A/N: This is a bit longer than the last chapter. I may have went a bit overboard with the 'elevator arc'. It was fun to imagine though. Also, as a side comment to novel readers, Worst is probably the best thing to happen to the To Aru series since Biri-Biri. Worst is gold.

*uigi Knows How To Use Vectors Too

"Tou-san, let's play some *ario Kart."

Misaka WORST says while holding up a game controller. The two started playing for a bit.

In the end, a "You Lose" tag popped up on WORST's side of the screen.

"Tch. Of course you would use vectors to win."

"It's called a star."

One Too Many

Last Order was pouting, which led to Misaka WORST to apathetically ask,

"Something wrong?"

"'Misaka Misaka was made fun of,' says Misaka as Misaka throws a tantrum."

"And exactly what did they say."

"'She said, 'It's redundant to say 'Misaka Misaka',' says Misaka,' says Misaka as Misaka remembers."

"'And then Misaka Misaka was imitated and she said, '''Misaka Misaka is redundant,' says Misaka as Misaka imitates,' says Misaka' says Misaka as Misaka tells you exactly what she said."

WORST flinched.

Conceptual Parents

Two Misaka sisters sat on a bench. One sister says,

"'Recently, the concept of 'parents' has been explained to me,' Misaka says, starting up a conversation."

She continued.

"'After some processing, it would be reasonable to classify onee-sama as a 'mother' type person; however, Misaka is having trouble figuring out who best classifies as 'father', Misaka says as she relays her recent struggles."

"'How about 'that boy'?' Misaka suggests while pounding a fist in her palm."

The image of 'that spiky-haired boy' appeared in both their minds.

"'He's more like a nosy neighbor than a 'father' type person' Misaka rejects outright."

The image manages to say 'fukou da!' before being erased out of existence.

"'Also, Misaka feels that Misaka would 'lose' if Misaka accepts that idea,' Misaka explains."


The two Misaka sisters were still engaged in conversation on the bench.

"'If not 'him', is there anyone else who qualifies?' Misaka asks."


At another place and time...

"You shitty brat! I swear I'll rip your head off!"

"'If you can catch me!' says Misaka as Misaka makes a clean getaway."

Back at the bench...

"'Did you think of someone?' Misaka inquires."



This is Misaka 20000.

"'Nice to meet you,' Misaka says as she takes a bow."

Comparing the 'Level 6 Shift' project to an RPG, one could call her the final boss...

And even thinking about that number! 20000! You'd think that she must be extremely powerful!

"'There's really nothing special about me...' Misaka apologizes."

But in fact...! She is actually the mid-boss!

"'Eh? Did my worth suddenly go down?' Misaka stammers."

Misaka WORST suddenly appears behind her.

"You're adventure has only begun!"

Elevator Ride From Hell

After doing various things, Misaka 20000 was riding down an elevator. Before the doors could close, she heard someone say,


Misaka Mikoto got inside just in time. She sighed and said,

"Thanks for holding the elevator for me. I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't."

"'You would've had to wait two to three minutes for the elevator to come back up,' Misaka replies."


They started going down the elevator in complete silence. Misaka Mikoto felt like dying.


Heavy Atmosphere

The Misaka Mikoto and the Misaka sister were still riding down the elevator.



"If you need any advice from you're onee-san, I'd be happ-"

"'Misaka currently does not need advice,' Misaka answers."

'At least give me a chance..!'

Worst Case Scenerio

Still inside the elevator, Misaka Mikoto was thinking to herself.

'I can't leave things as they are! I have to say something that will leave a positive impression!'

The elevator stopped.


The doors opened and Misaka WORST and Last Order walked inside.



Older Sister

'Wait, calm down. Though they may look a little different, these guys are just more sisters based off of my own DNA...off of my own DNA...'



Misaka Mikoto's glance shifted to a region of Misaka WORST's body that seemed different from herself.

'I'm still the older sister, right? I'm definitely the older sister, right? Right?'


'Just who are these people?'

As Misaka Mikoto was thinking, Last Order turned her head back to look at her.


However, Misaka WORST turned her head back to the front.

"Don't stare."

'I'm being ignored...?'

A Whole New Level...

'That's it! I have to say something! I've got to make my presence known!'

As Misaka Mikoto was pumping herself up, the elevator stopped.


The doors opened and Accelerator hobbled in.


'Why is this happening to meeee...?'

Commando Accelerator

While Misaka Mikoto was mentally breaking down in the back of the elevator, Accelerator started to make small talk.

"Hey you, what's you're serial number?"

"'...20000', Misaka replies."

"Oh, is that so..."

Accelerator then went and said the following with a sick smile:

"You know how I was supposed to kill you last?"

The sister nodded.

"Tree diagram lied."

"'You're making Misaka feel uncomfortable,' Misaka says backing away."

Going Up

Once hitting ground floor, Accelerator, Misaka WORST, and Last Order went on their way home. Before leaving as well, Misaka 20000 noticed something.

"'Are you feeling okay?' Misaka inquires."


Misaka Mikoto had her head leaned up against the wall of the elevator. It seemed like she was staring off into space.

"I'm fine, I think I just need to-"

Before she could finish her sentence, the elevator doors closed up.