Summon Night Twin Age 2: New World

Chapter 2: Separated

Millisar woke up and noticed a white surrounding him. He recall back what happened and snapped. He remember seeing a shadow outside Reiha's room and made an explosion. He suddenly remember that he was trying to protect Ayn and Igniell. He look around himself and he saw Ayn beside him,unconcious. He even saw something that held Ayn at her waist. He look at the source that held her and saw the monster that attack the room. He realised that he had to do something because Ayn's condition is getting worse. He looked around himself to see where they are. Realizing that they were on air and was really high above the ground, he got no choice but to just land perfectly in some way. He quickly look at Ayn and look back at the monster.

"Hey! If you're not gonna let us down, I'll be glad to chop off your tail!", Millisar exclaim but somehow the monster ignored him. Feeling pissed off, he was about to take out his weapon and chopped the monster's tail but then he realized that his weapon was not with him. Feeling so desperated, he got no choice but to bite the monster's tail. As soon as he bite the monster's tail, it let out a cry and suddenly loose it's grip on Millisar and Ayn. Soon, Millisar along with Ayn fell from the sky.

"Damn! Ayn!", Millisar tries to get closer to her and when he was really near her, he quickly took her in his arm. She's still unconcious despite they're in the middle of falling from the sky. He tried calling her again and again but still no answer. He look down at the ground and they're almost near landing. Luckily there's some trees below them and Millisar took this chance to land at one of the branch one by one. He held Ayn in his arms tightly and focus on when is the best time to land on the branch. When he feel like the time has come he swiftly landed from branch to branch and finally land at the ground perfectly.

Millisar let out a sigh of relief when they had land without injury. Somehow, the landing from the sky to the ground make his legs shaking. He'd lied if he said he wasn't scare by the height of it, instead he was scared as hell. He then realized that Ayn moved a little and he put her down at the ground slowly.

"Hey? Are you..okay?", Millisar asked her. He called for her again and again but no answer. He put his hand at her forehead and quickly pulled back by a very high temperature.

"It can't be! Her temperature is way too high than before!", Millisar panickly tries to find something or somewhere that could help her. He look around only to see trees. No humans or anybody that can help them both. He snapped when he decided to search a place where there's a water. Just when he was about to pick up Ayn, something was stuck at his shoulder from behind and he fell above Ayn but not fully. He put both of his hand beside her to maintance his balance.

He look behind him to see who was it until he saw two figures with mask, one holding a sword while the other had a bow in position. Before he's about to ask who were they, his vision suddenly went blurry and sat beside Ayn with tired body. Then the two figures went nearer and Millisar took his chance to take Ayn in his arms protectively.

"Don't you dare...try to...hurt us...hurt..h-her..", Millisar stutter and the two figures stopped their tracks and look at each other without speaking anything.

"I won' if..she's hurt...", after that, he faint beside Ayn in his arm. The two figures look at them and look at each other and nod as if they understand what to do.


Aldo woke up and saw that he was in his room. He slowly got up from bed when a certain girl pushed him back lightly to lay down back.

"Don't move too much Aldo..", it was Reiha.

"Reiha? What happened? I think that we just chas-", before he could finished, he quickly got up from laying and look at Reiha.

"The monster? ! W-What happened to Ayn and Millisar? !" , Aldo exclaim and suddenly his head hurt pretty bad. "Ow, that hurts..", Reiha puffed her cheeks and scold Aldo for getting worked up so suddenly like that.

"Geez, that's why I told you to lay down first!", Reiha put a wet clothing at Aldo's forehead after he have layyed back. Suddenly, everyone went inside Aldo's room.

"Hey there buddy. How's your head?", Nassau asked with Ticah, Mardin and Lila behind him.

"Better but still it hurts like I got knocked to a big rock...", after that Nassau let out a laugh,

"Haha, I don't think that a big rock can do some damage to you~!"

" hurts like my head crashed to a big boulder...", Aldo said while massaging at the side of his head.

"Nah, that wouldn't happe-"

Maybe a big animal just land on my head?", Aldo suggest with innocent face.

"Okay, that's just too much..."

"Ehem, anyway, Aldo. I'm here to asked whether you are in a good condition to take another adventure..", Mardin interupt their talk and asked Aldo.

"What do you mean?", he asked. All of the them look at each other and look back at Aldo.

"We've all agreed on going inside the portal...", Lila told Aldo which really surprised him.

"What? Why? !"

"Aldo, you should know that Ayn and Millisar had been taken to that portal..We know it's dangerous but you should know that Ayn's condition is worse before. Who knew what will happen to her if she went to the portal. I don't even want to think about it...", Reiha hug herself tightly and closed her eyes in fear.

"In Millisar case, even though he didn't seems to be affected by the portal, he might be in trouble taking care of Ayn and himself...even as great Summon Beast as him can be in trouble...", Nassau continue which made Aldo speechless.

"We however can't just went in the portal aimlessly. We need you to be with us. Now that Ayn is not with us, we can't comfirmed about the spirits there. We'll give you some time Aldo...excuse us...", Mardin went out of the room along with the others leaving Aldo with Reiha.

"Hey, Aldo. Don't worry. Even if you decided to go...", Reiha spoke which made Aldo turns to her. Reiha took Aldo's hand which caused Aldo to blush. "I'll protect you Aldo..", she smile at him. Aldo on the other hand smile back at her. Soon, Aldo and Reiha went out of the room to meet up with the others.

"Sorry to keep you waiting! Well, I've made up my mind and nothing will change my mind!", the others who seems to know the others smile and went outside together towards the portal location.

"You guys ready?", Aldo look at them before entering.

"You got us prepared here!", Nassau said cheerfully.

"I'll try my best!", Ticah spoke confidently.

"I'm always prepare for the worse..", Mardin said cooly.

"Why would we be here fully prepared?", Lila said with a calm voice.

"Of course! Rememer this Aldo...I'll protect you no matter what!", Reiha said it confidently while holding Aldo's hand again. After that, they all went inside the portal. As soon they have entered the portal, a figure who was watching the whole time from the tree's branch chuckled.

"Foolish being...too bad they'll end up separated with each other...hehehe"

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