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Era- 13th Doctor changes though.

Warning- AU, has not been Beta, Rose/Doctor romance and a very hyper author. Oooo a cookie!

Summery- The Doctor has reached the end of the line the last moments of his life and he reflects back. Rose Tyler lived her life to the fullest and now she is dying, reflecting back on her life. Donna Noble senses a storm is coming. River died but even now she feels changes in the air. Someone watches them and shakes her head in sadness before jumping in and giving them a second chance.

The Doctor looked around the console of his TARDIS, many things had changed throughout his lives but his TARDIS was always his constant companion. He gripped the edges of the console and held his body up that was quickly failing him. Looking down to the button as his vision swam around him and his body shook as he coughed. Blood landed on the buttons of the TARDIS as he cough some more before finally letting go and falling to the floor.

Poison, out of all the things that could have ended his very long life it was poison. He remembered telling companions throughout his history that he could reverse the effects of poison but not this time. It was unknown to him and he didn't know whether reversing the effects would make it better or worse. He didn't really care anyway, sometimes people live to long and he has done just that. Two thousand years of saving the universe and he had lived to long.

He looked over the floor of the TARDIS whispering good-byes to her in his mind and in return being wrapped in a comforting embrace. Another bought of coughs raked through his body causing a few locks of ginger hair to fall in front of his eyes. He looked down to his hand and saw the specks of blood against his pale skin. He closed his eyes and kept them shut thinks back over the past regenerations.


"Does it need saying?"

"It's either Romana or Fred"

"Doctor Who?"

"The Girl Who Waited"


"It's not fair"

"The last of the Time Lords"

"Rose Tyler…"

He opened his eyes and noticed to things, one that the pain had stopped and two, there was a woman sitting on the captain's chairs, legs crossed and looking quiet calm.

"Who are you?" The Doctor asked pulling himself up and looking to her.

"Two thousand years and you don't even recognize me, I'm hurt" she said sarcastically placing a hand on her chest.

The Doctor merely stared at her, greens eyes showing both confusion and wonderment

"You can call me The Scholar" She said in a monotone.

The Doctor's eye widened for a moment as his brain moved and a thousand miles an hour, figuring out who she was. He held back a gasp of wonderment. His mouth opened and closed repeatedly as he failed to find the words.

"Nice to see you finally recognize me. The Good Ship TARDIS" She said as a smile broke upon her face.

"So how come the TARDIS doesn't have a fancy name" River asked running her fingers along the controls. "Like you, The Doctor"

"She does, The TARDIS" The Doctor replied trying to rewire River's Sonic Screwdriver.

"Well that's boring, she doesn't even have her own name" River said disappointed.

"She likes the name very much. Now stop talking, I'm trying to fix YOUR sonic screwdriver" The Doctor replied.

River took a seat next to him and watched him while he worked, her hand slipping around his arm and her head resting on his shoulder. She had a knowing smirk on her face and broke out in a laugh when the Doctor looked up and her and asked.

"Why what would you name her?"

"I don't know. She knows everything that everything was, is, could, would be, and will be. So maybe something like The Scholar"

The Doctor looked to her and rolled his eyes, her sonic screwdriver slipping from his fingers and landing on the floor, breaking into little pieces.

"The Scholar? Really? And you think me calling her The TARDIS is mean"

"Well she seems to like it, don't you?" River asked and the TARDIS hummed in agreement.

"Fine you can call her The Scholar but she is still the TARDIS to me" The Doctor said picking up the pieces of River's Screwdriver and throwing them into the trash.

"River" he whispered his name upon his lips.

He let River go almost eight hundred years ago. She was much like Donna, his best friend. She had forged a connection with him in her mind to let him know she would always be there for him. That's how she knew his name all those years ago because his mind was always open to her and she did the same for him.

Seven hundred and sixty-three years ago she told him she was going on an expedition to the Library. It took all of his self-control to not get down on his hands and knees and ask her not to go. He gave her an updated sonic screwdriver, well same one just with a hidden data chip and wished her luck. He knew the moment she put the cables together and sacrificed herself because that's when the connection to his best friend broke and loneliness filled his mind once again.

"River named me, I had to admit I liked the name though you never bothered to call me that" she said looking slightly upset.

"Sorry, you were always The TARDIS, My TARDIS, to me" The Doctor replied

"It's alright, old habits die hard." She said looking around the empty control room; remembering times in the Doctor life when it was filled with laughter and joy.

"Why and how are you here?" The Doctor asked looking up at her.

"I can travel through, in, and around time and you question my ability to form a body. I care for you but you can be thick sometimes"

"Ok then so why are you here?"

"I'm here, My Doctor, to give you a second chance" she said looking down at him, her eyes looking into him with worry and concern but also devotion and love.

"A second chance?" he looked at her confused as could be.

"I am doing this because I care for you but I can send you back into which ever regeneration you wish and give you a second chance, I can't have you relive your life in that body but you can continue on, right you're wrongs, etc."

"Wait, what?" The Doctor asked looking more confused than ever.

"Oh you never change" she said with a smile playing as her lips "say you wish to return to your ninth incarnation. I can give you the body back but you cannot relive you're your life in that incarnation. You could explain to Jack why you had to leave him but not change what he does, things like that"

The Doctor nodded his head and thought on what he had just been told.

"There is one more thing you must do but you need to figure it out on your own. I can give you small hints but this is one journey you must take on your own" She said, sadness swimming in her eyes "So have you chosen to which incarnation you wish to return to?" she asked

The Doctor looked up at his lifetime companion before whisper "Tenth" to her. She nodded her head and stood up and kneeled down next to him. She placed the tips of her fingers to his temple. The first thing he noticed was the pain and agony of the poison running through his system returned, he tried to keep focus but he quickly slipped into darkness. The last thing her heard was the whispering of the TARDIS in his mind "A second chance" then a blinding light and then finally letting the darkness overcome him.

The Doctor shot up and looked around, first thing he noticed was the control room was big to its golden corral theme, he would have thought that it was all just a vivid dream, a very vivid dream until he looked down and noticed he was still in his 13th regeneration's clothes. He grinned one of his mad grins before dashing off to the wardrobe room. He grinned again when he noticed his brown pin stripped suit, a blue shirt, a black tie, and converses laid out already for him and his trench coat draped on the edge of the mirror. His coat, oh how he loved his coat. Once he was dressed he looked at himself in the mirror, fixing his tie a bit before heading into the console room, the grin never leading his face.

"Time can be rewritten" his whispered to himself.

A favorite saying of his 11th self he knew what he had to do. He quickly punched in a few coordinates and set off, jumping around the console, glad to have a second chance.

Rose Tyler lived a good life, not the life she was hoping but a good life none the less. Now she laid in a hospital bed hooked up to wires and a machine, the machine was keeping her alive. She looked down at her hands and smiled sadly, the sound of her Doctor's voice whispering in her mind "You humans, you wither and die". She made a small laugh but it came out more like a cough. She quietly stared off until a woman knocked on her door

"Miss Tyler?" a young woman asked as she stuck her head around the door.

Rose looked up to see a woman standing there. She looked to be in her mid to late twenties. She had dirty blonde hair that was pulled tightly into a bun and the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen. Rose looked to her like she knew the woman but couldn't place her finger on it. She nodded her head slowly at the girl.

The girl walked into the room and sat down in a chair next to the bed. She waited for Rose to speak.

"It's like I know you from somewhere but I can't place where"

The girl smiled before grabbing her hands and looking to her.

"Oh Rose, My Rose, I looked into you and you looked into me, remember?"

"Oh my god, you're the TARDIS" Rose said weakly falling back onto the pillow

The girl smiled softly before looking around, her hands folded into her lap.

"How did you get here? There's no Doctor or the Police Box"

"You're as bad as the Doctor, sure this universe is wrong for me but I can manage slipping myself in for a few hours, just not the ships itself."

Rose looked at the girl in confusion, well TARDIS, well thing, oh dear it was confusing.

"Think about a glass of water sitting on top of a cracked table. Take the water out of the glass and it can slip through the cracks"

Rose nodded her head slowly wrapping her mind around the idea.

"I don't have much time left but I'm here to offer you a second chance. I can't tell you everything but there's a journey you must take but not on your own. You will have help I promise. Here you'll need this" She placed her hand in the jacket of her pocket and pulled out a blue pouch and handed it to Rose.

Rose's hand grabbed the bag and pulled it open, dumping out the contents of the bag and looking to them, Two simple gold bands, a large blue stone with the word Noble inscribed on the bottom, a piece of TARDIS Coral, and a necklace with a golden stone. She fingered the necklace before reaching and pulling it up. She turned to the girl and nodded her head slowly.

"I'm ready"

The girl nodded and stood up placing her fingers on the sides of her temple. A golden light wrapped around them both. At 10:33pm Rose Tyler disappeared from the Parallel world.

The Doctor sat in the chair at the console room. His feet were propped up and he looked around. A small giggled erupted in his mind after a few hours of it being really quiet. He couldn't help but wonder what his ship was up too.

"They are returning" the TARDIS said in a sing-song voice.

"Who?" The Doctor asked but was only answered with silence.

In a small flat a red haired woman shot up and looked around. Her husband was still fast asleep and she had a pounding headache. She ignored the pain in her head before falling back down on the bed and shutting her eyes. A storm was coming and Donna Noble would be ready.

River reached the end of her life along time ago but was saved. Her life in a computer was enjoyable and taking care of Charlotte made her life interesting. She reached over and pulled her TARDIS shaped diary into her lap, the reminder of better days. Sure she enjoyed here, lived in ancient Rome, the world before humans, even ideas of the future but it could not fill the hole in her heart. She looked up and noticed Charlotte standing in the door way.

"What's wrong love?" she asked the girl.

"I can't sleep, A storm is coming" she replied clutching the teddy bear closer to her chest.

River nodded to the girl and patted her lap. Charlotte walked over and sat down in her lap and River flipped on a page to her diary and started to read to the child.

"I walked through the halls of the ship, The TARDIS as it was called. It was the most wondrous thing I had ever seen…" River read out loud to the girl. The story of her first time in the TARDIS was always her favorite but she couldn't hide the feeling, she sense a storm coming also.

This chapter isn't as long as I would have liked it to; questions will be answered in the next chapter. Chapter two is going to focus around Rose and Donna more than the Doctor. Rose and Donna will have their own journey parallel to the one that the doctor is going to have but they will meet up in the end. I had to put River in this story because I love River and think she's kick ass, that and its not fun spending your life in a computer. Not sure how long this story will be but I'll see what I can do, seeing as I have 2 other stories that I'm working on.