New Testament Volume I synopsis taken from BakaTsuki:

World War III, caused in Russia by Fiamma, the final member of the Roman Catholic Church's secret group God's Right Seat, was brought to an end thanks to the efforts of Kamijou Touma. However, he disappeared at the end of that war.

This is a world without that hero...

You Shall Be Missed

After the disappearance of Kamijou Touma, the spot of main protagonist was left open in the To Aru Majutsu universe. So then, the next course of action was naturally...

Hamazura Shiage walked out with a determined look in his eye. Clenching his right fist, he raised it up to eye level. And then...

As if his life depended on it, he boldly declared!

"I'll shatter that illusion!"


"'Poor', Misaka says as she holds up a sign that says 4.0"

"'Terrible', Misaka says holding up a sign that says 3.5"

"'Average at best,' Misaka says holding up a sign with a defiant 5.0"

As this happens, Takitsubo Rikou, who had been observing Hamazura Shiage's performance from the sidelines, quietly made her own opinion.

"Don't hurt his feelings...!"

He's Waited His Whole Life for This

As the three Sisters scurried to prepare their next consultation, a white-haired boy walked in.

"The hell is this?-! That shitty brat tells me to come here immediately, but..."

Pointing at the three clones, he growled.

"Is this supposed to be some kind of interview?-! Fuck this! As if I'd really care who becomes the new main protagonist! Unless there are bodies flying, don't call me out!"

"'If you do not wish to participate, you are free to go', Misaka says conveying the obvious."

Accelerator paused.

"Well... since I'm here, I might as well-"

"'Then go ahead, we are ready for your lines now,' Misaka says tilting her head."

"W-Wait...I need to moment..."

Everyday, In Front Of A Mirror

"I'll destroy that illusion!"

Accelerator said this while holding out his right hand.

The three Sisters huddled up into a group. After much debate, one on the sisters stepped forward to address the Number 1.

"'Misaka thinks you've spent a lot of time practicing this, have you not?' Misaka asks with an almost pitying express-"

"I haven't!"

The Original

To the surprise of the three Sisters, Kamijou Touma walked in next, still apparently alive and well.


Glancing at one another, the three Sisters silently discussed the troubles of the current situation. One of the Sisters held up a 'thumbs-up' and another nodded her head in agreement.

"'Go on, but don't expect any preferential treatment,' Misaka says wagging her finger sternly."

"Uh, yeah, right..."

Don't Force It

"That screwed up illusion of yours... I'll kill it!"

Kamijou Touma proudly held up his Imagine Breaker while reciting an iconic line.

The three Sisters gathered once again to briefly discuss. Disbanding, they raised their scores.

"'Adequate,' Misaka says holding up a sign that says 5.0"

"'Meh,' Misaka says holding up a sign that says 4.5"

"'Good, but it seems like you're trying too hard,' Misaka says soundly while holding up a sign that says 6.0"


A Sad Future

Kamijou Touma was jobless. Well, technically he should be dead, but let's not fool ourselves about that now.

From this point on, he would not appear in any novels until the author green-lit his return. This could mean a major absence spanning of at least one novelization. At worst, he'd make a cameo appearance at the very end of New Testament.

That said, what in the world would Kamijou Touma do until that time?

Standing up, Kamijou Touma made a declaration.

"I will... finish school!"

"And then after that I'll... go to a decent college!"

"And after that I'll... find a job with a moderately satisfying salary!"

It was then that the savior of the world fell into despair.

Give Up


Kamijou Touma appeared before Misaka Mikoto.

"Oh, so you've finally come to settle our little fight, huh?"

The girl seemed genuinely excited, however...

"No... Actually, since I have some free time, I was wanting to ask if I could somehow appear more often in Railgun."

Apparently, this Kamijou Touma felt no shame from leeching off of other people's successes.

"Hmm? Well, I'm not so heartless as to leave you out in the cold, but..."

Misaka Mikoto pointed a finger at him.

"Fight me and I might consider!"

"Are you even listening?"

"Come at me! I'm ready at any time!"


Kami-Something or Another

Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari were casually walking down a street... when suddenly, a group of thugs surrounded them!

"Eh?-! What's with this development?-!"

As Uiharu Kazari cried out in confusion, Kamijou Touma sprang into action and shielded the two girls.

"Oi oi! You two go on ahead! I'll take care of this! After all, supporting characters have to support each other as well!"

"Ah! It's...! It's...!"


She struggled with her answer.

"Who are you?"

Once again, Kamijou Touma fell into despair.

Level Upper Does Not Enhance Your XXX

"Have you guys no shame?-!"

Kamijou Touma pointed towards Uiharu Kazari and proclaimed.

"She is obviously in middle school!"

He then pointed at Saten Ruiko.

"And this girl... is in middle school too!"

To the relief of Kamijou Touma, Saten Ruiko agreed with his proclamation.

"Yeah, that's right."

'Thank you so much for playing along!'

A Gentle Man

Fast forwarding...

After things got taken care of, the three supporting characters chatted with one another.

"Ah, so you got replaced! Just like how characters in dramas get replaced because the actors who portray them turn out to be bad role-models!"

Kamijou Touma felt a sharp sting pierce through his chest.

"That seems a little..."

Saten Ruiko noticed the harshness of Uiharu Kazari's words. She attempted to drive the conversation in a different direction.

"Ah... well, I have to wonder though! Can there really be another person out there that could replace you? Those are some tough shoes to fill, right?"

Thinking about it, Uiharu Kazari reasoned.

"Hmm. I'd imagine this person would at least have to be nice and gentle."


Meanwhile, Accelerator was...

"I'll destroy that illusion! In fact, I'll destroy everything! GYAHAHAHAHA!"

Fukou Da

"Such misfortune..."

As Accelerator walked down a one-way street, a missile flied by his head and exploded upon impacting a nearby building.

"Such misfortune..."

Helicopters and tanks gathered around the madman as he approached.

Accelerator smiled. He predicted a 100 percent chance of raining blood.

"Such misfortune... I love it."

Spoilers! At Your Own Discretion!

Kamijou Touma sat patiently on a park bench. There was no doubt in his mind that he would have a triumphant return. Though, until that time, he would have to wait.

Fans of the series would be forced to recognize another hero, but Kamijou Touma was certain that whoever would fill his shoes, he would do a good job of it.


At this time, New Testament Volume I plopped down before the spiky-haired boy.


Immediately taking it in hand, he flipped to the end of the novel

Tears suddenly streamed down his face.

"Thank god."