A/N: So this is my first Glee fic and I hope you all like it. It's AU, obviously, but I've always been sort of interested in the idea of 'what if Blaine and Sam went to Dalton together.' So I present you with this first chapter of my story, New Beginnings.

Rated for some offensive language that made me cringe by just typing it.

Also, I do not own Glee because I am not that awesome.

Blaine Anderson nervously adjusted the buttons on his new jacket as he stood in front of the mirror of his dorm at Dalton Academy. He let his hands fall to his side and exhaled deeply. This was a new school with new students. Students who could possibly be friends. One thing was for sure; he didn't have to be scared here. This wasn't like his old school with the students who hated him and the faculty that didn't care. The Dean of Dalton had assured him that he'd be safe and that Dalton was a zero-tolerance policy school.

Zero-tolerance policy. He smiled to himself as he reminded himself of that. No bullying. Dalton wouldn't be like his old school. He thought back to his last meeting with his old principal, which like most meetings with the cold, uncaring man, was useless.

"The janitors are busy, but I'll be sure to have them take care of the problem as soon as they have time," he had said in a lazy, detached voice after an almost tearful Blaine had explained what had happened.

Blaine was almost 100% that the words 'fag' were still carved numerous times into his old locker, even as he stood alone in his new dorm with his new uniform that symbolized his new life at Dalton.

But Blaine had never been used to being with people who actually liked him, and when it came to making friends, well, he had no idea where to start. So when he found out about the Warblers, he decided then and there that he would audition. He loved singing. Music had been the one thing that got him out of bed every morning during those times when nothing else could make him smile. After a typical day of being bullied and taunted, he would go home and pick up his guitar and play for hours upon hours. His old school didn't have a Glee club or anything like that, so music had been something he did alone, and the idea of having other people around him who shared a love of singing and performing was sort of…exciting.

He had to audition first, of course. And he had the perfect song picked out too. After taking one last look at his appearance in the mirror, making sure that not a hair was out of place and that his jacket was on straight, he walked out of his dorm and made his way down to Warbler Hall, where the audition would take place.

"New student, Blaine Anderson, is here for his Warbler audition," the Asian council member, who had introduced himself as Wes, announced before gesturing to Blaine with his hand. "Whenever you're ready," he instructed, nodding slightly before taking his seat between the other council members, David and Thad.

Blaine could only nod in reply as he nervously licked at his lips. He pushed play on the small CD player and the music immediately had a calming effect on him. He had chosen a song that he felt would show him off as someone who was confident with who he was, but being the hopeless romantic that he was, the song also revolved around, well, love, of course.

"Once I was a selfish fool
who never understood.
I never looked inside myself,

though on the outside, I looked good!

Then we met and you made me
the man I am today.
Baby, I'm in love with you
no matter what you weigh

Without love"

He sang with confidence, and the happiness never left his eyes as he moved around the room, dancing along to the beat, flashing his winning smile at the other Warblers that filled the room.

"Life is like the seasons with
No summer.
Without love
Life is rock 'n' roll without
A drummer

Baby, I'll be yours forever
'Cause I never wanna be
Without love.
Baby, never set me free.
No, I ain't lyin'.
Never set me free, baby,
No, no, no!

If I'm left without my baby doll
I don't know what I'll do
I've got to break out
So that I can get my hands on you

Without love
life is like a prom
that won't invite us

Without love

life's getting my big break
and laryngitis

Like a week that's only Mondays
only ice cream, never sundaes,
like a circle with no center,

like a door marked "do not enter!

Darling, I'll be yours forever
'Cause I never wanna be...

Without love

Oh baby
Never set me free

No, no, no

Never set me free

No, no, no
No, I dont wanna live without

Love, love, love

Darling, you had best believe me,
Never leave me
without love!"

The song ended as the music was replaced with the applause of the Warblers. Blaine stood there in the middle of the room, still smiling as he caught his breath. He watched as the three council members leaned in towards each other, whispering animatedly before turning back to face him, their expressions neutral.

"Blaine Anderson," he began, pausing before continuing and leaving Blaine and the other Warblers in anticipation. "Welcome to the Warblers."

And as Blaine was congratulated by the other Warblers with pats on the back and high fives, he felt like, in addition to being welcomed to the Warblers, he was being welcomed into a new life and a new beginning at Dalton Academy as well.

Hope you all liked part one, even if it was short. The song is 'Without Love' from Hairspray, and no, I do not own the song either. Please leave reviews so I know what you all think of it so far! I was a bit hesitant about writing this at first, but I've already got some ideas for where I'll be going with the plot, so I'm pretty excited. :)