. Sasuke offered his tongue tentatively, teasingly – running it softly along the intruding muscle before pulling back and flicking against its counterpart. Naruto soaked up the fresh, minty flavor and lashed his tongue deeper into the cavern in search of more.

Sasuke pulled his head back and smiled as Naruto followed, hazy eyes half hooded. The raven-haired boy moved back to his sitting position between Naruto's spread legs and allowed his eyes to fall to the cock hardening in slow and steady pulses. Sasuke didn't mask his lecherous gaze as debated his plan of attack.

"Where is the lube dobe?" He asked softly, eyes never diverting from the swollen organ. Naruto smiled and reached over to the nightstand, pulling out the drawer and extracting the requested bottle. Sasuke's gaze flitted up briefly and a smirk settled on his lips, "Making yourself at home?"

The blond shrugged as he handed the bottle over, "If we are going to be here for three weeks, I figure we ought to get comfortable."

Sasuke snorted as he slicked his fingers. Naruto hadn't bothered to unpack any of his clothes and the only toiletries he had removed were those he had already used... but the lube – that had to be unpacked immediately. Well, at least he has his priorities in order.

A pale and slender digit probed lightly at the puckered entrance. Circling around it and tucking in about half a knuckle before slipping out and pressing against the quivering hole. Sasuke reveled in the tiniest pleasured mewls released by the blond as he continued to tease the twitching entrance. Finally Sasuke sank the digit into the tight heat; a small smile crept across his lips at the pleased hum he received in response. He began to stroke the hot, muscled walls in a steady rhythm, pushing in as deep as possible and curling his finger slightly as he pulled out.

Naruto's eyes fluttered closed as he lost himself to the intimate petting. Nothing could ever compare to Sasuke's touch; the tender ministrations, like those he was currently experiencing, and the fierce pounding that he was likely going to be receiving later. Sasuke's smile grew as the blond began to lightly roll his hips in accompaniment to the strokes – he suspected Naruto wasn't even aware he did this, it was an action that only occurred when was so rapt by the sensations that he lost all sense of himself.

"Mmm... Sasuke..." Naruto purred, "I think your mom is starting to like me."

The pale hand ceased pumping, though the digit remained deep inside the blond, "Could you not talk about my mother while I have my fingers inside you?"

Azure eyes blinked open and a sheepish grin adorned Naruto's mouth, "Sorry." Sasuke rolled his eyes and continued to stroke, pumping his middle finger in and out of the tight channel. Just as he found the perfect pace, Naruto once again found his voice, "Do you think your dad will ever like me?"

In a frustrated huff Sasuke pulled out his finger, "If you keep talking about my parents I will refuse to fuck you."

It was only half a threat, the other half was unfortunate truth. At this rate, Sasuke would be unable to keep it up long enough to adequately fuck the blond – and he would rather hold off than do a mediocre job.

Naruto's lip jutted out into a pout, "Sasuke..." he whined.

Onyx eyes rolled reflexively before returning to meet Naruto's gaze. Sasuke's low voice existed somewhere between husky and reassuring, "Naruto I don't just love you for your pretty face and tight ass." Azure eyes slitted slightly but Sasuke's haughty smirk could not be dissuaded, "You are warm and kind and vibrant. Anybody that cannot see past your sexuality to appreciate who you are... is an idiot. That includes members of my family."

Naruto smiled and scooted down, settling deeper into the mattress. He spread his legs further apart and closed his eyes – he would offer Sasuke no further interruption. The raven-haired boy smiled as he returned his hand to the eagerly twitching hole. He plunged back in, two fingers this time, and was rewarded when Naruto moaned and arched his back.

Sasuke continued to pump inside the blond with his middle and ring fingers while he ran his thumb against Naruto's taint, rubbing the bulge of cock that attached deep inside. The pale boy massaged Naruto's prostate from inside and out, milking out graveled moans. Naruto once again began to roll his hips, allowing the digits to sink deeper and thumb to press harder.

Sasuke leaned down, fingers still buried deep within the tight channel, and brought his lips to ghost over the blond's hard shaft. Hot breath washed over the sensitive skin and Naruto's cock twitched in response. Sasuke's tongue slipped out, leisurely stroking the hard length. The blond shuddered as the slick muscle lapped and probing fingers stroked. Unable to hold back his wanton cries, Naruto arched his back again and cursed into the silent room.

After one last flick of his tongue, Sasuke pulled back, "Naruto," he peered up to see lust glazed eyes blink open, "you know I love the sound of your voice, but..." fingers brushed teasingly against the sweet bulge inside the blond causing him to writhe under the pale boy, "you have to be quiet."

Naruto nodded and bit his lip to obscure another moan as Sasuke's fingers continued to move expertly within him. Sasuke looked back down to see the clear liquid pearling out from the tip of Naruto's flushed cock, he took one last teasing lap before retreating completely. The blond gave a small whine of disapproval as he felt the warmth of Sasuke's hand and mouth leave him, but his complaints didn't last long as Sasuke rolled him over and pulled his hips up.

Naruto lifted himself until he was supported by his hands and knees; he looked back with unmasked excitement to see Sasuke stroking his backside and getting into position behind the blond. When he felt the tip of Sasuke's cock press teasingly against his hole, Naruto turned back and hung his head – ready to accept the thick shaft.

But the hard thrust never came. He could feel the warm, wet tip brush against his anxiously twitching entrance – prodding the pucker, applying pressure but not penetrating. Sasuke ran his cock up, between Naruto's delicious ass cheeks. He stayed there for a few thrusts, fucking the crevice. Slowly he redirected the head once more to the quivering hole and pressed against it with more force – spreading the tight ring by millimeters. Naruto's breath hitched as he felt the familiar stretch, but his hopes were quickly shattered as the pressure subsided and he felt the intruder receded. Sasuke moved his cock down, to rub along Naruto's taint before sliding the moist tip against the back of his sac. Once again, he slid the hard length against Naruto, doing little more than incite the blond.

"Sasuke!" The blond growled and twisted around to catch a glimpse of the pale tease behind him, "Have you forgotten how to fuck?"

The raven-haired boy offered Naruto a devilish smirk, his eyes dark and gleaming like a frigid inferno, "Oh," he chuckled and tweaked his brow, "I remember how to fuck you Naruto. And after tonight you are never going to forget me fucking you."

Cobalt eyes widened with the lascivious threat, he didn't know whether he should be excited or terrified. Never one to back down from a challenge, he hardened his expression, "Well... what are you waiting for?"

Sasuke's eyes slit dangerously. In one swift movement he gripped Naruto's hips and slammed into the blond. Naruto gasped, his torso falling to the mattress as he bit down on a white knuckle fist. Sasuke took a moment to revel in the tight heat engulfing his entire cock; the muscled walls spasmed around him – tensing and relaxing, pulling him in while attempting to push him out. Slowly he pulled back, retreating completely from the constricting channel. Naruto relaxed, heaving a sigh as the thick shaft left him. Once again he felt the tip of Sasuke's cock pressing against his hole, gradually working past the ring of muscle.

Sasuke took his time with this second penetration, appreciating the way the tightly muscled walls parted to accommodate his girth. He never tired of that sensation – the way the channel wrapped around him, holding him securely while graciously accepting more and more of him. He groaned as he focused on the feel of the ridges, bumps and bulges sliding against his cock, enveloping him in a sinfully tight heat.

Naruto shuddered as the thickness slowly reentered him, stretching and filling him. After the rather violent initial penetration, this entrance was deliciously slow. There was rarely pain anymore, except during their rougher sessions and even then it was usually a welcome sensation – an accompaniment to the pleasure that brought balance to the experience. After all, you can never truly know pleasure unless you have endured pain.

Having fully seated himself within the blond, Sasuke began to make small thrusts as if he were testing the waters. But he knew these depths quite well, he knew what would bring forth moans, grunts and growls. And he also knew Naruto's limits – it would be these limits that Sasuke would play with... all night long. As long as Sasuke to manage. He was going to toy with the blond – bring him to the brink of climax before pulling him back. Over and over for as long as he could.

Slowly, Sasuke picked up his pace. Sliding in and out of the tight channel with controlled thrusts. It made for a beautiful sight – the way his glistening cock emerged from the stretched hole before sinking back into the depths. Slender fingers kneaded the flesh of Naruto's ass as he continued to plow the blond. Naruto bit back his moans, releasing only broken grunts of approval instead.

Sasuke thrust harder and faster until Naruto's body went limp from the abuse, the blond's face buried in the mattress as he cried out for more. The pale boy rammed into Naruto until his muscles burned and knees cramped from spending too long in one position. The room was filled with the sounds of his relentless pounding – Naruto's muffled moans, the slap of skin against skin, the creaking of the bed as it endured the constant motion.

The raven-haired boy reined in his thrusts, slowing his hips to a leisurely roll. Naruto's panting breaths steadied as he was offered a reprieve. He'd never known his body to ache like this before – from his cock to his core. Sasuke had brought him to the precipice and held him there for what felt like an eternity before bringing him back down. A sob welled up from deep in his chest and he begged for Sasuke to bring him to completion. He wanted the pale boy to hurl him over the edge and send him free falling into bliss. But Sasuke would not comply, he continued to make long and excruciatingly slow thrusts.

Growling in frustration, Naruto shifted his weight to one hand and brought the other up to grab hold of his neglected cock. He got in two firm tugs before Sasuke slapped the appendage away. He took the hard length up and stroked it slowly, slightly out of time with his lethargic thrusts. Naruto hung his head and cursed the pale boy – now quite sure that Sasuke was less fucking him and more fucking with him.

Sasuke buried himself to the hilt and applied his weight until the blond buckled beneath him. They fell to the mattress, Naruto's face buried in a pillow to stifle his cries. The blond bucked back against Sasuke's hips, attempting to extract as much pleasure as possible from the languid pace. Sasuke's hands moved from their perch on Naruto's ass to meander up his sides, ghost over his arms and finally slip under the pillow to find Naruto's hands gripping the sheets. Their fingers interlaced, Naruto squeezing tightly, Sasuke once again quickened his pace.

The powerful thrusts weren't the product of Sasuke's hips alone, rather he fucked the blond with his entire body. Propping himself up slightly on his elbows and knees, Sasuke plundered Naruto's ass with his full power. His whole body rocked, plunging him deeper and deeper into the tight channel. The entire bed shook under the stress of their rutting – headboard making low thuds against the wall. Sasuke growled with the realization that he would not be able to hold himself back anymore, the waves of ecstasy pouring over him would not allow it. His cock, wrapped so snugly within Naruto, began to throb with the impending release.

Fuck it. His only thought as he brought his hips down with full force. If he was going to go out, he was going to make sure Naruto was thoroughly wrecked. The blond cried out into the bedding as hard thrusts pounded his prostate. His aching erection was caught between his abdomen and the mattress, unable to be consoled as he so desperately needed. But the assault currently being reigned on his prostate had potential – as Naruto bucked back into Sasuke's deep thrusts, he felt the tingle slowly spreading. Between the internal stimulation and the friction of his cock against bed... Oh God, yes.

Chest pressed against Naruto's back, Sasuke could feel the trembling vibration of Naruto's screams as he fucked the blond with reckless abandon. He had lost all control of his thrusts – his timing and force; the result was a frantic slamming of his body into the one beneath him. Sasuke pressed his forehead between Naruto's shoulder blades and groaned as he rocked. So fucking close.

When the climax hit, it took Naruto by surprise. He screamed out, most of the curses being obscured by the mattress. It truly did feel as if he had be thrown off a cliff – a kind of vertigo that made his mind dizzy with euphoria. His throbbing cock pulsed hard as it spilled his seed deep into the sheets and spread against his skin. Sasuke arched his back, the clenching heat strangling his hard length as he attempted to maintain his hard thrusts. But it was a futile effort as the constricting walls pulled him over the edge. One final thrust, buried the hard length deep inside Naruto as Sasuke bowed back in release. After the purge ceased, the pale boy collapsed with a shudder.

He stayed buried in the wet heat, panting heavily in afterglow. When his muscles finally agreed to move, Sasuke pushed himself up and looked down as his soft dick slid out of the abused channel. Sasuke smirked at the drizzle of thick white fluid that followed.

Naruto stood next to the counter, smearing peanut butter across a slice of white bread. He stiffened as he felt a body press up behind him; he saw Sasuke in his periphery, reaching up into the cupboard in front of him for a glass. The raven-haired boy pulled back with his quarry in hand and snuck a chaste kiss against Naruto's cheek. The blond turned quickly and captured the pale lips with his own. Sasuke's initial shock melted into compliance as he parted his lips and deepened the kiss.

"Don't mind me," the sound of a chipper voice startled the pale boy, forcing a staggered retreat. Mikoto paid them little mind as she rummaged through the fridge, "I'm just getting some water."

She offered a small smile to the two boys as she left the kitchen. Naruto turned back to his previous activities and finished his peanut butter application, he closed the two slices and grinned as he brought the sandwich to his mouth.

"What?" Sasuke asked with an amused tone.

Naruto swallowed his bite, "Your mom likes me."

Onyx eyes rolled, "...Yeah."

"Your dad will have no choice now... do you think he will give me a big ol' bear hug and ruffle my hair?" The blond grinned cheesily as he took another bite. Dead black eyes stared back and Naruto stuffed more of his sandwich into his mouth, "Do you think he will call me 'sport' and take me on fishing trips?" Sasuke turned and slowly retreated from the kitchen. Naruto followed behind, shouting through his full mouth, "Oh, oh... I know, we can get a family portrait where we all wear matching black turtlenecks!"

The blond continued to amuse himself with his antics as Sasuke rounded the corner to the hallway. A small smile crept across pale lips and he whispered, "I love you dobe."

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